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Leave It to OnPoint to Secure Your Systems and Relieve You of Your Apprehensions

“Providing management excellence that leverages technology to improve the way government works was the goal with which OnPoint began its journey in 1994.”  

As the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks increase on government systems, the need to secure them with better intelligent systems escalates as well. However, with an experienced service provider to the government that has a successful track record in hiring, retaining and developing cleared personnel focused on the national security mission, the anxiousness of it all is eased. The company referred here is none other than OnPoint Consulting, Inc.

A brief history of OnPoint
For 20 years, OnPoint served the government independently and accomplished its goal with a focus on partnering with clients who were committed to achieving outstanding results. As OnPoint’s growth continued to accelerate, the decision was made in mid-2013 to sell the company and on February 6, 2014, Sapient Government Services (SGS) acquired OnPoint which was a smooth transition and the customers continued to be happy as they had the opportunity to leverage a “larger” partner. On November 1, 2014, Sapient entered into a definitive agreement under which Publicis Groupe will acquire it. After overcoming a lot of obstacles, on February 6, 2015, Publicis Groupe announced the completion of its deal for Sapient. Through the establishment of a proxy organization, OnPoint Consulting, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sapient Government Services, preserved the ability to continue delivering secure federal government work.

OnPoint’s service offerings and benefits
The company offers services in cyber security, enterprise systems and infrastructure services. It exclusively focuses on IT service offerings for national security programs and more specifically in classified programs. For the federal government, department of defense and intelligence community (IC), OnPoint provides services in the areas of cyber security; engineering & development; analysis and digital transformation.

The greatest benefits OnPoint brings to customers and the security of the United States are:

  1. The company has a good understanding of the federal government and how to deploy services quickly and securely
  2. Working in a classified environment with 92% of the staff holding government clearances, they know how to attain, retain and develop approved IT professionals
  3. It holds three ISO certifications and CMMI Level 3 as evidence for their high quality
  4. OnPoint has all the benefits of a multi-million dollar company and its focus is on running a company that is responsive, with low barriers to execution and immediate access to decision makers.
Cyber security Enterprise Systems Infrastructure Services User Experience Design
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Incident Response / Disaster Recovery, COOP, and Policy Development
  • Security Integration Services
  • Secure Operations Center
  • Information Assurance & Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Systems Development
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Security Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Data Warehousing
  • usiness Intelligence.
  • Configuration Management and Change Control
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Service Management
  • LAN/WAN Management
  • Configuration Management and Change Control
  • Server Management and Administration
  • Systems Maintenance and Operations
  • Data Center Operations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Continuity of Operations
  • Expediting changes in digital properties
  • Website and e-commerce programs for a mobile world
  • Customer-facing technology systems
  • Social media programs
  • Developing digital touching points

The force behind OnPoint
OnPoint claims people to be its greatest asset. The workforce provides high quality services in support of the mission and exceeds customers’ expectations. The company states that “A strong company is simply the “wrapper” which gives them the tools, resources, education and support they need to be successful.”

World renowned pool of clients
The company’s biggest clients are the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Department of State and the United States Air Force. Those 3 clients, across multiple contracts, make up 80% of OnPoint’s revenue. All of OnPoint’s work is performed in the continental United States; its headquarters is in Arlington, VA, just across the Potomac River from Washington DC and has project offices in Washington DC, The Pentagon, Joint Base Andrews, Joint Base Anacostia-Boiling, Hyattsville MD, Beltsville, MD, Germantown MD, Kansas City, MO, and Las Vegas, NV.

Customers yearn for more
Customers keep returning to OnPoint gratified with their performance and services. The annual performance reviews are nothing short of a positive appraisal. Once a client, OnPoint ensures you stick around for years to bask in its provisions. For instance, the company has been serving the Department of State across 5 contracts, since 2007. The Security & Exchange Commission, a customer for over 12 years, recently awarded another 5-year contract. The United States Air Force in 2014 endorsed OnPoint with a 10-year contract through 2024.

Meet the key executive Tim Smith, President – As the president of the wholly-owned subsidiary and the “classified arm” of Sapient Government Services, Tim leads an organization that is leveraging technology to improve the way the national security programs work with a focus on cyber security, engineering & development, analysis and digital transformation. He has been supporting the IT needs of the federal government since 1994, working for ManTech and American Management Systems (AMS) prior to joining OnPoint.

“We are the implementer of that latest technology with no bias towards any particular technology solution expect what is best for the security of the United States.”