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John Galt Solutions: An industry leader serving mid-market and large global enterprises facing complex supply chain planning challenges by helping them make better and faster planning decisions


It is a widely known fact that supply chain planning (SCP) plays an integral part in a business’ success and customer satisfaction. Today’s global supply chains move quickly, have many layers, and are interconnected with customers and partners; this requires informed decisions made in real time. SCP has gained immense prominence as companies demand agility and being able to quickly sense and respond to changing customer behaviors and supply chain disruptions. Knowing when and how much to produce, where to hold inventory and gaining visibility across the supply chain has become a crucial advantage for agile, resilient companies.

Globally, there are various companies offering excellent SCP solutions to balance demand and supply effectively, but John Galt Solutions stands out from the rest. John Galt Solutions serves mid-market and large global enterprises facing complex supply chain planning challenges helping them make better and faster decisions. The company’s Atlas Planning Platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain planning solution with advanced analytics and machine learning to automate planning, break down business silos, maximize resources and deliver greater visibility that global companies require. The SaaS-based Atlas Platform transforms the S&OP process; demand, inventory and replenishment, supply and inventory optimization, manufacturing planning and scheduling, financial budgets, and sales forecasting. John Galt Solutions partners closely with companies to empower supply chain professionals to make better decisions and drive measurable business results.

In conversation with Matt Hoffman, VP of Customer Success at John Galt Solutions

Q. What are some of the trends that you expect to have an impact in the SCP space this year and how is John Galt planning to leverage these trends and evolve?

Supply chain leaders face an increasingly complex and challenging world. Changes in consumer behaviors and expectations, accelerating supply chain shocks and disruptions, and increasing amounts and types of data are impacting every aspect of how companies make decisions. There are four main trends that we expect will have an impact on the supply chain: 

Agile and resilient supply chains

Companies demand agility and being able to quickly sense and respond to changing customer behaviors and supply disruptions. To support companies being more agile and resilient, we continue to focus on our digital twin, which is at the heart of the supply chain planning solution – where it produces a replica of the supply chain and models real-world impacts. The digital twin acts as a supply chain blueprint and provides accurate data about the relationships between supply chain entities. The digital twin can model any environment and connect with business systems and sensors to perform what-if scenarios and develop prescriptive insights. 

Digital acceleration and channel shifts

It’s clear that COVID has had a profound impact on how people live. The new consumer behaviors span all areas of life – from how we work, how we shop and entertain ourselves. The rapid shifts we are seeing have implications for companies – now and looking at the future. One of the most notable trends is a surge in e-commerce that we expect to continue to grow. With continuous shifts in channel and consumer behavior, companies need to detect these market shifts faster to reduce risks and increase reaction speed for replenishment. The Atlas Planning Platform determines the underlying drivers of your business by seamlessly integrating internal and external data such as point of sale, IoT, weather, thus helping planners discover insights, automate their forecasts and receive intelligent recommendations to drive better planning and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced visibility end-to-end across the supply chain 

A recent Mckinsey report found that 54% of the executives don’t have clear visibility into their supply chains beyond Tier 1. Getting that end-to-end visibility is important more than ever. Atlas provides a unified planning environment that seamlessly synchronizes and aligns all end-to-end functions giving companies end-to-end visibility across the supply chain and being able to sense and respond faster to issues.  

Sustainability & Circular Supply Chains

The importance of sustainability and the circular economy continues to grow. As consumers gain interest in sustainable measures and reducing waste, companies will need to look at their entire network design and determine how to get the network to optimally align based on sustainability KPIs – not just report KPIs. The ability to have better visibility into the supply chain allows companies to identify, focus and accelerate sustainable efforts. 

Q. How do you continue to innovate?

For over 25 years, John Galt Solutions has been driving continuous innovation to supply chain professionals. The John Galt Innovation Lab, our research and development engine, is at the heart of our innovation efforts. We work in tandem with our customers and partners to develop planning solutions that tackle real-world challenges and provide measurable value across a diverse range of industries. Our innovation lab is driven by the John Galt vision of building long-term partnerships with our customers and working with them every step of their digital supply chain planning journey to make better and faster decisions.

Q. What is the key to your success?

The key to our success is being customer-obsessed and focused on continuous innovation. Our goal is to help companies connect the dream to the reality with their digital transformation and help them every step of the way – whether they are starting, evolving, or accelerating.

Real-World Proven AI and Machine Learning: At John Galt we are practitioners, teachers and innovators and combine math and science to solve real world problems. Our extensive partnerships with universities and companies around the world provide customers with the knowledge, software and support to deliver business outcomes.  

John Galt Solutions is also one of the few early pioneers in AI and machine learning and we have experience deploying at scale. Our Auto-ML capabilities helps planners become more efficient by automating the entire machine learning workflow without the need for companies to engage data scientists.  

Rapid Time to Value: Customers go live in weeks with best-practice configurable apps and analytics on our cloud-based platform – no custom coding. Atlas Planning Platform is built on a flexible single data model, which provides one integrated planning with powerful, flexible, and easy to configure applications. Our integrated planning platform removes business silos, maximizes resources, and lets all users easily understand the outcome of plans. 

Intuitive and Easy to Use: Atlas is easy to use with a focus on helping the end-user to intuitively navigate the platform, easily interpret AI insights, collaborate, automate the mundane, and drive confident decision making. Our highly visual and easy-to-interpret AI and machine-learning based recommendations makes it easy for anyone – regardless of the role – to understand the data, know where to focus and what steps to take next.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

An area that continues to be a key focus for us is sustainability. We are excited about the development of new features and capabilities in this area that will help customers improve sustainability in their supply chain.

Companies are also increasing the volume and types of data they want to bring into the plan. We continue to focus on bringing in market insights to supply strategies and turning all this data into actionable insights. We also continue to add AI and ML algorithms to intelligently automate and solve real work problems faster.

Meet Matt Hoffman

Matt is the VP of Customer Success at John Galt Solutions. He has added value to customers through process consulting, training and software implementations utilizing best in class supply chain planning platform Atlas Planning. He has saved companies hundreds of millions in inventory cost through both transformational and tactical projects delivered across distributors, manufacturers, and retailers. While he is a subject matter expert when it comes to implementing solutions across numerous ERP and Planning packages, he is adamant that the process drives the tools to deliver superior, measurable results.

“Machine learning is integrated into the very fabric of the Atlas Planning Platform, supporting continuous digital end-to-end planning.”