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‘Magic Stamp Makes Loyalty Cards Digital’: Jaz Gill, CEO and Co-Founder of Magic Stamp


A brand can do a number of things to attract new customers but converting them into brand loyalists is not easy. For this, a brand needs a strategy that is easily repeatable and incentivizes customers to buy again and again. They need customer loyalty programs to turn first-time customers into repeat customers. Magic Stamp gives you access to mobile loyalty cards from your favorite places, all through a single app. It offers the same experience as the usual card-based loyalty systems but with the benefits that come with going digital.

Available for Android and Apple phones, Magic Stamp is quickly becoming a rage among businesses due to its simplicity and innovation. Magic Stamp supports in-app discovery, promotional codes, campaigns, and also provides businesses with the quintessential behavioral data about their customers to analyze the success of their loyalty program. It is quickly becoming a go-to solution for businesses in the UK and internationally.image

We interviewed Magic Stamp’s CEO and Co-Founder Jaz Gill, who talked to us about how the company is revolutionizing helping expand the reach of loyalty programs and much more. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Explain your services in brief.

We are a multi-brand, non-invasive, frictionless digital loyalty platform. Magic stamp makes loyalty cards digital. It is the same experience as the traditional paper loyalty card system but with the added benefits that come with going digital.

For customers, it’s an app to keep loyalty cards for all your favorite local businesses in one place. No more lost and tatty paper cards and the best possible experience. You can simply present your digital loyalty card in store for the server to stamp your screen with our clever Magic Stamp device. And merchants benefit from behavioral data about their customers to analyze the success of their loyalty program plus clever tools to run in-app campaigns and promotions to drive footfall and bring more customers, more often.image

Q. A well-designed loyalty program helps businesses to attract new customers. How does your product contribute to this vision?

Magic Stamp includes a whole host of tools to attract new customers. From in-app discovery to promotional codes and campaigns, our ethos is to support our merchants in attracting new customers and providing a suite of tools to encourage existing ones to visit more frequently.

Q. How can customers add existing users with points to your program?

The simplicity of our solution means that it is incredibly easy to transfer points or stamps to their Magic Stamp program. This can be done in store with the stamp itself or remotely with promotional codes.

Q. Tell us about the marketing opportunity created by Magic Stamp for its clients?

Magic Stamp is a unique community of independent businesses and hundreds of thousands of end customers both in the UK and internationally. Magic Stamp customers are always on the lookout for new businesses on the app whether that’s near their home, office or abroad. We also provide a host of tools that empower businesses to identify customer trends and run their own marketing campaigns with special rewards and incentives to aid in retention or re-engage lapsed customers.

Q. The data driven by loyalty programs often provide a limited overview of customers’ overall purchase behavior. For example, the statistics can’t track purchases from other brands and stores. How can we overcome this issue with Magic Stamp?

We believe it’s important to focus on what we’re good at - bringing merchants more customers, spending more, more often. We also recognize that it’s incredibly powerful for businesses to close the loop on their customer data and understand the full picture. That is why we are working closely with a range of CRM, point-of-sale, delivery and payment providers to connect the dots and access a holistic view of customer behavior in one place.

Q. Managing and optimizing rewards programs might take a lot of time, stress, and developer resources. How does Magic Stamp help its clients in such scenarios?

At Magic Stamp, we are blessed with a host of in-house expertise on loyalty strategy. We pride ourselves on our customer care and knowledgeable staff, who are on hand throughout the onboarding journey and beyond, to help formulate the most effective loyalty program for any given business. The simplicity of our system means that changes can be made swiftly and easily whilst maintaining end customer satisfaction at all times. As we continue to grow, we have big plans for automating this journey for our businesses in an intelligent way, adopting the use of AI and machine learning tools.

Q. Tell us in brief about your data management system and compliance?

User privacy is extremely important to us. We pride ourselves on our best-in-class user uptake and a big reason for this is our non-invasive sign up process. Users aren’t required to share personal data and where they do, we provide a range of options to opt-in or opt-out for communications. This includes the ability to only allow comms from certain businesses and how they’d like to be contacted. It is a uniquely simple way to gain very powerful anonymized data.

Q. How do you market your services?

We market ourselves and our businesses across a whole host of channels from social media to PPC, in-app notifications and email campaigns. But the most effective form of Marketing is from our merchants - both to their customers and raising awareness to other merchants.image

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We have developed complimentary modules over the last year, including Magic Codes (remote redemption), Pre-Paid vouchers and in-app product subscriptions. We are also excited to announce the imminent launch of our biggest feature yet. Customers will soon be able to order ahead and order to table right from the app. It will be the simplest way to order and pay at your favorite Magic Stamp businesses - skip the queue and enjoy! Designed to help our businesses serve the customers with ease - free up staff time and serve more customers.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We continue to develop our suite of tools with a clear focus to help our businesses to serve more customers, more often. This includes developments to our business tools, increased automation, gamification and more fun.

The Leader

Jaz Gill, CEO and Co-Founder

Jaz is professionally an experienced, tenacious commercial tech leader with a history of growing industry leading teams and products in global regions. He is an individual who strives for equality, and balance. He is also a big Arsenal FC fan.

“We pride ourselves on our customer care and knowledgeable staff, who are on hand throughout the onboarding journey and beyond, to help formulate the most effective loyalty program for any given business.”