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November Special Edition 2022

Lowe & Associates – Offering expert legal services with an eye towards the economics of dispute resolution


Athletes have used personal representatives to negotiate contracts and sponsorship deals since 1925 when Red Grange, an American footballer, hired an agent to negotiate his professional contract. Since then, professional and amateur sports have grown, and personal representation has been vital to athletes and any individual or body associated with sport. As sport has evolved, contract negotiations have expanded from professional contracts to sponsorship deals and even competition entry. It has become increasingly important for athletes to obtain proper legal representation.

Since it was founded in 1991, Lowe Law has continuously provided cutting-edge, aggressive and strategic legal services to clients with a superb success rate. Over the years, the firm's practice has grown to encompass the representation of plaintiffs and defendants in the areas of sports, entertainment and business in general. Other areas of expertise include: entertainment law, film law, music business law, art law, idea theft, trade secret, defamation, copyright infringement, corporate law, intellectual property, contracts, licensing, privacy & publicity rights, real estate litigation, and business formations.

Leading the Way in Entertainment Law

Are you in need of an entertainment law firm attorney in Beverly Hills, California? The area of law can be somewhat complex and many attorneys claim to have knowledge of entertainment law but are not sufficiently familiar with the building blocks (e.g., copyright law). Their entertainment law attorneys are well-versed and knowledgeable in all areas of entertainment law. From contract law to intellectual property, Lowe & Associates can assist you with your legal needs.

Transactional Entertainment Law: Of particular importance in entertainment law are the contracts into which you enter. Their attorneys have specific experience in this area. They draft, negotiate, and review documents and contracts and secure intellectual property rights specific to the: television, film, music, and, art and fashion industries. Through their representation, the firm aims to avoid or minimize disputes, before they begin or escalate. Well-drafted agreements can greatly impact a person's life for the better and a breach can have serious consequences.

Entertainment Litigation: When there are breaches or other disputes between or among parties to an entertainment contract or someone has infringed upon your copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, their attorneys at Lowe & Associates review the same and provide strategic counsel and representation to benefit the clients. They provide extensive guidance and litigation in the following areas: royalty disputes, takedown notices, disputes with distributors, copyright infringement, idea theft, breach of contract (oral, written, implied), rights of publicity and privacy, defamation, and claims for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and other business "torts". Lowe Law's first goal is resolution via negotiation, arbitration and/or mediation. If, however, the parties are unable to expeditiously resolve the dispute to the client's satisfaction, they have no issue moving forward with litigation if need be. Their attorneys are trial lawyers and know how to effectively negotiate to bring forth a settlement, but they also know how to effectively prosecute or defend a case before a judge and jury.

Copyright Law in Los Angeles County: Beverly Hills, California (which is adjacent to Hollywood, California), is home to many creative minds. However, Hollywood does not have a monopoly on creative minds by any stretch of the imagination. But this is where a great deal of the business related to creative works takes place. It is also where most of the theft takes place. Thus, the firm is dedicated to protecting and enforcing the rights of creative professionals. At Lowe & Associates, they are experts in copyright law and aggressively help keep their clients and their creative products protected. When another party breaches a contract, you have the right to sue for enforcement of your protected rights. A breach of contract can lead to financial harm for you or your company as well as lost opportunities. To protect the rights granted by the contract and enforce those rights, experienced California entertainment contract lawyers at Lowe & Associates will fight on your behalf.

Steven T. Lowe | Managing Partner

With more than 30 years of experience, Steven T. Lowe is one of the entertainment industry's preeminent attorneys. Known for, among other things, his groundbreaking work in the field of copyright law, championing the rights of artists, creators, writers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals in the entertainment industry, Mr. Lowe and the firm, Lowe & Associates (the “Firm”), continue to meet and surpass client expectations. The Firm continues to rack up rave testimonials/Google reviews from its clients with each matter the Firm handles, based upon the firm philosophy of providing highly personalized client attention.

As Managing Partner of Lowe & Associates since 1991, Mr. Lowe oversees all matters involving entertainment and business with an emphasis on dispute resolution from pursuing cases in court, to pre-litigation negotiation/mediation. Areas of focus include intellectual property (copyright and trademark) matters, business formation, contracts, and cases involving unfair and fraudulent business practices. Mr. Lowe has been selected as a "Super Lawyer" by Thomson Reuters, from 2009 to the present, signifying he is in the top 5% of the lawyers in California. He has also rated "A-V preeminent" by Martindale-Hubbel since 1998; an "A-V rating" signifies the highest competence and ethics in the profession.

"Lowe & Associates is best known for its successful entertainment litigation practice. Entertainment litigation is, at its core, dispute resolution for parties."