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April Monthly Special 2023

Lumeon – Transforming care delivery into efficient, well-coordinated digital experiences


As healthcare shifts towards a more patient-centric approach, health providers across the world are looking for innovative ways to enhance the patient care journey. The infusion of software solutions into the healthcare industry has helped providers improve the overall patient experience. One of these solutions is Care Orchestration, a method that uses Information Technology (IT) to improve the care journey. Care Orchestration can be defined as the coordination of many complex computer systems, servers, and applications in a way that enhances the care journey. In a clinical setting, Orchestration allows for a simplification of patient workflows and an overall improvement in efficiency. Care Orchestration helps healthcare providers streamline their existing care journey by identifying and addressing their current inefficiencies.

Lumeon brings predictability and consistency to care delivery by orchestrating teams and automating tasks to ensure the right care to every patient, every time. Health systems use Lumeon’s digital health platform to transform their care delivery processes into seamlessly orchestrated, personalized, virtualized care centered on each patient’s needs. With Lumeon, care delivery becomes frictionless, efficient, and effective, ensuring the best standard of safe care is delivered every time. Lumeon’s award-winning platform transforms EHR data into an operational plan of care, engaging, coordinating, and guiding consumers and care teams, alike, along the way. It extends and automates health care to wherever the consumer is, whether at the care setting, home, work, or on the move.

Why Lumeon?

Improve the clinician experience: Today, care coordination activities are scattered across multiple care providers and administrative staff, often within the same organization and across sites of care. Lumeon applies automation in a practical and effective way to streamline tasks and workflow, saving clinicians valuable time and improving their overall experience – a key element of healthcare’s Quadruple Aim.

Ensure consistent care experiences: Today, care coordination tends to get dispersed among care providers, within the same organization and across care sites. And they often execute the same tasks differently. Not only can this create an inconsistent care experience for patients, but patient outcomes become unpredictable, patient safety can be compromised and there are increased costs caused by inefficiencies. With automation, Lumeon delivers consistency across care teams and sites of care – at scale – while ensuring all providers are aligned and informed about what needs to be done for every patient at any given moment.

Maximize the staff you have: Historically, health systems have met care coordination demands by hiring new personnel or adding more responsibilities to existing staff. However, healthcare labor shortages mean additional staff isn’t available and the people they already have are overwhelmed and stressed. Furthermore, financial pressures restrict hiring. By applying technology to leverage known information about each patient, Lumeon makes care coordination personal and more efficient, so the team you have in place today can do more, with existing or fewer resources.

Lumeon’s Care Orchestration Platform

Lumeon’s care orchestration platform automates the tasks, workflow, activities, and events that occur during the process of coordinating care. With real-time, bi-directional data/system integration and the dynamic application of clinical intelligence and automation, Lumeon ensures that each patient receives the right care at the right time – every time. By automating care coordination, care teams deliver care faster, more efficiently, effectively, and consistently across the continuum of care, while also empowering clinicians and staff to work at the tops of their licenses and spend time with patients that need it most. Lumeon’s care orchestration platform integrates with virtually any data source, including your EHR; it drives action to effect coordination of care, personalized for each patient. Best of all, Lumeon can be deployed once within an enterprise, and then applied to an unlimited number of use cases and care pathways.

Lumeon integrates with EHRs and any other system of record or device – anyplace there’s data that can help drive the care process for patients. This is critical, since execution of each patient’s care orchestration plan must be informed by real-time data infused into the appropriate care pathway. Lumeon’s data integration is bi-directional, so information about care coordination activities automatically recorded in Lumeon can be written back into a patient’s chart in the EHR, streamlining documentation review for clinicians and preventing information gaps for extended care team members. Lumeon’s methodology is executed by healthcare industry professionals with decades of experience in clinical process design, working shoulder-to-shoulder with client personnel. They examine your existing processes and then, in collaboration with your clinical care team, help you design an ideal future operating state, leveraging best practices from the Lumeon customer community. Once pathway design is completed, the Lumeon platform is deployed and configured based upon your unique requirements.

Unlike AI, Lumeon’s engine is not “predicting” or “suggesting” what to do for a particular patient. Rather, Lumeon knows, based upon the documented pathway, why the next best action is what it is for a particular patient. With Lumeon, it’s always easy to understand why each decision was made for a patient at each step in their care – because the pathway model, constructed with and approved by the facility’s care team leaders specified it. As in all things, “change” is hard, so they leverage their team of experienced clinicians and transformation agents to navigate operating changes with your care teams. During deployment, their teams will baseline existing operational processes and metrics and after deployment, measure the impact of the Lumeon platform for your organization.

Robbie Hughes | Founder & CEO

Robbie is the Founder and CEO of Lumeon. An engineer by training, he started the company after first-hand experience of the impact that fragmented care delivery processes have on patient experience. Taking a step back to develop a fresh approach, he built the award-winning care journey orchestration platform to connect care teams, patients and technology across the care continuum. The platform enables healthcare providers to automate and orchestrate end-to-end processes by creating their own unique care journeys.

Under Robbie’s leadership, Lumeon has grown to an enterprise-level solution, currently in use by 65 major healthcare providers across the US and Europe managing over six million patient lives. Under Robbie’s leadership, Lumeon has grown from his bedroom with a business funded by individual clients, to an enterprise-level solution that is currently in use by 65 major healthcare organizations and growing.

"At Lumeon, we believe that every patient’s care should be proactively managed, personalized to their individual needs, and delivered efficiently and effectively by care teams operating at the top of their license."