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Looking for a complete solution to protect your data while traveling or sharing content with multiple networks? Then look no further than SyncDog!


“The popularity and adoption of smart phones has greatly stimulated the spread of mobile malware, especially on the popular platforms such as Android.”– Yajin Zhou and Xuxian Jiang

In today’s electronic world where day-to-day tasks have become easier with the mere click of a button, a wide array of information that is shared through networks and connected devices puts each of us amidst a risky state of affairs. With the rising need for ensuring security for one and all, and especially for companies whose main assets are their database and valuable intellectual property, there have been a lot of entrepreneurs coming up with different ideas to provide security solutions to prospective clientele. Founded in 2013, SyncDog is one such entrepreneurial venture by CEO Jonas Gyllensvaan and has offices in Reston, VA; Ottawa and Ontario, Canada.

The watchdog of your mobile applications and intellectual property
The independent software vendor that manages pro-active mobile device monitoring, mobile device security, mobile application containerization and compliance reporting, SyncDog fully supports application security and compliance policies. With a very flexible deployment option, SyncDog, a complementary solution equips clients to leverage the existing security technologies. They also extend the security out to mobile devices without sacrificing application performance and availability.

SyncDog has been associated with several value-added resellers and distribution partners (such as Star Communications, Inc and immixGroup®) around the world and has also partnered with leading technology partners (such as App47, Artifex Software Inc., etc) to bring additional value to the SyncDog solution and to help customers worldwide, and is currently building out a list of integration partners around the world

The leading ISV for mobile application containerization
SyncDog flagship product SentinelSecure™ provides clients with a secure location on their smart devices for the company’s data and applications. This solution not only helps end-users to leverage mobile technology but also yields much greater business workflow opportunity with higher levels of secure integration. Provides FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption for data both at rest and in transit and the container delivers the same encrypted security for employees to perform normal work application activity without sacrificing performance. Thus the security strategy of SyncDog is two-fold: Firstly, it secures the transmission of enterprise data to/from the device with government grade encryption. And Secondly, it provides a secure “container” on the device that serves as device business work station for all applications including Microsoft Office, web browser, secure texting, file management/sync, and many others.

SyncDog solutions offer several benefits to the enterprises who use them. From GPS location identification to tracking worker productivity, there are several threats of expiry and deletion of data from the device itself. Departs form all these typical problems to bring about the best possibilities of protecting enterprise data coupled with an all time user satisfaction that the data is secured, locked and protected against any kind fo mal use.

Currently, SyncDog caters to a health care project called Health First, while their provides secure infrastructure for a number of applications that are being specially developed for the mobile transactions of medical records and databases. At present, the company that focuses on Fortune 1000 enterprise organizations and Federal/ State government, is preparing to continue expanding their services to the Banking/Finance, Healthcare and Aerospace domains.

Experience, practice, and master of the trade!
Since inception, team SyncDog has surpassed various challenges and different obstacles that have come across their path to growth and success. Be it the challenges surrounding different costs (sales, operations, etc) or speed of deployments, the company has overcome all obstacles with their unique ability to convert any business requirement to technology and system processes. And with the company’s size making it possible for them to look into individual and customized demands of their customers, team SyncDog is able to adjust and undergo constant research and revisions to suit the ever changing requirements of the present day.

Team SyncDog comprises of leaders who have been working in the domain of mobile security since the past two decades and have played a vital role in keeping the company, a step ahead of their competitors such as step ahead of their competitors. With a key focus on enterprise data protection, the company’s high-end security and flexible methods of deployment that lead to high quality customer services are immensely popular amongst the company’s clientele.

Plans for the days ahead
North America is SyncDog home with several distributors in place. As they are based in Northern Virginia, their main targets are mid-Atlantic and Washington DC-based clients. The company is also working hard with partners in Europe in order to bring localized white label offerings in several countries. In the coming days the company will continue to focus on Geo-fencing, i.e., developing more robust and innovative business content additions to their and will continue to aim to meet the individual needs of their customers with their superior product flexibility.

Just In
SyncDog, Inc. recently announced two very important strategic partnerships with Mobileyes Consulting and Kaonsoft, a mobilization-as-a-service provider.

SyncDog who had successfully partnered with Folr earlier this year to provide GPS Location Services and Advanced Location-based Policy Enforcement, has just announced their partnership with Mobileyes Consulting Inc. Well known for providing a wide range of mobile solutions, and helping customers create global strategies for mobile deployments.

The Kaonsoft partnership provides SyncDog with a cloud-based platform that allows mobile application developers to more easily test mobile applications, and then securely and quickly deploy them into the field.

“With SyncDog mobile infrastructure and security platform, we have taken our mobile innovation to a higher technology standard, and further strengthened strategic partnerships with our customers. We always say that ‘we don’t just build apps, we build relationships’ and that is exactly what we have done with the SyncDog agreement. We are pleased to partner with such a reputable mobile services organization in Canada,” said Jonas, CEO of SyncDog.

The Man in Armor
Meet Jonas Gyllensvaan, an ardent personality and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology and the guiding light behind SyncDog, who has founded three successful start-ups and has been an advisor to many, earlier. A designer, developer, technology architect and business manager, the visionary behind SyncDog has also worked for multiple government agencies on their technology projects in several countries in the past.