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An easy to use application enablement platform to balance the developer’s need: Losant Enterprises


Losant is an easy-to-use and powerful enterprise IoT application enablement platform designed to help you quickly and securely build complex real-time connected solutions. Losant uses open communication standards to provide connectivity from one to millions of devices. Losant provides powerful data collection, aggregation, and visualization features to provide you with new data insights. Losant is trusted by your development team and capable of driving business results. Start independently or if you want help to define and build your unique product, Losant’s experienced solution engineers are ready to work with you.

Losant is a team committed to actively building, monitoring, and maintaining its IoT cloud platform which serves as the foundation of a variety of enterprise IoT solutions. Losant was created as an easy to use application enablement platform to balance the developer’s need for experimentation with the enterprise’s need for scalability. The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform combines data collection with data visualization and edge computing features for the seamless integration of one to millions of connected devices to provide enterprises with the ability to respond to IoT data insights.

Asset Tracking

Manage asset inventory and asset conditions while in storage, in use, or in transit to eliminate operational downtime with Losant’s Enterprise IoT Platform. With Losant you can build an application that addresses all of your asset tracking criteria, retains your investment in existing systems, and offers you the ability to add new devices that could address data gaps. Application Templates are comprehensive implementation examples utilizing Losant's features to build real IoT solutions. When you create a new IoT application from a template, the template will automatically generate all required devices, workflows, dashboards, and any other resources included in that template. They are built for usability, speed to market, and customization. For example, this Losant Asset Tracker Template represents a geolocation asset tracking solution with temperature, shock, and tilt monitoring. 

Condition-Based Maintenance

Garner the benefits of predictive maintenance tools and condition-based maintenance (CBM) with the Internet of Things (IoT). Tap into existing machine controllers using edge computing IoT-based maintenance. Unify data from new and existing systems and CBM solutions to provide your clients with unmatched transparency. Avoid unnecessary disassembly and travel time for technicians by constantly monitoring conditions and responding only to anomalies. Monitoring your equipment creates transparency that will lead to greater efficiency and reliable service for your customers. Use the Losant IoT platform as your cloud foundation to collect, organize, report and respond to data from new and existing systems so you can create more value for your customers.

Environment, Social, and Governance

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides the ability to understand specifics of enterprise performance faster and more transparent, accelerating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) value recognition. Capture data as it occurs — real-time. Then you can start to analyze, visualize, and identify areas that could be improved with new monitoring insights. IoT gives you a complete cycle to refine or fast-track new solutions related to water, energy, waste, and emissions when the data says change is needed. If your sustainability, including environmental solutions or ESG goals, is not being met or you are just starting, IoT could be the right technology to introduce to your plan. Solve the ESG challenge with a customized application built with Losant’s low-code platform. Whether your development team is in-house or you rely on a trusted systems integrator, it’s application enablement platform allows teams to capitalize on low-code application development. As a result, you can orchestrate massive amounts of data, integrate new sources, and customize reports for ESG. Losant can provide a single pane of glass and integrate with other partners to solve the entire solution.

Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Industrial equipment monitoring (IEM) allows you to monitor your equipment to create transparency leading to greater efficiency and reliable service for your customers. Use the Losant Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise Platform as your cloud foundation to collect, organize, report, and respond to data from new and existing systems. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to build multi-tenant applications to extend the advantages and create more value for your customers. Edge computing uses connected and non-internet connected devices — anything from existing PLCs, motion sensors, and gateways — to process data near where it is collected. So, instead of sending all of the data to the cloud, edge computing can process data and send a smaller selected set, accelerating the delivery of data. The Industrial Equipment Monitor Application Template is designed for OEMs, telecoms, or other solution providers and offers customers a way to monitor equipment and gain instant access to equipment telemetry data. Learn best practices, see an application architecture example, and learn how to bring together key Losant features to provide more functionality for your application during this Deeper Dive on-demand webinar.

Smart Environment

Create value by conserving energy, optimizing resources, enhancing security, and improving space efficiency. The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform provides an intelligent orchestration layer to facilitate better interaction between smart office systems and the people that work within them. Work with your existing or new space and integrate it with your building management systems. Losant makes it easy to collect, visualize, and analyze data to create a smart office, smart building, or a smart campus. Then, quickly deliver real value to property managers, facility managers, and campus security teams

Charlie Key, CEO

“We are a team committed to actively building, monitoring, and maintaining our IoT cloud platform which serves as the foundation of a variety of enterprise IoT solutions.”