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November Monthly Edition 2022

An expert providing outstanding Business Process Outsourcing solutions across a wide range of Virtual Assistant disciplines: Logix BPO


In the highly competitive world we live in, businesses are always on a lookout to cut costs and boost their profits. Remote staffing solutions are thus gaining popularity as it helps businesses hire skilled virtual assistants and at the same time optimize their employment costs. Virtual assistants give businesses a flexible alternative to fulfilling their administrative demands, without the long-term commitment of hiring. Additionally, they work on a contractual basis, thus reducing the additional cost burden of hiring. Globally, there are various companies providing excellent Business process Outsourcing and Virtual Assistant, but Logix BPO stands out from the rest. Logix BPO, consider themselves more than just an effective Business Process Outsourcing company. It is a smart outsourcing company that takes the time to understand its partners’ businesses and cultivates strategic frameworks that enable its partners to grow their businesses and succeed.

Logix provide a range of Business Process Outsourcing solutions across a wide range of Virtual Assistant disciplines. From turnkey Customer Support, Real Estate Management, Payroll & Finance Support, Digital Marketing and Retail Assistance, it can develop Virtual Assistant teams and help businesses grow. On average its clients save upwards of $45,000 for every single employee they hire into its virtual teams. Logix recruit your team, manage your team, and provide insurance, holiday pay, benefits and legal compliance for your team. It is your Professional Employer Organisation (PEO). By building your remote team with Logix, your business will reduce staffing costs by 70% allowing your business to be more profitable and competitive. The massive staffing cost and time saving reductions allow your business to invest in scaling quickly. Logix ensures your offshore team has the best infrastructure, software and support ensuring the very highest in quality and efficiency.

In conversation with Anthony Godley, CEO of Logix BPO

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Logix BPO?

Many countries around the world are facing skill shortages. These skill shortages have been exacerbated since Covid19, and whilst the world entered a state of “Great Rehire” in 2022, economies continue to struggle with their recovery, in part due to these skill shortages. My home country, England, is one of these economies. Many businesses are looking to hire talented individuals but struggling to find the right resources. The solution is not new, but the need has been amplified. It was that need that fueled the creation of Logix BPO. England, and many other countries around the world need skilled and talented resources for the businesses that make up their economies; the Philippines has those talents and skill sets, and whilst there always will be the obvious lure of cost reduction, it is the skill, determination and loyalty of the Philippine workforce that makes it such an attractive proposition for global remote team development.

I have been traveling to and working within the Philippines for more than 10 years and have had many firsthand experiences of the extraordinary talents and skill sets available across the country. The objective is simple; bring quality jobs to the Philippines and assign skilled resources to those jobs.

Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

Logix provides two top level services:

- Business Process Outsourcing

We work with organizations across a whole range of industry sector (Finance, Real Estate, Digital, HR etc), and build & manage their remote global teams across Business Process functions, such as Admin, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service etc. For example, if a Finance business in Australia needed a full time bookkeeper, but wanted to benefit from a 66% cost reduction in salary/operations etc without losing candidate experience or quality, they could hire that team member through Logix, and we would manage that team member on their behalf, provide full operational infrastructure, HR, benefits, incentives, support, training, IT infrastructure, software etc, but that resource is then dedicated to our client.

- Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, is the exact same model as above, but working exclusively with recruitment agencies. We work with approximately 60 recruitment agencies across Australia, UK and USA; many of these partners have a significant part of their recruitment teams with us.

Q. When a service is outsourced the pricing structure will have been agreed upon in advance, allowing the enterprise to predict the expense of BPO. How do you provide better cost predictability to enterprises?

We are very transparent in our pricing structure, and unlike many of our competitors who do not

share their service fee breakdown; we do. Our pricing structure is very simple; Staff Salary + Service Fee. We do not add any additions into Staff Salary, 100% of the staff salary goes to the team member, and the service fee covers everything else, including our operational frameworks.

When building teams for our partners, we generally provide candidate profiles for our partners to choose from. Within these profiles are a full breakdown of the per month cost of the candidate, including staff salary and service fee. This ensures our partner has full visibility of expected costs prior to committing to hiring a remote global team with Logix.


Q. One of the major benefits of BPO that is often overlooked is the flexibility. Do you agree with this? Explain in brief.

I strongly agree. There are a number of benefits that our partners receive when building their global remote teams with us, that can be associated to flexibility:

  • No lock in contracts ensures that our partners can scale up and down at will
  • We can easily adapt to internal operational changes such as CRM or software changes
  • We can easily adjust to new programs, protocols and business direction from our partners
  • Easily move team members from office to work from home environments during period of bad weather, pandemic etc

Q. There are security risks involved when the business processes are outsourced because the enterprise trusts you with sensitive information. How do you secure your solutions and downsize risks?

Data protection is certainly a widely discussed challenge for remote staffing organizations. Logix BPO has a comprehensive system in place to mitigate data security risks for our partners. Firstly, all team members need to sign an NDA prior to joining Logix enforcing our various data protection protocols. All team members also have software installed onto their computers which enables for constant monitoring by our team leaders, and stops a wide range of activities from occurring. These activities include the transferring of files onto USB, or other non-work devices, downloading large spreadsheet or files will flag a team leader to live view what the team member is doing, even saving passwords into tools such as last pass will be restricted.

Q. How do you acquire talents to maintain the quality for the various solutions that you offer?

Our talent acquisition process is one of the fundamental reasons we have grown exponentially. Before any candidate joins our talent pools and is presented to our partners, they pass through a rigorous recruitment funnel. Any red flags along the way generally mean rejection from the process, unless there are mitigating circumstances from the candidate. The process is as follows:

  • Initial Recruitment Screening
  • HR & Background Checking (English Assessment, Police Background Checking, Reference Checking)
  • Culture Fit Interview (With leadership team member)

Only once a candidate passes all these stages and an English assessment at Proficient in English or higher, are they accepted into our talent pool. This ensures only the best candidates represent our partners. We provide exceptional support, a culture of support, nurture and reward and exceptional benefits, ensuring we also attract the best talent.

Q. How do you market your services?

We have traditionally done little paid marketing. Most of our clients come through word of mouth and referrals. We have a strong organic presence on Google and receive enquiries through our website. We do have an internal marketing team that is active on social media producing content etc.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We will be launching our Recruitment University in 2023. This service will benefit our customers by bringing exceptional graduates into a training program, as interns, and providing them with intense training, work behavior and business ethics insights ensuring that our partners have access to skilled resources that are well prepared to join teams around the world.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Logix BPO will continue to grow, and expand across the Philippines. We plan to invest in new remote teams in both South Africa and Romania. We expect to hire between 200 and 300 new full time staff in 2023.

Meet the leader behind the success of Logix BPO

Anthony Godley is the CEO of Logix BPO. Under him Logix BPO has accomplished quite extraordinary growth. Between March 2022 and October 2022, the company grew by more than 100 full time staff, which for a relatively young business is quite staggering. The business is 100% privately owned, with no investment or debt. It is through the delivery of process, systems and structures from the CEO, not to mention a fierce work ethic, that Logix was able to enter a highly congested market, and not only survive but thrive.

“Build an Affordable, Talented & Highly Motivated team for a fraction of the cost through our Business Process Outsourcing company.”