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Super 30 Companies Of The Year 2018

Make smart, confident and superb decisions For Your Business: Venture Care

thesiliconreview-cs-abhishek-kumar-cofounder-ceo-venture-care-2018Founded in 2015, Venture Care is the most reliable one-stop online solution company for all the business needs. The company generates ideas, spark actions, and quantify time-bound results by providing tailored, practical, and affordable solutions for the growth of a company.

Venture-Care assures that it is dedicated to turning good ideas into measurable change. With a team that consists of Chartered Accountants, Business planner, Technocrats, Strategist, Senior Bankers, Company Secretaries, Tax Experts,and other professionals, Venture-Care helps and guides companies to flourish their business aspirations.

“If your dream is to start as a small enterprise and reach the zenith, then we can help in each and every step to reach the goal and chart a growth path for you,” says CS Abhishek Kumar, Co-founder,and CEO of Venture-Care.

From The Chief’s Desk

“At Venture-Care, we have a mission; a mission to become the world's most respected and leading online business solutions providers. And to do this, we have established a culture that supports our team member, so that they can provide exceptional services to our clients.”

Venture-Care Expertise


Correct Execution of strategy lies in better tactics, result-driven choices with a constant eye on the results. Venture Care can help your business in shaping the future at the intersection of business and technology.

Digital Enterprise

For organizations, going digital is the ultimatum for Venture Care increasing audience reach in this post-marketing world! Its pre and post digital services will add more value where businesses meet the internet. Venture Care can help your business to create value through new experiences, New intelligence, and new connections.

Legal Services

Redefining Business Success through the Comprehensive Legal services and compliance solutions. Venture Care’s experts provide legal solutions that guide businesses in making beneficial decisions. It gains a deep understanding of customer requirements to arrive at customized legal solutions.

Finance Services

Venture Care’s business funding, validation, valuation,and financial modeling solutions will keep your business growing. At Venture Care, financial guidance is its responsibility. Venture Carehelp you prosper.


Venture Care launched for aspiring entrepreneurs looking forward to starting a business with its help. Venture Care has a team of dedicated, experienced and skilled professionals who have made Launchpad a one-stop solution to execute your business plan and launch the new venture.

International Business

Venture Care's International business services combine real-world experience, local knowledge, and cultural understanding to help companies do business abroad. The company helps you with its Expert advice and professional services for your Cross-border business.

 VC Smart Start

Starting a Business is a great idea! But it can be very difficult starting out. Venture-Care is a team of dedicated, experienced and skilled professionals who have made the Launchpad a one-stop solution to help you to START YOUR BUSINESS. Want to start an online business but don't have a lot of money?

Venture Care helps you to execute your business plan and launch the company. Its easy startup Business ideas will help you to discover a business to fit your financial plan. VC Smart-Start team consists of chartered accountants, company secretaries, Intellectual Properties Expert, corporate lawyers, and business and tax consultants to cater to all the legal, financial and business services requirements in India and abroad.

Its digital enterprise strategy and advanced analytics systems help us to administer an all-inclusive range of quality services for your business, at the lowest cost possible and with complete transparency. Itaims to tailor its services to serve the specific requirements of each client, rather than going for the one-model-that-fits-all policy.

VC Smart Start Package includes the Essential 5 to start a new business in 2018:

  1. Business Model Development
  2. Company Registration
  3. Logo Designing
  4. Trademark Registration
  5. E-office

The Leader

CS Abhishek Kumar, Co-founder,and CEO: Abhishek headed Venture Care in 2015 and since then, the company is experiencing enormous growth. His ultimate goal is to reach 2000 clients and guide 500+ employees in next 2 years. 

In addition to his key responsibilities of management and setting overall corporate and product strategy, he is always involved in the Business Services, Legal and Secretarial Service teams within the organization. He believes more in knowledge and aligns his vision along with the company's goals.

“We listen to our clients and treat them with professionalism, honesty,and respect. We create value for our clients, employees,and society. We strive for excellence in everything we do.”