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Leveraging Technology to Deliver Cutting-Edge Logistical Solutions: WiseTech Global


Logistics is an integral part of organizations that deal in the transportation of cargo and information. With ever-increasing globalization and burgeoning population, the demand for various kinds of goods and services has risen sharply. This rising market has stimulated the growth of corporations that provide innovative solutions for logistics. One such market leading company to provide top of the line software for logistics support is WiseTech Global.

WiseTech Global is an innovative global developer of cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic logistics industries. Since 1994,WiseTech has helped logistics companies efficiently manage the movement of goods and information. With over 8,000 logistics organizations using its software across 130 countries, the company’s breakthrough solutions are designed to deliver powerful productivity, extensive functionality, comprehensive integration, and deep compliance capabilities.

WiseTechGlobal’s flagship product, CargoWise One, provides a comprehensive end-to-end logistics solution and forms an integral link in the global supply chain. It is a highly flexible, deeply integrated, enterprise-class system that streamlines the operations, accounts, and management of freight forwarders, NVOCCs, customs brokers, depots, container freight stations, warehouses, trucking companies, and ships agencies, automating and integrating the vital operations of supply chain service providers across the world. From single-office businesses to large multinational companies worldwide, its clients are able to improve their visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and profitability by utilizing next-generation technology.

CargoWise One puts productivity at the center of everything businesses do. Its single-platform system gives customers high levels of automation and visibility to streamline processes throughout a business. Because of its cloud-based capability, key in corporate data just once and it becomes instantly accessible across the company’s worldwide operations, reducing the margin of error and the need for labor-intense workflows. For performance-driven businesses in need of enhancing productivity, CargoWise One presents an efficient solution for simplifying the supply chain.

Simple Compliance with Global Customs

CargoWise One provides a customs clearance system that ensures compliance with the continually changing regulations and requirements across the world. The system simplifies customs process by retrieving the calculated duty and tax and predicts entry fees for the relevant customs authority prior to submission so clients always know what to expect. In addition to convenient functionality, carefully selected WiseTech Global partners are available to help customers with any compliance issues that may arise locally. CargoWise One is the comprehensive compliance solution that keeps its clients one-step ahead.

Data Collection and Automation

CargoWise One offers a complete customs solution that can handle everything from the simplest one-line entry to the most complex scenario. As an enterprise-class software solution, CargoWise One compiles all customs-related data across operations, minimizing unnecessary re-keying and automatically issuing this data to both clients and customs. From configurable dashboard views and data entry fields to automatic notifications and calculations of disbursement, CargoWise One reduces data entry and eliminates errors so organizations can increase both productivity and accuracy throughout their operations.

Quick and Easy Tariff Classification

CargoWise One grants access to fully integrated online tariff classification tools that assist companies in classifying commodities. Easily search through tariff chapter notes, section notes, binding ruling information, countervailing, and anti-dumping cases, along with all other government agency requirements and duty rate information – all from within the system. Use the keyword search function to quickly gather the information needed, then select the tariff and let CargoWise One automatically populate entries. Regularly updated to satisfy the latest tariff requirements, CargoWise One gives an easy-to-use import-export solution that ensures compliance with government bodies.

Increased Operational Integration

CargoWise One is a complete suite of integrated ERP applications that integrates forwarding, costing, and invoicing requirements into one compellingly simple, multi-layered form. It allows users to create and send all types of declarations, and it automatically links them to shipment details within the system. Companies offer a higher level of service to their customers when they use CargoWise One. Through workflow alert, notifications and extensive, automated push reporting, customers have a clear line of sight to their customs clearance details and process timelines.

Warehousing Solutions

Designed to optimize warehouse processes, CargoWise One provides a comprehensive management system with complete visibility and inventory control for effective 3PL and 4PL operations. Customers’ goods will be delivered in full and on time, every time. It suits the present scale of a company’s operations – from small warehouses with few orders to large, multi-warehouse operations – and can be reconfigured to match future growth. Through integration with transportation and forwarding operations, the system reduces the hassle of high data-entry volume. CargoWise One streamlines workflow by linking its client’s warehouse operations to client partners, providers, and the worldwide supply chain.

As an innovator, WiseTech Global uses software and hardware to solve problems and create new ways of working and living. The firm builds products using the latest software tools and advanced hardware platforms and takes pride in delivering solutions that make a significant difference to its customers, partners, staff, shareholders, and the logistics industry at large.

Meet the Driving Force behind WisetechGlobal

Richard founded WiseTech Global in 1994 and has been CEO and an Executive Director since then.

Richard has over 30 years of experience in software development, embedded systems and business management, and over 20 years of freight/logistics industry experience.

Prior to founding WiseTech Global, Richard was the founder and managing director of Real Tech Systems Integration (provider of computer consulting and systems integrations services) and founder and CEO of Clear Group (distributor of computer-related equipment).

Richard holds a Master of Business in Information Technology from UTS (University of Technology, Sydney).

Richard is a UTS Luminarie and a Fellow of UTS.

“Our purpose is to improve visibility, efficiency, and quality of service while simultaneously reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.”