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Magnitude Software – Enabling organizations to turn their enterprise data into business insights and actionable intelligence


Enterprise Resource Planning has been in the digital market for the last 60 years and counting. Although the adoption rate is increasing day-by-day, still various organizations are not aware of its importance. The market is moving towards a competitive edge and, so are businesses. Nowadays, ERP is getting into the trend, which results in an increase in productivity and profit for business organizations. The companies that will outperform in this new era will be those who turn their data into a continuous intelligence for the business, providing actionable business insights to help move quickly, to out-think and out-act the competition.

Magnitude Software is one such firm which was built to help enterprises put the power of their data into the hands of their business users to shorten the path from data to decision, and to help companies transform data from dusty archive to living intelligence. Its solutions help connect, integrate, and harmonize distributed data across complex, distributed IT estates. Its automation tools eliminate tiresome, low-value data entry tasks and speed execution of core business transactions. And the process analytics platform moves beyond traditional data visualization BI tools with self-service operational reporting and process mining built on context-rich, process-aware data models and designed to answer your most pressing business questions.

Industry leading ERP solutions furnished by Magnitude Software

Magnitude Angles: Magnitude Angles helps you uncover insights previously locked deep in your SAP or Oracle ERP system and streamlines the data analysis process. Traditional BI tools understand rows, tables, and columns, but they have no concept of materials, orders, or cash. Angles is built on top of a context-aware, process-rich business data model that translates complex ERP data architectures into self-service business analytics, putting data closer to decision and helping turn data into insight, and insight into action. Pre-built, no-code business reporting templates get you started rapidly, and its analytics and process mining tools will uncover deep cross-process business insights across your enterprise. Angles for SAP works with your SAP system to collect and prepare data so it is suitable for reporting. The data is reported so that anyone, not just the IT team, can understand the results.

Magnitude Process Runner: Magnitude Process Runner makes working with SAP easier and faster than ever before, with automation tools to make executing large, complex data transactions easy, and enabling Microsoft Excel as your SAP data management control center to eliminate repetitive data entry tasks, streamline workflow and dramatically improve productivity. No other SAP automation tool provides the features, simplicity, and enterprise governance and management features of Process Runner.

Magnitude Simba: It is a complete data connectivity solution portfolio delivering data access to and from applications, data platforms, databases virtually any data source efficiently and effectively. Quickly get connected across all your data sources with easy, scalable, and supported solutions from Magnitude. These solutions include Simba Gateway connectivity-as-a-service, stand-alone data connectors, and Simba SDK, plus managed services from custom-built connectivity solutions through to testing and certification. With over 30 years of connectivity and enterprise application expertise (including the invention of ODBC with Microsoft), Magnitude's scalable, trusted, Simba technology has more than one billion deployments and is used by 100 percent of Leaders in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence.

The mastermind behind the success of Magnitude Software

Jeffrey D. Shoreman serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Magnitude Software. A seasoned enterprise software executive, he is passionate about creating great experiences and outcomes for his customers, teams, and investors. With an impressive record of leadership, growth and innovation in the enterprise software segment, he directs Magnitude’s strategy, business activities and operations. Over the course of his career Mr. Jeffrey has driven strategic, operational and product initiatives that yielded strong organic and inorganic growth, while building world-class, high-performing organizations. He most recently served as president and CEO of Eze Software, a global provider of financial services software. During his tenure at Eze, He held a number of leadership positions, including chief operating officer and chief technology officer. Prior to Eze, he worked for Andersen Consulting in its technology practice. Mr. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering and History from Dartmouth College.

“Magnitude Software was founded upon a vision to enable the data-driven enterprise by transforming data into continuous intelligence and competitive advantage.”