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Top-rated LSP: Employee-oriented Megaton Cargo Services is setting the stage for new priorities, poised for next-level growth


Megaton Cargo Services is a well-established cargo company. It has a long history of providing excellent services and is highly efficient and competent. Megaton was able to satisfy Oman's need for cargo expertise thanks to its 35 years of combined aviation experience.  

Divya Tekchandani, who founded Megaton Cargo Services, is a veteran of the aviation industry and pioneered the cargo industry with her idea of converting excess baggage into cargo, all to help blue-collar customers send back high-quality items that were unavailable for their loved ones back home.

Megaton offers the following services: 1) GSA/ CSA of the airlines, 2) courier services, 3) air charters, 4) air and sea freight, 5) door-to-door, 6) logistics and road transport, 7) import and export customs clearance, 8) consultancy service and mishandled baggage services for all the airlines at Muscat International Airport. 

The company is headquartered in Muscat.

The Silicon Review reached out to Divya Tekchandani, MD of Megaton Cargo Services, and here’s what she had to say.

Interview Highlights

Q. What makes Megaton Cargo Services unique in the Air Cargo sector? What is your company's point of differentiation?

We have a Cargo Kiosk at Muscat International Airport where we convert excess baggage into cargo and offer services via several modes, including air, road, rail and sea. This is a unique service that is not offered anywhere across the globe except at this airport. This unique service makes us different in the air cargo sector.

Q. What groundbreaking and proactive methodology does Megaton Cargo Services implement to exceed customer expectations?

Megaton follows a proactive method with strict SOPs in accepting, storing, screening and executing all cargo shipments at Muscat International Airport. Since we are the GSA/CSA for airlines like Saudia Cargo, Gulf Air, Go First, and others, Megaton makes a difference by providing our valued clients with better pricing and top-notch services.


Q. Brief us about Megaton Cargo Kiosk. How reliable and affordable is it?

Megaton Cargo Kiosk at Muscat International Airport focuses on offering services that can cater to all types of customers from blue collared to premium set of customers. We ensure that the passengers carry or at least take back the items they have purchased for their loved ones back home.

We offer a selection of reliable forms of transportation to our valued customers, depending on the number of days and whatever fits their budget. A sea cargo, for example, would take many days to be delivered door to door to the final destination, but it would be less expensive than air cargo, which may be transported in two to three working days and only up to the airport.

We also have a dedicated back-end customer service team that offers after-sales service and caters to customer complaints as well. The head of the team directly reports to me as I monitor and follow up on all the complaints till they are resolved.

Q. Tell us about the Megaton Cargo Services team. What value do they bring to the company?

Megaton consists of 22 team members who come from a variety of countries, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Argentina, Tunisia, and Sri Lanka. Despite coming from various backgrounds and cultures, they all work together as a single family. Their knowledge of our industry, their proficiency in various languages, and most importantly, their ability to treat our customers with respect and gratitude, give value to our firm. They serve as the foundation of Megaton, and we cherish and recognize the contributions of each team member.  

Q. Will your company be expanding, bringing on any new services that we should be aware of?

Megaton Baggage Services in arrivals will add a new paid baggage delivery service, which again is a unique service for arriving passengers. It is necessary for passengers arriving at Muscat International Airport to wait at the baggage carousels, but they can come and order a door delivery service at our arrival kiosk. Families, business delegates, or groups traveling to Oman for tourism will find this facility handy. Passengers have the option of making reservations through our website or in person.

Q. No doubt Megaton Cargo Services is charting new territories in this segment. Given how frequently circumstances change, what plans for transformation are you pursuing to remain relevant now and in the future?

Since we adhere to strict SOPs, circumstances don't change all that frequently. We continued to work hard and maintain a positive mindset even during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, occasionally events, such as changes in the country’s customs regulations, have an impact on the sales and revenue figures. 

Oman Airports has served as a strong pillar for us; their support and cooperation have been extremely valuable to our company. We, at Megaton Cargo, have always expressed our gratitude to them as we are able to transform and pursue additional activities in our business from time to time. We are confident that Megaton will expand and advance with the help and cooperation of Oman Airports. 

Leadership | Megaton Cargo Services

Divya Tekchandani serves as Megaton Cargo’s managing director, and Mazin Julandhani serves as its chairman. Ms. Tekchandani, who also manages all sales and operations, and Mr. Julandhani, who also handles the company's finances, are both fervent experts in their respective fields. They work well together to lead Megaton down the path of growth and success.

“Since we are the GSA/CSA for airlines like Saudia Cargo, Gulf Air, Go First, and others, Megaton makes a difference by providing our valued clients with better pricing and top-notch services.”