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Leveraging Big Data to Boost Customer Engagement and Maximize ROI: Knowesis

thesiliconreview-mark-radford-ceo-knowesis-19Since 2013, Knowesis has been on a mission to solve the challenges of personalized and relevant customer engagement. Leveraging next-generation big data and analytics technologies and approaches the Knowesis solution provides real-time customer data analytics driving real-time personalized sales promotions or retention offers and delivering significant levels of incremental revenues - all on one platform. Knowesis maximizes upsell and cross-sell revenue and reduce churn at the lowest possible cost. Its solutions help clients achieve this with tools and methodologies to assist in each stage of the process from ideation to performance measurement.

Why Knowesis

Boost Customer Experience: Clients can personalize offers, build long-term brand loyalty, and deliver meaningful experiences consistently across almost any inbound or outbound channel.

Drive Results Faster: It helps to reduce time to market and produce results rapidly with ready-to-use accelerators including industry-specific data models, customer profile indicators, propensity models and next best offer models.

Maximize Revenue: Clients cananticipate their customers’ needs, provide highly targeted offers at the right time, and drive sales with real-time, actionable analytics.

Increase Efficiency: It simplifies data discovery, automate processes, and run thousands of tests at breakneck speed with integrated services and solutions all in one place.

What Knowesis Does

Pre-Analysis: Knowesis helps to automate the understanding of the customer base and the various segments that exist to guide the campaign ideation process.

Analytics Consulting and Execution: Clients can be benefitted from a library of pre-built Knowesis Sift propensity and next best offer models coupled with expert consulting to develop the test, and deploy the right model for each campaign, further accelerate time to value, and improve decisions using real-time proper analytics.

Personalized Offers: Knowesis provides easy configuration of offers to suit individual customers’ needs with ready-made templates. Each offer can be individually personalized at the time of presentment using the latest customer state data and can include bundles of multiple products or bonuses.


Telecommunications: Clients can take advantage of the massive amounts of data available cost-efficiently and in real-time. The decisions along each customer’s journey on how to engage can be automated, with relevance, while considering the customer experience and margin on each decision. They can achieve improved response rates across both outbound and inbound channels and provide more relevancies in their digital channels especially. Knowesis helps its clients transform their CVM program to contextual marketing.

Retail: Clients can take their digital transformation to another level by connecting their digital channels to Knowesis Sift and making them more intelligent. They can influence customer engagement on an individual basis in real-time between one interaction and the next. They can push personalized offers at the right time and employ individual gamification programs to increase digital stickiness and revenue. 

Financial Services: Clients can place their customer at the core of every decision and deliver a more relevant and contextual experience for them. With the real-time customer profile at the core of Knowesis, new marketing programs that benefit from relevancy timeliness can be implemented, fraud detection can be improved, and retention strategies can be automated with greater effect. 

Trademark Product

Knowesis Sift: Knowesis Sift is a software application designed from the ground up as a real-time analytics and customer engagement platform. It is extremely flexible supporting both customer experience and customer engagement use cases. It fully automates real-time customer profiling, segmentation, prediction of customer behavior, decisions, and action execution. Most customers who deployed it to date achieve real-time contextual marketing and replace legacy campaign management systems.

Sift provides a continuously evolving 360-degree view of the customer that is as real-time as the data feeds available. This drives contextual relevant decisions whether it is when a customer is interacting with the channel or there is a behavioral moment of truth where it makes sense to reach out.

  • Predict upsell or cross-sell opportunities or risks related to retention:Clients can leverage Knowesis’ pre-built algorithms or work with its consulting team to design new algorithms succinct to their operating conditions 
  • Improve Decisions and Relevance with Artificial Intelligence: Proven experience designing and delivering effective real-time propensity and next-best-offer/action (NBO/NBA) models
  • Omni-Channel:Tracks customer engagement in real time at a very granular level to deliver a flexible omnichannel contact policy framework
  • Action: Automated fulfillment and action handling
  • Measure:Out of the box live graphs for real-time monitoring and comprehensive historical performance reports that provide ongoing analysis of offer/campaign performance, revenue, performance against targets, optimization effects, and more

Meet the Leader

Mark Radford, Chief Executive Officer: Mark is responsible for managing Knowesis’ strategic direction, corporate partnerships, and financial status. Mark's career spans more than 20 years in the telecommunication industry involving sales and marketing roles within Sun Microsystems, eServGlobal, MassiveImpact, and Boston Communications Group. Technology experience spans many Telco systems including Intelligent Networking, convergent IN, Prepaid recharge platforms and real-time mobile Marketing. Mark is based in the Knowesis head office in Singapore, where he has resided the last 11 years.

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