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Kumovis – Leveraging 3D Printing Medical Devices That Bring Outstanding Benefits to Physicians and Patients


The medical industry is known to be most advanced in the way in which new treatments and methods have been developed. Not to mention the technologies that drives all of this forward. There has been no shortage of miracles and that continues to happen. Now 3D printing in healthcare is coming as well. One of the ways in which the medical industry has been improved and enhanced is through the use of 3D printers. 3D printing in healthcare makes it possible for medical professionals to provide patients with a new form of treatment in a number of ways. 3D printing is used for the development of new surgical cutting and drill guides, prosthetics as well as the creation of patient-specific replicas of bones, organs, and blood vessels. However, it still faces major challenges. One of them is using additive manufacturing for medical devices adapted to patients’ needs, while still keeping the balance of product costs and additional features. What is more, formulating regulatory road maps for product innovation is usually too time-consuming to be profitable.

Kumovis is one such company that offers the holistic approach needed to provide the healthcare industry with a solution that meets these challenges and benefits medtech companies, hospitals and patients. Now is the time to tap the full potential of medical-grade polymers and industry-specific 3D printing technologies. Kumovis is more than just another 3D printer manufacturer. Since its founding in 2017, the Munich-based start-up has been working on end-to-end workflows specifically designed to transform medical manufacturing and thus improve patient care. It has developed 3D printing technology for this purpose and combined it with clean room technology. Be it in the industrial or surgical environment, the focus is on the economical production of functionalized as well as patient-matched implants and instruments made of high-performance polymers. Kumovis also provides medical device companies and hospitals with a regulatory roadmap and documentation, enabling next-gen medtech to benefit patients faster.

Industry-Leading 3D Printing Medical Devices Manufactured

KUMOVIS R1: it is the first FLM 3D printer built for medical production. One open filament system, eight high-performance polymers: Kumovis R1 allows for 3D printing medical devices with materials such as PEEK, PPSU, PEI or PEKK while retaining original mechanical properties. The Kumovis R1 is equipped with a global laminar air flow, which allows users to heat the build chamber homogenously up to 250 degrees Celsius. The additional local air flow helps you further improve the mechanical properties of your products. With the help of the integrated filter system, the build chamber can be turned into a clean room to avert contamination in the build part. What’s more, the 3D printer is “clean room ready” for production in existing clean room environments and can be cleaned to medical standards.

Patient-Matched Cranial Plate Manufacturing: Kumovis enables hospitals and medtech companies to 3D print patient-matched cranial implants – either at the point of care or at industrial production sites. Its offering includes an end-to-end workflow from DICOM data to the final device, or in this case, cranial plates. For this particular clinical application, Kumovis provides 3D printer hardware, slicer software and regulatory data such as machine qualification as well as biological and mechanical validation. They help you serve the FDA and MDR market; pave the regulatory pathway to smoothly release patient-specific implants to the market.

3D Printer for Medical-Grade Polymers: Kumovis provides hospitals and medical device companies with the best-in-class 3D printing hardware and dedicated software. The specially designed technologies help meeting the needs of both surgeons and patients. The combination of process and software enables an automated workflow that makes 3D printing medical devices economically feasible. Resulting time and cost savings can be used by healthcare professionals to serve patients even better. Kumovis technology allows for medical device manufacturers to individualize and 3D print innovative and complex products, no matter if these are assigned to regulatory class I, II, or III. From medical manufacturing to value-added polymer processing, Kumovis has a high level of expertise. The collaborative approach helps to continuously deepen the understanding of patient requirements, and consequently lead partners to market-ready products faster.

Leadership | Kumovis

Miriam is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kumovis.

Stefan is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kumovis.

“We enable the creation of medical products that bring outstanding benefits to the healthcare sector and especially its patients. Driven by their needs, we create new technologies, develop sound processes and provide materials.”