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LUCKY ORANGE Helping People Grow Their Businesses Online


Lucky Orange provides businesses of all sizes the tools they need to deliver a world-class website experience.

Lucky Orange’s conversion rate optimization software consists of unique tools like Dynamic Heatmaps, Session Recordings, Form Analytics and Live Chat. More than 300,000 websites have relied on Lucky Orange to help them better understand what people are doing on their website so they can grow conversions and sales.

Lucky Orange customers include entrepreneurs taking a shot at their first e-commerce store, marketing analysts providing agency clients with deep customer insights, and UX designers preparing for an enterprise website overhaul. They’re looking for tools that are the right balance of powerful and easy-to-use and understand that few things are more powerful than understanding your website visitors’ actions.image

The company takes a holistic view to understanding customer behavior and goes beyond competitor offerings with tools like live view and live chat.

“We want to empower people who run their businesses online to figure out why some website visitors abandon their cart or fail to complete a lead generation form,” said Danny Wajcman, Lucky Orange Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “We want to equip website owners and operators with tools to save the sale before it’s lost. The best way to do this is to become a student of people’s behavior when they’re on your website.”

Tools to gain more website revenue

Many business owners are faced with the same problem. They’re getting traffic to their website but that traffic isn’t turning into leads or sales. Clearly their marketing efforts to attract people to their site are working, but what’s keeping those people from converting?

Getting to the heart of that problem – low conversion rates – is where Lucky Orange can be an essential resource for businesses. If a website is getting traffic, but very little of that traffic is converting, one of the first things to do is watch session recordings of people who almost converted to see what might be getting in their way.

A session recording is a playback of exactly what a person did while they were on a website. It shows what the person clicked on, how far they scrolled down a page and what forms they engaged with on the site. Visitor privacy is very important to Lucky Orange, which is why you’ll see any personal information the visitor enters on the site shown as asterisks instead of the characters they typed in on the recording.

“Studying visitor behavior throughout your conversion funnel – the steps a person takes on your website before they convert – is a great way to figure out what’s getting in the way of higher conversion rates,” Wajcman said. “I suggest looking at the pages a person visited prior to adding something to their cart or completing a lead generation form, as well as the pages they visited immediately after they didn’t complete that step.”

Wajcman advises to look for parts of the experience that are slowing down website visitors, like broken links, error messages or confusing or vague wording.

“One of the aspects of Lucky Orange I enjoy the most is when our customers have that lightbulb moment when they can see exactly what kept a person from converting,” he said. “It’s so rewarding to empower a business owner with the knowledge they need to fix a problem getting in the way of their business growth.”

An Incredible Tool for UX Professionals

It’s not only business owners who can benefit from Lucky Orange. User experience (UX) professionals find the Lucky Orange dynamic heatmaps tool to be incredibly valuable when it comes to understanding what parts of a website experience resonate most with people.

Dynamic heatmaps show how visitors interact with dynamic elements of a page including forms, navigation dropdowns and popups — in addition to the same features as their static counterparts. A heatmap shows a colored overlay on areas that receive more clicks or taps from website visitors.

They are particularly helpful when trying to see what parts of a website are working or not working. For example, heatmaps can be used by a website designer to see the parts of a site’s navigation that are getting the least engagement. If a section on the navigation is getting little to no clicks or taps – that might be a sign that it needs to be reconsidered.

Heatmaps can also show how far down a page most visitors scrolled. Having this information is very useful because it shows if people are even making it far enough down the page to see the website calls to action (CTAs). It is worth rethinking aspects of the website design if most people are dropping off before they see the most important content since this can directly impact conversion rates.

Building Relationships

Ultimately, Lucky Orange wants to empower its users to build relationships with their customers and prospects by helping them better understand what their target audiences want.

“Imagine if you could pair what you’ve seen people doing on your website with first-hand knowledge of what products or services they wish you sold or the parts of your online experience that are keeping them from making a purchase,” Wajcman said. “These insights are key to helping our customers grow their online businesses.”

Lucky Orange offers several tools to help its customers engage directly with the people who visit their websites. The Lucky Orange live chat tool allows businesses to invite people to talk one-on-one after they’ve visited a specific page of a website, have been on the site for a certain amount of time, or a number of other designated triggers. This type of engagement can help improve the customer experience and ultimately grow conversions.image

There is also a survey feature included in Lucky Orange that allows you to ask questions directly to website visitors. Several survey types are available including multiple choice, rating, like/dislike and open-ended questions. Doing first-hand research on people coming to a website is a great way to better understand what potential customers want from a business.

A Remarkable Value

The full suite of Lucky Orange conversion rate optimization tools is available at the affordable starting price of $10 per month. Its plans are customizable based on business size and needs and all include a seven-day free trial with no credit card required.

The Lucky Orange customer support team also offers no-charge 15-minute onboarding sessions to highlight key features and help customers get started using its software. These sessions are available to all customers, including those on a free trial.

New Updates on the Way

Lucky Orange is currently in the process of rolling out a completely redesigned version of its software alongside a full brand refresh that includes a new logo, color palette and illustrations.

The new Lucky Orange features a completely new user interface as well as more than 60 new features including enhanced surveys features, new event-based tagging for visitor behaviors like rage clicks and shaky mouse movements, and faster behind-the-scenes page load times. The new features are designed to help people the information they’re looking for quickly so they spend less time digging through data in search of valuable insights.

More information about Lucky Orange is available at Lucky Orange can also be found on the Shopify Plus, Shopify, BigCommerce and Wordpress marketplaces.

Danny Wajcman, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

With a diverse background in entrepreneurship, leadership and sales, Danny uses his expertise to help people grow their businesses online to ultimately generate more revenue. As the co-founder of Lucky Orange, Danny has first-hand experience with the challenges and excitement that comes with growing and running a business. He’s dedicated to helping Lucky Orange customers uncover insights about website visitor behavior that help them create more enjoyable, higher converting website experiences.

More than 300,000 websites have relied on Lucky Orange to help grow their website conversions and sales.