10 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers 2017

Luware AG Supports Companies in Adapting the Communications between Their Staff and the Customers via Microsoft UC Technologies

thesiliconreview-philipp-beck-ceo-luware-ag-17There are many new exciting trends in IT these days. And organizations are especially excited about how this technology can give them a competitive advantage. It’s paramount that business enterprises are updated with latest tools to stay ahead and get noticed. With the help of Microsoft UC technologies, Luware supports companies in adapting the communications between their staff and the customers to present-day demands, thus meeting the constantly rising expectations of the customers and ensuring work flexibility for their staff members.

Luware- Swiss and Simple

Founded in 2010, by Philipp Beck, Luware AG is headquartered in Zurich. The company began as it investigated in getting Cisco ICM to route calls on the OCS Platform. It was successful but Cisco declined the use of their API for that Use Case. Established with values like innovation and ease of use combined with quality and simplicity, Luware was able to win its first customer even before the company was founded- Medicall a 24h/7 Contact Center in the medical industry, was looking for a new way of serving its customers and Luware got the push it needed and since then it has had an organic growth.

Sublime tête-à-tête with Philipp Beck, CEO and Founder

Can you brief us about your first product launch?

Our first product was a native integrated solution launched for Medicall to get them rolling. It was offered on the Lync 2010 platform. The customer could make his agents work from anywhere as well as it provided integration in his CRM and he was able to configure new Services and Agents all by himself. Added to this was the functionality which Microsoft UC brought.

Our product LUCS is a multimodal Contact Center solution designed completely based on the Microsoft UC Platform. It enables channel independent routing of any customer request, directly to the Skypet.B client of the Contact Center Agent. Chat, Voice, Video, Email and Social Media can be handled today without leaving the Client.

How successful was your first project roll on?

Our first project was interesting. The customer went live with LUCS and Lync on the same night altogether with a move towards Windows 7 on the client machines. In fact, he had a couple of issues, but all of them with the Windows 7 change and none with our contact center. Indeed, through our strong trust bands with the customer he also moved during this night the 24/7 blue light organization. We can say today, that we had with all upgrades and patches in the last couple of years only about 30 min downtime because the SIP trunks from the PSTN Vendor where both down at the same time.

What led to the expansion of the company?

Customer TRUST! We deliver what we promise. We are probably not the best Marketers, but when we say we deliver, we do. We see that couple of our competition does not do this, so we lose opportunities in a year, but some of them come back because the competition cannot deliver what is on their marketing slides. So mouth-to-mouth propaganda has brought us in to customers like UBS, Credit Suisse or even SAP and got us in to partner contracts with BT were we are known as a vendor which delivers what he promises.

Justify your product popularity.

Our product is popular because it has shown in different situation that it addresses customers’ needs in a way they are manageable as well. We also have a strategy that we deliver all additional products customer needs so he does not need to manage different Vendors for one UC Platform. We haven’t lost any customer because he was not happy with our products. In fact we have lost only 2 customers, and the reason being merging into another structure. Our portfolio includes solutions for contact centers, team-ACD or single-user workstations and compliance needs

Are there any trigger factors that have played key roles in shaping your organization’s road map?

  • We have the best UCMA DEV in house.
  • We have a very strong relationship with Microsoft directly in Redmond, building a strong trust. Therefore, they come and ask us if they would like to get their team challenged on the new API features or ideas they have. This gives us a 6 months head start view of what MSFT will bring out.

Clients’ Stellar Testimonies

“With Collaboration Suite and collaboration with Luware, we have been given the opportunity to combine humanity with digital technology - and to enable our customers to connect with us at any time, thanks to an app.”

- Paolo DeCarli, Program Manager / Director, Credit Suisse

“Not only was the excellent and competent cooperation decisive for the decision in favor of the Luware products, but above all the simplicity in the operation and administration as well as the flexibility to add new features as well as the excellent support even after the installation.”

- Sascha Helms, IT Specialist Messaging & Communication, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

“We chose Luware products as they support UBS’s strategy. They facilitate internal contact between individuals and departments, which in turn leads to agile, more independent and more flexible jobs.”

- Chai Keller, associate manager, UBS AG

The Meritorious Man

Philipp Beck, CEO and Founder: Beck is a graduate of Hochschule Rapperswil, with a degree in electrical engineering studies. He has worked at the Institute for Networked Solution and deal with Microsoft UC environment. Since 2007, Philipp Beck holds the title Microsoft Certified Master for OCS, which he later confirmed with the title Microsoft Certified Master Lync 2010 and Microsoft Certified Solution Master Communications for Lync 2013.

“We at Luware work with the principle, that happy employees are the key to sustainable corporate success.”

“Our products ensure organizations have the tools to overcome the challenges of executing strategy every day and prospering in today’s economic times.”