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50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022

A Leader in Energy-Based Medical Aesthetic Solutions: Sciton


Sciton was founded in 1997 by two laser physicists, Jim Hobart, Ph.D., and Dan Negus, Ph.D., who believed in improving people’s lives through innovative technology. The foundation of Sciton’s success 25 years later is still based on that belief. The company’s corporate mission is simple: “To Improve People’s Lives,” but the core value that drives Sciton’s culture is to first “Improve our people’s lives.” Sciton fosters creativity, excellence, and a spirit of innovation in its employees by creating a workplace where everyone feels empowered, celebrated, and valued. That’s because, at Sciton, they’re a family.

The team knows that it takes hard work and commitment to create the world’s highest quality laser and light technology. Sciton’s employees hand build and customize all of its devices and platforms at the company’s Silicon Valley, CA headquarters.

In conversation with Aaron Burton, CEO of Sciton

Q. Can you briefly describe your services?

At Sciton, we genuinely believe it’s our responsibility to build products with exceptional craftsmanship and long-lasting quality rather than introducing mediocre solutions. We know our physician partners want lasers and devices that endure the test of time and generate excellent clinical results. That’s why they turn to us. Ninety-five percent of our systems sold in 1997 are still in service today! That says something about our commitment to quality and our customers. Consumers today are knowledgeable about the treatments available and want the best value for their money. Fortunately, patient reviews of our award-winning consumer brands prove we’re transforming the laser aesthetics market.

Recently, we launched our newest platform, the mJOULE™, a smaller version of our JOULE®X platform. The mJOULE can be customized with our latest award-winning treatments and patient favorites, BBL HERO® and MOXI. Suitable for any skin type, any time of year, with little to no downtime and discomfort, patients love the beautiful, healthy skin they can achieve in as little as one session, and providers enjoy the easy-to-use and intuitive technology for fast and thorough results.

Sciton is often referred to as the “Bentley of Lasers.” For years, we’ve heard that, but Dr. Grant Stevens, a well-known and highly respected plastic surgeon, made it famous. We’re always flattered and know we’ve earned that reputation because of our commitment to quality. If a physician or practice owns a Sciton, you know they believe in investing in the best for their patients. Our systems aren’t cheap. We know that, but we also know why. They’re designed to be fully customizable and upgradeable, providing a wide variety of treatment options from a single platform. This gives practitioners the versatility of treating various patients’ skin concerns and upgrading their system with new modules, like BBL HERO, when they’re ready to expand their practice. Additionally, our products offer a continuous revenue stream and a lucrative ROI.

Q. What are the challenges you’ve faced developing solutions for Sciton? How did you overcome them?

Speed to market versus quality of services. It’s easy to get in on a fad, but we like to say we’re one fad behind. We don’t rush to get into a new market opportunity, and we’re not always first to market, but we are well known for being the best in the market. Once we believe we have a product that can lead the industry, we launch it.

Q. How does your solution align with the existing medical practice?

Our systems are very different from what practices are used to seeing. Our customizable systems give plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and med spas access to proven solutions, no matter their budget or clientele. Physicians can choose the technology they want on their platform, including our award-winning brands, HALO, MOXI, and BBL HERO.

Q. If any updates and amendments take place in technology, training is given to cope with those changes. Tell us about your training module for up-skilling employees?

Continuous education and training are one of our core values at Sciton. We stay current on the latest technological trends and innovations and regularly optimize our systems and processes. As we like to say, innovation is in our DNA. We encourage our employees to continue seeking new learning opportunities. We’re committed to providing value to our customers. We offer ongoing clinical training and education, including preceptorships, Rockstar Experience events, and more, and practice marketing programs to help practices grow their business. Our clinical team also provides in-depth, in-person product training for customers.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

This industry is constantly changing and growing. Patients are looking for treatments they can do any time of year, with little to no downtime but with actual, visible, and long-lasting results. Later this year, we’ll introduce a new platform, the mJOULE V, specifically designed to improve skin luminosity and treat vascular skin concerns, including vessels, rosacea, acne, and more. Sciton is constantly innovating and brainstorming new solutions, so stay tuned for more exciting technologies.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

The future for Sciton is bright. We have a lot of growth opportunities available in the US and internationally. The size of our company has nearly doubled in the past year, putting us on pace to become the fastest-growing aesthetic technology manufacturer in the industry. To meet the growing demand of our customers, we expanded our campus headquarters in Palo Alto, CA by adding our sixth building to house our finance team and addition manufacturing and inventory space.

With our facility expansion, we can now assemble our platforms more efficiently and deliver them to clinicians much quicker. Over the last few years, we’ve established ourselves in Australia and the United Kingdom and continue expanding our global presence.

We recently launched our first hair removal product, BARE HR, an ultra-fast laser diode for hair removal. BARE HR is a first-of-its-kind hair removal technology that replaces more old-fashioned methods. With BAREit treatments, physicians can treat large areas quickly on any complexion year-round. As we look to the future, we’ll continue to create fast, effective, and inclusive systems that treat the broadest range of skin concerns on all skin types and colors.

“Each customizable platform is hand-built with exceptional craftsmanship and long-lasting quality—right in line with our mission of developing efficacious and innovative technology that improves the lives of our customers and patients worldwide.”