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January Special Edition 2022

Look On Media – Creating Custom Virtual Reality Experiences for the Education, Healthcare, and Hospitality Industries


VR is more than show and tell. It's about presence, and there's no stronger way to engage your audience. Studies show that people are far more alert and retain more information when placed in new environments. It's an evolutionary safety function that ramps up our brains, which means when people are immersed in a VR experience they are far more likely to retain the information they receive. Virtual Reality is also proving highly effective with behavioral learning - which makes it a powerful way to teach, train, or sell. The benefit of working in VR is sharing your ideas and solutions can happen immediately with the added power of being able to physically alter your environment and tools in any way. Imagine being in a conference room with a model building on the table. It would be difficult for you to make changes on the fly in real life, but in VR you could not only manipulate the model on the table – you could go inside it with the rest of the team, get feedback, and further refine your changes.

Look On Media is a cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) development studio based in Baltimore, Maryland. Using the latest in 3D rendering and 360 video technologies and its extensive background in the games industry, its team is able to create high end visuals and engaging interactivity for your VR experience. Whether you need a 360 video or full scale VR app, they have got you covered.

Offering Best Virtual Reality Experiences through Industry-Leading Solutions

Interactive VR Museum: Working with partners Project Mosul and The Economist, The Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts wanted to educate people on the issue of lost cultural heritage in an engaging new way. The result is truly one of a kind. Look On Media created an interactive virtual museum allowing users to learn and interact with destroyed art pieces and lost cultural artifacts. The VR Museum featured interactive exhibits from the Middle East as well as Baltimore and still has room to grow. Look On Media creates custom Virtual Reality relaxation rooms for stress and anxiety management that work to create safe spaces for people to relax and escape. Working with leading healthcare providers and researchers, Look On Media is developing new VR environments to actively alter stress-inducing behavioral pathways, which will lead to users experiencing less anxiety both in and out of VR.

Shelter Systems Manufacturing Facility: Shelter Systems is one of the leading component manufacturers in the country. Their state of the art facility is capable of outputting huge volume with the highest precision and accuracy and they didn’t just want to tell people about it - they wanted to show them first hand. Look On Media highlighted all of their unique selling points in an engaging 360 factory tour that can be viewed in a VR headset or via browser, mobile or tablet. This allowed Shelter Systems to show off their amazing facility to anyone, anywhere, helping them secure the most competitive new clients. Look On Media was tasked with creating artistic but believable water running throughout the virtual fountain. The only way to accomplish the high visual fidelity and maintain optimized performance on phones was to create a robust new water tool for Unity from scratch. The result pushes the engine to the max, but looks like no other water out there.

Leadership | Look On Media

Brian Mahoney is the Co-Founder of Look On Media.

Jonathan Powell is the Co-Founder of Look On Media.

Having met at a games industry meet up years before, the two began ruminating on interesting ways to apply their long history in game development to new industries. Mahoney had been experimenting with Virtual Reality since the original Oculus development kit went out and Powell had been working with clients in the medical and education industries. With the idea of creating engaging VR applications for industries other than games, while still maintaining the concepts and principals that make games fun, Look On Media was born! Since then the team has grown, but the spirit remains the same. Create incredible products for incredible clients.

“You have the idea. We have the know-how. Our 3D team delivers industry leading visuals and seamless performance.”