January Edition 2023

Dan Galperin, CTO of League: Industry leader with over 20 years of healthcare and CX expertise, disrupting well-established markets and changing the way people live and work


With healthcare costs rising and digital marketplaces offering more choices than ever, the relationship between patients and doctors is increasingly customer-driven. Providers and consumers want a seamless, convenient, and flexible relationship, but many healthcare professionals struggle to create customer experiences (CX) that prioritize compassionate care and efficient, revenue-generating processes. Healthcare organizations need to focus on retaining and attracting customers by putting the patient or member at the center of the healthcare experience. When healthcare organizations prioritize their CX, they can greatly improve their business metrics.

Founded in 2014, League is a platform technology company powering next-generation healthcare consumer experiences. Payers, providers, consumer health partners and employers build on League’s platform to deliver high-engagement, personalized healthcare experiences consumers love. Millions of people use solutions powered by League to access, navigate, and pay for care. Another critical element of an effective CX is that it proactively recommends the appropriate “next best action.” By leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), League can better anticipate the needs of consumers and encourage regular interactions. Not only does this create value for the user, but it also dramatically increases the number of interactions consumers have with your company. Healthcare organizations can use this to not only create touchpoints that matter to the patient or member but also pair this with relevant recommendations on revenue-generating services. CX transformation partners like League enable healthcare companies to deploy vibrant interactive marketplaces that give patients and members feedback, rewards and in-app acknowledgments. When applied thoughtfully, this not only increases interactions but also improves the revenue per patient and member for the organization.

League Connect 2023: driving CX value through partnerships

Healthcare executives have long fallen back on a do-it-yourself approach to develop, deploy and manage technologies in-house. But as consumers are increasingly demanding greater personalization — with options akin to Netflix, Peloton and Uber — healthcare organizations cannot meet that demand alone.  As such, many are forming partnerships to transform the experiences they deliver to consumers, health plan members and patients. Such strategic partnerships between healthcare and tech, in fact, have proven critical to driving customer and patient engagement, managing data, modernizing care delivery and other initiatives.

Despite so much innovation underway, and while healthcare has experienced a wave of point solutions, having so many products both benefits consumers and creates new levels of complexity in the already disjointed, fragmented digital health experience. To overcome this challenge League launched League Connect 2023, a global live stream event, to discuss how best to leverage partnerships and emerging technologies, share and reduce investment risk and accelerate speed-to-value. It focuses on complexity of delivering omnichannel health experiences has disrupted this mentality and created an environment where organizations are now expected to partner with a range of different companies in order to be successful. This panel will discuss how healthcare organizations can best navigate this new landscape and forge partnerships that will help them succeed in the era of digital transformation.

League Developer: Code the Future of Health

Leverage APIs and SDKs to develop engaging and personalized health experiences supported by League’s FHIR-native and interoperable platform. League leverages contemporary technology architectures that support rapid integration, API connectivity and interoperability across different digital point solutions. Accelerate CX transformation with the rapid deployment of a digital front door platform built to connect data sources. Amplify impact and reach millions of consumers with seamless integration into the industry’s leading CX platform. Payers and providers have worked for decades establishing a unique brand identity that speaks to their commitment to health outcomes. As new companies enter the market with digital-first consumer mindsets, healthcare organizations need to consider how their CX can be a differentiator when it comes to acquiring new patients or members. Healthcare organizations that excel in creating a “best-in-class” CX make it easier for individuals to interact with them, widening their funnel and increasing accessibility to new customers. It also creates a “digital destination” for individuals to explore and connect with your brand and functions as a differentiator in a crowded and increasingly competitive marketplace. The League Developer Program allows technology teams to easily develop and launch their own unique solutions. Stand up a new application that connects online and offline offerings into a branded, unified experience in fewer than six months. Choose from configurable modular components that can be embedded into your existing applications to amplify engagement.

About | Dan Galperin

Dan is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at League. For almost two decades, his innovative tech platforms have disrupted well-established markets and changed the way people live and work. Today, he leads technology operations and services at League to drive growth and continue disrupting the healthcare industry.

Before joining League, Dan led the development of the platform and co-founded the shortcovers project, which became the foundation of Kobo’s digital reading service. His team pioneered the consumer-facing software and hardware that transformed the way millions of people around the world consume literature. Dan’s disruptive tech entrepreneurship began with co-founding cyber posturing and regtech startup Commugen, whose solutions are used by one-third of Israel’s financial institutions. 

Dan holds a Bachelor of Education Technology from ORT Academic College for Teachers & Technology, Jerusalem.

"From fragmented experiences to connected consumer journeys, our CX platform is built to deliver integrated, personalized experiences people use and love."