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10 Best IT Services Companies 2019

Leading Platform for Open Data: Data61


As part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, Data61 is working with Australian government agencies on R&D projects that aim to increase the number and availability of high-value datasets between government agencies, and to the public. The projects under the Platforms for Open Data program will:

  • facilitate more use of public data by providing better search and discovery
  • make more high-value datasets available ensuring a high level of privacy protection
  • lead the use of public data by performing advanced analytics on data

These projects use an iterative approach to develop new technologies based on the needs of the partner agency, ensuring that the technologies are applicable across multiple agencies. The end goal is to use these technologies to make more high-value government data available to more people while preserving privacy.

Data61’s Values

When Data61 was formed, a core set of values was defined. The aim of these values is to shape the day-to-day behaviors and mindset at Data61, allowing the company to do the best work. Its values act as the guiding principle for the way it interacts with each other, its stakeholders and shape its culture and brand.

Great Impact: The company focusesits valuable resources on areas where it can lead globally and have a large impact on Australia, to aid its future prosperity and independence.

Mastery: Data61 is fearless, curious, and it improves every day. It strives to excel in research, technology,and business, and to work with the best in the world.

Co-Creation of Value: Everything it does involves co-creation with its network: team, customers,and partners. Generously empowering their success is central to its success.

Ownership of Results: The company jointly holdsitself accountable for its actions. It does this via trust and commitment.

People and their Differences: The firm embraces the creativity that comes from the diversity of its people.

Agility and Flexibility: Data61 views the changing world as an opportunity. This requires agility and flexibility in everything it does; everything changes, except its constant desire to adapt.

Tell it Straight, with Respect: The company says what it means, means what it says, and does not mislead, obfuscate, or spin. It is direct and always respectful.

Data61’s Programs

Analytics:Data61 turns big, complex data sets into knowledge. It works with hospitals, environmental managers, banks, scientists, and many others to help add insight and understanding to their data. That's because collecting the data is only the beginning. It's what happens next where the real value is created.

Analytics is about seeing patterns, adding insight and understanding the world in new ways. It is about seeing further, understanding deeper and seeing consistency in patterns that were hidden by noise and chaos. There has never been more opportunity for organizations small and large to use the power of computing and leverage the exponential growth in data. It's the reason the company is in demand from both business and government.

Cyber-physical systems: Cyber-physical systems are the connection of digital devices to the physical environment. The company has built biosensors to monitor oyster health, systems that collect and monitor real-time agricultural data, driverless vehicles for hazardous situations, and drones for environmental monitoring.

In the process, Data61 has made sensing accurate, robust, and secure, learned how to collect, store, and distribute data efficiently and reliably, developed highly accurate, fast, and ubiquitous 3D world mapping with multisensory data (3D++); and also, augmented human capabilities through wearable sensors and robotic co-workers.

National Digital Challenge: Data and emerging digital technologies will play a pivotal role in the transformations that are required in society, the economy and the environment.Australia's past economic success was driven to a large extent by its primary industries like mining and agriculture. Future economic growth, however, cannot rely on this.

Over the coming years, Australia has a $315 billion economic opportunity enabled by data and digital technologies. From a societal standpoint, growing and aging population, ongoing urbanization, and concerns about the environment all present opportunities for Australia to demonstrate leadership domestically and on the global stage.

Consumer Data Standards:The Australian government is introducing a Consumer Data Right giving consumers greater control over their data. Part of this right requires the creation of common technical standards making it easier and safer for consumers to access data held about them by businesses, and – if they choose to – share this data via application programming interfaces (APIs) with trusted, accredited third parties. Data61 has been appointed as technical advisor for an interim standards body, designing the first iteration of open technical standards to support consumer-driven data sharing.

Meet the Leader

Adrian Turner, CEO: Adrian is a successful and influential Australian technology entrepreneur who has spent 18 years in Silicon Valley. He is also co-chair of the Australia Cyber Security Growth Network (ACSGN) and a member of the Board of Directors for the Australian eHealth Research Centre (AeHRC). Most recently, he was Managing Director and Co-Founder of Borondi Group. Prior to this, Adrian was co-founder and CEO of smartphone and Internet of Things security company Mocana Corporation, had profit and loss responsibility for Philips Electronics connected devices infrastructure, and was Chairman of the Board for Australia’s expat network, Adrian was also the author of the eBook BlueSky Mining, Building Australia’s Next Billion Dollar Industries.

“Data61 is Australia’s leading digital research network; we’re here to help you create your data-driven future.”