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Leveraging the power of virtual reality to disrupt interior design: Flipspaces

thesiliconreview-kunal-sharma-flipspaces-19When purchasing a property, one often wonders about how the interior décor would turn out. Would it create the perfect ambiance for a conducive work environment, suit the needs of the people living or working there, and most of all, will the interiors be beautiful and appealing?

It takes a considerable bit of imagination to visualize how the interior decorations would actually look and get a feel for the layout of all the different kinds of furniture placed everywhere. However, if one were to leverage the power of virtual reality (VR), it would not take an artistic mind to visualize the décor. As the name suggests, VR produces a realistic three-dimensional rendering of any space and lets users have a walkthrough of a simulated environment. What’s amazing is that designers can produce a three-dimensional rendering of just about any real place and enable users to experience it through VR goggles. That’s exactly what an interior design company named Flipspaces has been doing.

Flipspaces is a technology-enabled venture focused at commercial real estate. The company has verticals spanning across property DISCOVERY, DESIGN and BUILD, powered by cutting edge technology products. This includes VR-enabled visualization and proprietary Project Management Applications. Flipspaces currently has operations in India and USA, with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Boston.

By enabling prospective clients to have a look and feel of the décor of a place before it is decorated is one of the disruptive ideas in the interior decoration industry and Flipspaces happens to in the forefront of the disruption.

Let’s have a look at Flipspaces’ offerings

Virtual Reality Design Tool

Vizwalk is a cutting edge VR-application for interior design and visualization which generates a simulated walk-through in a virtual environment. A user is able to walk through a space modeled as per their brief and get a “near real” experience of how the office space will look after it is completely furnished.

Vizwalk disrupts the standard interior design process by allowing users to make real-time changes to fixtures and finishes in their space choosing through a vast repository of market-available products. All this is achieved through a user interface which is intuitive enough for a child to learn in a matter of minutes. Relevant to architects, interior designers, builders, PMCs, Co/managed working spaces, Vizwalk is fast revolutionizing the rules of the interior design and visualization space.

Design & Build

Partner with the world’s most advanced interiors visualizer and design application, create interactive walkthroughs of your space with changeable furniture and finishes and have them executed by us. With a diverse portfolio of having designed and executed premium offices for MNCs, Open design for startups, space-efficient design for co-working spaces, the firm is equipped to take over projects of any size. Captive manufacturing capability of modular furniture, wall Decor, loose furniture empowers us to deliver quality in a competitive timeline.

Some testimonials from happy clients

“Flipspaces came in, quickly understood our requirements and did an awesome work within the time constraints to give our office more quirk, color, and engagement. We were mighty impressed by the team’s unique design ideas and the passion they brought to the whole process. The end result was an office that was remarkable in terms of functionality and capturing our culture and ethos.”

  • Mahesh ShettyCOO, Radio Mirchi

“I always wanted the office to look cool in the Indian way. Coming from the IT background, we took a leap to create a boutique styled office. Whenever a client visits our office, the culture and the trendy vibes implant a sense of positivity and confidence. This office space brings about more transparency not only among employees but also between the client and the company. Flipspaces helped us to achieve this beautifully.”

  • RajanParsuraman, Former MD, Newscorp Technology Services

“Flipspaces designed four of our office spaces – Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. All the four offices are beautifully made with open space seating arrangement, giving a perception of bigger space, something we tried for the first time. There is an ample amount of natural light that flows in and the designs made it look like a new generation office. It is full of youthfulness and gives out positive vibes to our employees.”

  • PankajTripathi, General Manager, Commercial & Administration, BSH

Meet the enterprising stalwart behind the success of Flipspaces, Kunal Sharma

Kunal has previously scaled Mexus Education from a 4-people start up to become one of India’s largest and most successful educational enterprises touching over 6000 schools and million students pan-India and internationally.  

“We are a global commercial real estate consulting, design and build venture.”