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November Edition 2020

Experience multi-modal, automated communications that are easily adopted and keep everyone coordinated and on track: Lumeon


Technology has changed a dramatic amount over the last ten years alone, and digital health is now ever-present. From telemedicine and health-related wearables to online medical providers and health resources, digital health is growing faster than ever. Consumers are using digital resources to better manage their health levels, and medical facilities are using digital technology to track, manage, and improve the health of their patients. Now, patients do not even have to meet in person to get the treatments or advice they need. Putting power back into the hands of the patient while giving doctors and medical professionals access to the tools and data they need; the rise of digital healthcare is something that cannot be ignored. Lumeon is a digital health company leveraging Care Pathway Management (CPM) to take a fresh approach to healthcare delivery. For more than 13 years, Lumeon has been spearheading a quiet revolution in healthcare. Lumeon brings expertise, technology and pathways together in an award-winning combination that’s proven to deliver success at scale. The concept of ‘Patient Access’ has evolved significantly. We all remember the good old days when patient access was an inbound responsive model – patients dialed into a call center phone number and were connected “round-robin” to the next available staff member with their call script. Then outbound voice and email messages and patient appointment reminders became common, and now access centers have begun to deploy more advanced communication channels such as natural language voice response, texting, patient portals, online booking, and webchat.

Lumeon care pathway blueprints are ready-made workflow templates that enable providers to quickly configure and deploy innovative, efficient and less manual care processes. Providers can also select from ready-made content such as mobile-friendly outcome questionnaires and integrate pathways with their EHR. Leveraging algorithmic decision support, real-time care coordination and digital patient interaction, blueprints remove unwarranted variation to bring 21st century efficiency and innovation to healthcare operations.

Automate your perioperative surgical home

The perioperative surgical home (PSH) has been shown to improve safety, reduce cancellations and improve outcomes. However, it can be challenging to ensure protocols are followed consistently, as well as being resource intensive to coordinate. Lumeon enables providers to transform how they deliver team-based models of care, such as the PSH, by connecting interdisciplinary teams into a longitudinal surgical pathway that’s automatically coordinated in real-time. Using the Lumeon Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform, providers are able to optimize their perioperative process, using team-based tasking, algorithmic triage, digital patient engagement and pathway automation protocols, ensuring best practice by default.

Preoperative readiness

Good preoperative readiness is essential to optimally prepare patients for surgery and recovery, avoiding delays or last-minute cancellations. Lumeon enables providers to increase the quality and capacity of their preoperative processes using digitally managed pathways that fast-track low-risk patients, removing unnecessary in-person visits and tests. The platform is not only able to coordinate all care pathways in real-time, but can also triage patients, generate suitable test lists for review and autonomously manage low-risk patients safely through their journey. Clear communication is essential to create excellent inpatient experiences, but patients are often overwhelmed by the volume of information provided and lack visibility of where they are up to in the overall process. The Lumeon CPM platform acts as a digital guide to patients and their families throughout their care in hospital, from preparing for their stay, all the way through to discharge. It enables more consistent control over the flow of information and provides instant interaction with patients via automated questionnaires and conversations. This allows issues to be quickly identified and resolved while the patient is still in hospital.

Meet the leader behind the success of Lumeon

Robbie Hughes is the Founder and CEO of Lumeon. An engineer by training, he started the company after first-hand experience of the impact that fragmented care delivery processes have on patient experience. Taking a step back to develop a fresh approach, he built the award-winning Care Pathway Management platform to connect care teams, patients and technology across the care continuum. The platform enables healthcare providers to automate and orchestrate end-to-end processes by creating their own unique pathways. Under Robbie’s leadership, Lumeon has grown to an enterprise-level solution, currently in use by 65 major healthcare providers across the US and Europe managing over six million patient lives. This year, Robbie was named Best Digital Healthcare CEO by GHP Magazine.

“Lumeon ensures that discharge activities are completed according to an optimized task sequence, enabling multidisciplinary care team coordination, as well as ensuring patient readiness through completion of patient-specific checklists.”