50 Leading Companies of the Year 2022

A leader in the development of functional beverages, manufacturing drinks with protein, prebiotics, probiotics, ferments, collagen and vitamins: Bevpax


Food and Beverage is one of the biggest industries that are responsible for satisfying human necessities, and it has witnessed a massive surge in market share minute by minute. Although beverages have existed since ancient times, the industry has managed to develop into what it is now only in the last few decades. This enormous growth can be illustrated by the increase in the number of manufacturers, packaging, production process, design, and final output. To be successful in beverage manufacturing, you have put yourself in the customer’s shoes; only then you will understand that the two most important factors to succeed in the beverage industry are the taste and flavor of the product.

Globally there are various beverage manufactures delivering excellent services, but Bevpax stands out from the rest. Bevpax formulates, develops, and manufactures branded and private label products, focusing on lifestyle and functional beverages. Bevpax own production equipment and also partner with packers to produce the product under license and guidance from its QC team. All products are formulated and developed in-house, and Bevpax has the ability to increase capacity for customers through various facilities. Further, Bevpax provides logistics and operations services with a dedicated team that takes care of all logistics, transport, and warehouse needs for delivery to the customer.

In conversation with Tim Xenos, Co-Founder of Bevpax

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Bevpax?

Bevpax was established to provide consumers with choices in the beverage sector. The focus of the business is to provide lifestyle and functional beverages focused on health and immunity, Low calorie, low sugar, and natural products. Bevpax provides both private label and branded solutions, providing turnkey solutions for customers. Bevpax is committed to providing businesses and consumers with alternatives to the mainstream beverages currently on the market, using collagen, protein, prebiotics, and probiotics to provide beverages that do not just taste good but benefit the consumer. With factories in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia and QC and R&D staff in Vietnam and Australia, the company is motivated to continue to develop new products which will disrupt the industry and provide the market with alternatives.

Q. How well-poised is Bevpax to revolutionize the retail segment?

To revolutionize any segment, especially retail, the company must have the ability to vertically market, develop, and provide innovation. Bevpax continues to innovate products and look to different formats of mainstream beverages. With the ability of Bevpax to formulate and provide various pack options and flavor profiles to suit the requirements of retailers in quick turnaround manes, we have the flexibility to provide innovative solutions to retailers and the retail segment. Bevpax is now working on sustainable packaging and becoming carbon neutral through recycled and biodegradable packaging options. The company plans to stop using single-use plastics and provide packaging from recycled materials for all products within the coming 12 months.

Q. Specialized services come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

By having an internal team focusing on providing full solutions, we are able to keep costs down. External costs aside, we endeavor to manage the main production costs through packaging and ingredient costs.

Q. How do you conceive, create, and introduce unique beverages to the world? Tell us in brief about the processes involved.

Bevpax continues to review the market trends and look for market trends and consumer demand. The QC and NPD teams discuss new ingredients and how they can be adapted in new products or line extensions of current products. We then research, do some markets tests, and formulate different taste profiles for tastings whilst also developing design and marketing ideas to launch the product to market. NPD is a major focus on the business with contribution from all staff and team members and input from customers as to market needs and requirements.

Tell us about the support services offered by you to improve customer experience.

Bevpax provides turnkey solutions from product development to manufacturing and then operations and logistics to deliver the product to the customer. Support and after-sales teams follow through on consumer feedback and analyze the sales process.

Q. How do you market your services?

Predominantly through geo-targeting, social media platforms, and influencers. CRM management through contact information and marketing support to customers and tracking to promote products of interest. Bevpax works with our customers to promote the product in the catalog and direct marketing to consumers. Trade shows, conferences, and direct marketing campaigns continue to promote our products and services.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Bevpax plans to launch new functional beverages in the coming months and has developed a footprint of new product innovations. R&D is constantly looking for new ingredients, market needs, and products to promote healthier lifestyles and to provide consumers with better options for you. Bevpax will launch a new range of functional waters and sodas in the coming months.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Bevpax is looking forward to increasing our market presence and launching some innovative and unique products to the market in the future, continually building on functionality, performance, and health. The company intends to expand to new international markets and increase our current market footprint. Bevpax has recently opened offices and warehouse locations in the USA and has plans to open an office in the UK by mid-2022.

Meet the leader behind the success of Bevpax

Tim Xenos is the Co-Founder of Bevpax and has been involved in the beverage industry for more than 25 years. Tim is an innovative entrepreneur who has continued to create products and manufacturing solutions in the beverage industry.

“Bevpax is a world class beverage innovator and private label specialist. We analyze predictive trends to develop exciting products, always at the forefront of consumer curiosity.”