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Across the board, organizations are not developing leaders fast enough. The systems, tools and frameworks used in the workplace to manage people are broken, resulting in piecemeal solutions, one-off assessments, temporary leadership fads, perks instead of progress and a failure to prioritize the individual front-line employee. Leadr believes it and is building the first people development software to help you implement it.

Why Leadr?

As you’re learning what workstyle best suits you, add tips to your Leadr profile card so your team knows your stressors, strengths, and areas for growth. Calling out these preferences and tendencies up front saves you from miscommunication, crossed wires, and conflict down the line. Data shows that the average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. Ninety-five percent are repeated thoughts, and 80 percent of those are negative. Rather than ignoring those thoughts or letting them control your day, take back control one step at a time, and use Leadr to power your actions. Sometimes our self-criticism comes from a lack of clarity. Instead of spending time worrying if you’re meeting your boss’s expectations, how you really did on your presentation, or whether your team is feeling disengaged, just ask. Leadr’s feedback tool was created with the understanding that open communication is mission-critical for our organizations to thrive. Make a 5-minute calendar appointment each week to send out a feedback request regarding the mental questions you’re stewing on. It may take a while for your team to embrace a culture of feedback, but the best way to get the ball rolling is to lead by example.

Leadership Development

Leadership development pipeline is one of the biggest challenges organizations face. With Leadr, you can develop leaders at scale with consistent 1:1 meetings, clear goals, and regular feedback. They believe the 1:1 meeting is the most powerful leadership development tool a manager has. Their people development software allows you to collaboratively build meeting agendas, track progress, and ask intentional questions in your 1:1 meetings. Stop wasting time on team meetings and start leading your team through action-oriented conversations. Whether you're in a 3-person departmental meeting or an all staff event, stay focused on team efforts, take collaborative notes, and add recurring topics for frequent meetings to stay on track & increase output.

Every employee should have clearly documented goals that allow them to measure success. By keeping these goals front and center, you and your team can track progress and realign priorities on a daily basis boosting productivity and clarity. Invest in the growth of your employees by assigning customized or organization-wide learning assignments such as videos, podcasts, books, or articles. Each learning assignment can have application questions that encourage interactive, thought-provoking investment in the content to develop your employees more intentionally. Developing people begins with knowing them deeply. Our profile cards allow you to seamlessly access meaningful information about each of your team members for more intentional and effective meetings. Leadr quickly pulls up details such as your team members' unique strengths, how to communicate most effectively with them, their motivations, and more.

Employee Engagement and Retention

People development is a shift in leadership habits. It’s recognizing the potential of each person on your team and investing in their growth in order to increase their workplace satisfaction and productivity, which ultimately gives back to your bottom line. People development aims to improve individual and collective performance, promote personal growth, and contribute to the organization's overall success. Effective people development changes the dynamic between managers and their teams by empowering those managers to become coaches and encouraging every employee to have a voice. In any workplace, employees are the driving force that propels the organization toward success. However, each employee brings a unique set of skills and strengths to the table, and recognizing and utilizing these individual strengths can make all the difference in achieving organizational goals.

An employee's current role sometimes does not allow them to properly demonstrate their strengths. You may discover strengths you didn’t know they had by providing them with new opportunities within their role or encouraging their growth through a personalized development plan. We’ll talk about that more in the next section. Leadr knows the areas in which your employees excel, and then utilizes those strengths, will increase engagement and retention, and help meet your organizational goals by having the people in the right seat.

Matt Tresidder Co-Founder & CEO | In his own words

As a 29-year old manager of 130 employees, I learned the value of the top performer. One employee, in particular, stood out to me. He had a will to improve, a connection to the mission and empathy for our customers. I knew if I had 50 more people like this we would win.

I began to try and screen for these intrinsic qualities in the interview process. Yet, even with an updated hiring process and an idea of the qualities which made for a high-impact employee, I kept getting disappointed. I would assume the best but only succeed with one out of 10 hires. The other nine were decent team members, yet they weren’t yearning to grow or improve and this lack of desire hurt the business. We needed innovation and engagement from all levels and never got it from most of the staff.

When I think about an audacious problem worth solving, I think about the 90% I could never seem to reach consistently. Could the right people development software change the culture of an organization by engaging with the 90%? We’re going to find out.

"At Leadr we’re building a new kind of people development software that empowers managers with the tools they need to develop leaders at all levels of the organization."