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Lana Banely: From Athlete to Journalist to Design Maestro - Crafting Luxury with LANA BANELY DESIGN STUDIO


Lana Banely, once an esteemed athlete and later a renowned sports journalist, found her true passion in the art of interior design. Throughout her illustrious career, she traversed the globe, immersing herself in diverse cultures and design styles. It was amidst these travels that Lana's fervent desire to make her mark in the world of design began to intensify. Driven by a profound urge to create something novel, distinctive, and refined, Lana embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, establishing LANA BANELY DESIGN STUDIO. Her motivation stemmed from a deep-seated aspiration to share her wealth of knowledge and experience, aiding others in transforming their spaces into havens of aesthetic allure and practical functionality. The motto of LANA BANELY DESIGN STUDIO resonates with authenticity and opulence, setting the benchmark for luxury in the industry. Every client engagement is approached with unwavering dedication and personalized attention, mirroring Lana's steadfast commitment to excellence. Rather than succumbing to the allure of mass projects, Lana prioritises quality over quantity, opting to undertake a select number of ventures. This deliberate choice allows her team to devote undivided attention to each project, ensuring flawless execution and unparalleled results.

At LANA BANELY DESIGN STUDIO, the essence of luxury flows through every facet of their service offerings. From conceptualization to realisation, Lana and her team orchestrate a symphony of creativity, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. Their unwavering pursuit of perfection serves as a testament to Lana's unwavering dedication to her craft and her relentless pursuit of excellence.

 In conversation with Lana Banely, CEO of LANA BANELY DESIGN STUDIO

Q. How has your background in journalism influenced your approach to interior design, particularly in terms of storytelling within spaces?

My background in journalism greatly shapes my approach to interior design, particularly in terms of weaving narratives within spaces. Each project we undertake is a tale waiting to unfold, distinct and tailored to our clients' unique personalities and preferences. By delving deep into their mindset, lifestyle, and aspirations, we craft spaces that resonate authentically with their essence. Drawing from my decade-long tenure as a sports journalist and editor, I've honed the art of engaging with people, adeptly navigating unforeseen challenges, and finding creative solutions amidst the chaos. In the world of interior design, where the journey from conception to completion is filled with obstacles, my journalistic experience equips me with the skills to ensure every space we create tells a compelling story, seamlessly blending form and function.

Q. Your team seems to handle various aspects of the design process, from conceptualization to fieldwork supervision. What strategies do you employ to ensure smooth coordination and communication throughout a project?

Effective communication skills are paramount in our industry. Designers serve as the crucial link between investors and contractors, facilitating the coordination of up to 20 individuals on-site simultaneously, each with different occupations. This demands a comprehensive understanding across various domains, making the role anything but simple. While the conceptual design phase, conducted in the office, may seem more relaxed, it serves as the foundation for everything we do, driving innovation and differentiation. The true test begins on-site during execution, where the quality disparities and genuine skillsets of individuals, along with teamwork, are brought to the forefront. I take immense pride in the adeptness with which my team navigates these challenges.

Q. How do you approach sustainability and eco-consciousness in your designs and material choices?

In my design and material choices, I prioritise top-tier materials and craftsmanship, never compromising on quality. We prefer natural materials as they have a large impact on quality of life.

Q. Why is gender balance and having a more diverse workforce important, especially in senior management teams?

I find that a mix of youth and experience is the winning combination in this industry. Young people are always full of energy, bring forward great ideas, follow new trends in the market, and tailor them to what would fit into our style and signature, while experienced workers with lots of field expertise are here to make everything happen, to find solutions, and to point out potential issues.

Q. Keeping in mind the social and cultural bondages which generally trim down the freedom, confidence and boldness of women, what steps/programs/policies you would like to suggest for the women who want to be successful like you?

The most important thing in life is to set your goals, follow your path, and try not to get disheartened while doing it. It isn’t always easy—every path has its ups and downs—but you shouldn’t take everything to heart because you can use it all to learn and grow. It is very important not to give up, as well as to think a few steps ahead and develop new ideas. What matters the most is not standing still. Every little step takes you closer to the big win. It is really flattering to be considered a successful woman who is a role model in the business world. But it comes with a lot of work and patience exercised at every possible level.

Q. There’s so much buzz about male allies. Conversations, studies, and presentations about mentors and sponsors are almost always about how leaders who are men can help women. Do you think that these narratives are important and necessary?

Honestly, I had never really considered these topics or studied the research in the area. The job that I do, especially field work is male-dominated. However, I have never encountered any gender-related disrespect or degrading behaviour. It is important to assume a confident position, and our results also contribute to this.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

The LANA BANELY DESIGN STUDIO is currently working on several large projects: hotel restaurants and reception halls, a heritage hotel, several villas in Croatia, and two projects in Dubai, and we are immensely looking forward to the final results.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We are continuing our work in our region, but we would really like to expand to foreign markets as well. We have started pursuing this with two projects in the Emirates, which makes me really proud, and who knows? Maybe this interview leads to projects in your market, which would make us very happy. This work can be done online, so the sky is the limit.

“It is really flattering to be considered a successful woman who is a role model in the business world. But it comes with a lot of work and patience exercised at every possible level.”