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Leveraging IT’s Potential to Change Future for the Global Good:CTC (Challenging tomorrow’s Changes)


ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

Established in 1972, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) provides optimum IT solutions from client to client by combining cutting edge products of several vendors and delivers cloud and outsourcing services through its own data centres. CTC's business covers industries including the telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, financial services, retail, distribution, public, utilities, education, life sciences, engineering, apparel market segments, etc.

Global Presence

CTC’s global presence in the ASEAN region includes local subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The firm’s subsidiary in the United States (Silicon Valley and New York) conducts marketing activities and extensive research on leading technology and market trends. CTC operates globally by leveraging the comprehensive strength of the CTC Group.


Cloud Service

The company provides cloud services that harness the technologies we have accumulated through years of experience in system construction and reliable datacenter service provision. CUVICmc2, a new cloud service specializing in mission-critical systems, simultaneously enables performance guarantee, sophisticated security, and measured rates based on actual usage.


The diverse security solutions span all IT lifecycle phases, from consulting to security system construction utilizing the latest technologies, operation & monitoring, and education & training. In 2014, it established CTC-SOC (Security Operation Center), which monitors client security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to support its clients’ security operations.

Maintenance Support Service

Deploying system maintenance engineers nationwide, CTC offers operation and maintenance services for multivendor products, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. In 2017, it began offering Avail-ProE, which monitors vast amounts of data, predicts potential failures and delays using big data analysis, and identifies causes.

Key Offerings

Open Innovation

CTC, which deals with multi-vendor products, has to date connected and combined a broad range of products and services and has provided IT tailored to client needs. In 2017, the company established the Institute of Open Innovation Research “MIRAI” to connect organizations, people, and IT, and to create a new business with clients. CTC supports the commercialization of ideas, and help to solve the issues that confront companies and society.

Artificial Intelligence

CTC systematizes the development technologies related to AI, such as data preparation, learning, application development, etc., and provide a hybrid cloud environment "CTC Integrated AI Platform Stack" for using AI. In addition to having already built AI systems, the company has prepared an AI education platform that integrates education and IT environments, and a verification environment in “Technical Solution Center” that enables system verification in a multi-vendor environment, so that it is capable of providing comprehensive SI services in AI domain.

Science & Engineering Solution

With technologies for analysis, consulting and system development that CTC has accumulated in the science and engineering field for years, it has met diverse needs for clients. Based on the company’s expertise in the energy & environment, manufacturing & CAE*, and social infrastructure (civil engineering and construction), CTC helps in meeting scientific and technological challenges in society through analysis software development, numerical simulation, consulting services, and other means.

Offering Total IT Services from Clients' Point Of View, Through Its Closely Knit Organizational Structure

CTC's organizational structure is composed of six business groups. The company encourages closely-knit cooperative efforts between business groups and divisions, with the aim of offering services that support the clients across all phases of the IT life cycle; through sharing of operational and service business resources (focused primarily around its data centers) and cross-divisional deployment of sophisticated operational know-how (primarily in the field of distribution).

IT Services Group is a cross-divisional organization that consolidates a wide range of resources such as data centres, clouds, and security; carrying out everything from planning & development to sales promotions of total/integrated services.

It is under this kind of organizational structure that CTC creates unique, sophisticated and progressive solutions for its clients.

The Group Philosophy

"Slogan" is the origin of its corporate brand, and a statement of its commitment to society to fulfill its mission.

"Mission" is the ultimate goal of the CTC group's corporate activities, and how it contributes to society through the core business.

"Values" are the essential keywords that each individual keeps in mind and reflects upon in order to fulfill the mission.

"Action Guidelines" are the guidelines that each of the employees uses as a reference and its basis for making decisions and taking actions.

In this rapidly changing era, at CTC group, everyone is committed to bringing out the core uniqueness to leverage the potential of IT, to change the future, and to contribute to the creation of a rich and dream-filled society.

The Leader of the Firm

Satoshi Kikuchi, President and Chief Executive Officer

“We at CTC aim to provide a sustainable society by leveraging IT’s potential. We also support the use of renewable energy for the global good.”