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LotLinx: Unlocking Margin through VIN-Level Demand and Pricing Management


LotLinx is the automotive industry’s leading inventory management and retailing technologies platform. Enabling a cloud-based connected lot, LotLinx empowers automotive dealers and forward-thinking OEMs to automate their retail inventory merchandising with unparalleled precision.

Leveraging unmatched data and network assets coupled with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, LotLinx unlocks margins through automated VIN-level demand and pricing management.

Today, thousands of the nation’s most successful dealers utilize LotLinx’s advanced data and analytics capabilities to create unique and valuable solutions that drive the execution of effective, VIN-specific campaigns developed through dynamic market awareness. LotLinx was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Innovation Amongst an Industry Inflection Point

Dealerships are no longer a destination business where consumers walk the lots searching for a specific vehicle. As these shopping behaviors change, dealers must evolve in how they promote inventory and find customers. Dealers have been conditioned to “manage” inventory by resorting to markdowns, which is both ineffective and margin eroding.

Dealers don’t have the bandwidth to consistently manage an integrated pricing, inventory, and marketing strategy. To stay competitive, automation is needed to successfully manage across all media channels, data points, and VINs. The industry has reached an inflection point where humans can no longer keep up and manage effective strategies - utilizing technology is a non-negotiable. That’s where LotLinx comes in.
Unlike the traditional siloed and manual approach to pricing, intel, and ad execution, LotLinx has built an automated, AI-driven technology platform that simultaneously processes complex market factors to score and match inventory with market demand to generate the appropriate action. LotLinx /AI/ is able to make sense of dealership data and provide predictive technology to solve these marketing inconsistencies.

The First and Only VIN-Aware Inventory Management Platform

As the original pioneer in the automotive retail technology space, LotLinx has more than a decade head start of machine learning and data points to optimize VIN-level inventory and retail business strategies.

LotLinx delivers real-time pricing and audience insights via a powerful data layer that dynamically sits alongside dealer applications and channels, allowing the technology to determine spend, targeting the right traffic for the right VIN at the highest value.

With an unmatched media network and proprietary tech stack, LotLinx facilitates a virtuous technology loop to respond to – and learn from – ever changing market conditions with billions of data points, 100M+ total VINs, 4.8M daily VINs and 35K indexed websites. These factors are  simultaneously processed to score the quality of customers and generate appropriate action for optimal results.

LotLinx is the only platform in the automotive digital marketing and inventory management space capable of using advanced AI and ML coupled with a proprietary database of billions of data points to effectively create omni-channel campaigns tailored to inventory objectives by targeting specific VINs.

Unlike competitors, LotLinx provides a differentiated approach by first determining dealer inventory needs before targeting “purchase-ready” buyers with specific vehicles.

Industry Revolutionizing Applications

LotLinx offers a comprehensive package of innovative applications that are packaged and sold through either the LotLinx platform or as single channel offerings. The unmatched breadth of proprietary data supports continuing innovation and product development to further connect a dealer’s acquisition, pricing, and promotion of vehicles.

LotLinx is committed to continuously innovating automotive retail that is revolutionizing today’s industry while forging the path for the future of inventory management.

The Ardent Visionary Behind the Triumph of LotLinx

Len Short, co-founder, serves as the Chairman and CEO of LotLinx. Before founding LotLinx, he served as the CMO of the product (RED), the charitable organization created by Bono with support from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Len has also held numerous other high-profile positions, including Executive Vice President, Brand Marketing at AOL/Time Warner, and Chief Marketing Officer for Charles Schwab & Co.

Len is a well-respected leader in the auto industry and has been recognized by the American Marketing Association, the Effie Awards, the DMA Echo Awards, the Francis Hatch Awards, and the International Advertising Festival at Cannes. He is also currently a member of the Forbes Chicago Business Council. Before securing any of these impressive roles, Len received his Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting & Film at Boston University.