June Special Edition 2022

Innovative design solutions geared toward business success at the intersection of art, technology and business: Leo9 Studio


Businesses thrive on the experiences and services they provide their customers. UI /UX design enables businesses to provide seamless digital experience to customers and caters effective to their needs and expectations. A product with a well-designed user interface will give the users a positive experience. Not only has this, but User experience (UX) design also had many other dimensions.

Leo9 Studio stands out from other UI/UX designers as they combine neuromarketing and behavioral science to design and digitize businesses. Their solutions which are an intersection of art, technology and business create a design which assures user satisfaction and business success. Their clientele ranges from BMW, Sony, Unilever, TravelXP and more. Their expertise lies in areas such as product strategy, experience designing, user interface design, branding, user experience, technology development to digital marketing and SEO.

They specialize in providing their clients with a unique blended experience where, human behavioral patterns are combined with data science and information architecture. With their help s simple idea can be elevated into an exotic digital design transformation vision.

Services offered by Leo9 Studio are

  • Design
  • Technology
  • Marketing

Curating great experiences for clients

User preferences are mapped to give rise to sophisticated digital solutions. Elements such as design functions, features, functionalities and workflow are tapped into to arrive at the apt solutions. Ideation techniques combined with the needs of the client result in the decoding of the problems. The designs are tested using state-of the art testing techniques by testing the product usability at Omni-channel platforms to impart the big picture.

Designs to empower human experiences

Leo9 Studio integrate digital craftsmanship and business goals with elaborate technology services to give the customers exactly what they what. As a client focused web and mobile app development company they gain in-depth insights into the digital requirements of the users and provide the right user experience to help your business gain a competitive edge. By opting for Leo9 Studio, you are assured a sophisticated front end user experience and a user- friendly backend by considering the bigger picture to enable a tech-focused digital transformation.

Rigorous QA testing process encompassing testing speed, security, user-friendly interface experience and functionality eliminates any possible flaws before the product goes live. The technology experts at Leo9 Studio are conversant with cutting-edge technology and software trends, ensuring smooth app performance and maintaining a website. Their foolproof AMC support provides the best in class customer assistance equipped with hassle- free backend integration.

Focus on Neuromarketing

Leo9 Studio design perceptions for brands. Incorporating neuromarketing and behavioral science enhances customer experience. They undertake end-to-end neuromarketing services and branding strategies of businesses. This is achieved by a 5 step unique branding process. The process begins with intense research done by Leo9, which would help define a business problem by assessing existing business collaterals. Next, the brand’s purpose, vision, platform, architecture and brand message matrix is blended using human behavioral patterns with data science. Right from creating top-notch visual to verbal identity to guidelines, from brand assets to brand sprints, Leo9 help clients deliver value-driven brand positioning outcomes. Seamless interaction between the brand and its users are ensured powered by security and performance. Leo9 Studio unlocks scalable and accessible solutions for effortless customer interactions to help brands manage their customer pain points, identify gaps and bring brands closer to their customers.

Meet the leader behind the success of Leo9 Studio

Jugal Shah is the Founder, CXO, and Growth-Hacker at Leo9 Studio | Design Agency headquartered in Mumbai, India, and an office in N.J., U.S.A. He specializes in Customer Experience designing, using Neuromarketing & Behavioral Science. Jugal frequently talks about UX-UI-CX, Tech and Business trends, and Design Culture, driving his co-workers to find the right direction. He believes, ’Great design is an excellent solution, for any problem.’ Highly influenced by his mentor and spiritual master, H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji, Whose only motive is to serve the world and humanity. Jugal believes ‘he is born to serve’ and has guided over 40 individuals to help them navigate their creative careers.

“We have been global managers in design technology since 2012. Experience design, identity development, product strategy, branding, user experience design, user interface design, technology development, and digital marketing and SEO are all part of our services.”

“We have been creating experiences that honor brands for over eight years, and we are proud of our awards and accolades, which attest to our success. Today, when a brand’s virtual persona is critical to business success, Leo9 strives to provide insightful and forward-thinking solutions tailored to your brand.”