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Sophisticated cloud-based financial platform and services company relentlessly committed to customer success: M3


M3 is the #1 provider of hotel accounting software across North America. Built by hoteliers, exclusively for hoteliers, M3 is a powerful cloud-based financial platform and services company. Used by over 1,000 management groups and owner-operators, the platform works seamlessly with other key systems and tools in the hospitality industry for hotels of all sizes. M3 offers robust accounting and financial analysis across entire portfolios with optional operations and labor management features. The number of properties served by M3 is growing at an unprecedented rate due to M3’s commitment to making hotelier’s day-to-day jobs easier and never-ending commitment to customer success.

M3 has won the Hotel TechReport award for Best Reporting & Accounting Software, back-to-back years, by leveraging its powerful back-office hotel accounting software. M3’s annual customer retention rate has surpassed expectations due to M3’s state-of-the-art and robust platforms. The company is always committed to providing customers with the solutions they need. It offers private cloud-hosted solutions that streamline hotel accounting, accelerate business intelligence configuration and reporting, and deliver robust labor reporting down to the employee level.

Outsourced Accounting

M3 Professional Accounting Services sources selects and maintains a team of on-demand CPAs, MBAs, and industry veterans with decades of hotel accounting experience. It provides everything from comprehensive management of the full accounting cycle to a la carte services of certain functions. The company can also cover you when you have leaves of absence, staff shortages, or just need that extra hand for a month or two. With M3’s team of veteran accountants, you have a hospitality-specific accounting team on standby, working when you need them, as you need them. Whether you have a small back office team and need greater accounting functionality or a larger back office team and need to pare it down and shuffle some of their accounting responsibilities, M3 is skilled at helping your company scale in the right direction while ensuring that you meet your current challenges while building on a position of strength for the future. M3 helps hospitality accounting professionals, no matter how big or small the task.

Education & Learning

M3 offers monthly scheduled webinars on all things Accounting Core, Insight, and Labor Management. The company learns the tricks of the trade in hotel accounting so you’re always armed with the newest and greatest tools and knowledge. Get on the inside track and take the lead. Knowledge is power and M3 knows that a hotelier is only as good as the latest method or the newest hospitality edge. That is why its team is constantly updating and maintaining a database of video, industry papers, and hands on learning experiences. Hoteliers all learn at a different pace and in different ways. That is why M3 has the resources in place to help hospitality professionals learn at their speed and in the medium of their choice. When M3 does your hotel accounting for your management team you get the power of all of M3’s software, tools, and experience in one place. The only way to get the value is to get going. Ask about how M3 can help you realize better financial performance through software and technology.


Training & Implementation

M3 is more than just software. The company provides a complete solution that helps drive hotel performance. This means helping you transition from another platform, onboard onto M3’s, and continually train and request support as needed. It is here to help you be successful. Advancing enterprise technology through training and implementation. The platform helps you grow your business. M3’s technology integrates best-in-class accounting and analytics features into one seamless, cloud-based platform. Its team has helped countless customers transition from virtually all other accounting systems such as Quickbooks and Peachtree. Making the transition from one accounting software to another is a team effort. M3 is able to support you during this phase. While its team is well-versed in migrating data between financial systems, it also supports customers who are either moving to a formal accounting system for the first time or making the move from another system to the industry’s most popular solution. M3 offers expertise in accounting software for the hospitality space but it also offers outsourced accounting and has many tricks, tips, and tools at its disposal to help hoteliers realize better bottom lines. See the possibilities or learn more about M3’s educational archives. Its accounting software is easy to use but it is also very powerful. Sometimes hoteliers can use a refresher to unlock the true power of M3’s hotel accounting tools.

Meet the leader behind the success of M3

Allen Read, President/Partner of M3 has spent over 30 years working in hospitality while also becoming a Certified Hotel Administrator. He began his career as a front desk associate at the Best Western Hotel in Natchez, Mississippi in 1986. After moving to Georgia in 1990, he joined McKibbon Brothers as a front desk associate at the Thomasville Holiday Inn. Over several years, Allen broadened his knowledge of the industry by working in a variety of roles, leading to his position as General Manager at several McKibbon-owned hotels throughout Georgia. In 1999, he transitioned to Director of Information Services. With the development of M3, the new McKibbon, Allen became one of the company’s first employees, acting as Business Manager. A few years later, he was made a Partner in the company and was promoted to Vice President of Operations. After a successful stint in that role, he was named President and Chief Operating Officer.

“M3 offers robust accounting and financial analysis across entire portfolios with optional operations and labor management features.”