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Making Business Travelers Happy One Trip at a Time: TravelPerk

thesiliconreview-avi-meir-ceo-travelperk-19Business travel is a huge pain for everyone involved. Travelers can’t get the options they want or book for themselves. Administrators have too many little details to keep track of and are always short on time. Finance controllers are completely blind, with no access to travel data. TravelPerk solves all those problems and more.

Corporate travel is known for outdated tools and terrible customer service. So, business travelers use sites built for vacationers, making policies impossible to enforce and spreading travel data all over the place. But TravelPerk has created a consumer-grade travel booking experience that’s built for businesses.

Smart, Connected, and Freeing Business Travel

With TravelPerk, every business is better connected and totally free to travel exactly how their travelers want, and no micromanagement. It all started in 2015 when one of the company’s co-founders sold a previous startup to The team at TravelPerk found itself working at the behemoths of consumer travel, and they saw firsthand that business travel was stuck decades behind in terms of technology and service. And they decided to fix it.

TravelPerk: The Values

TravelPerk lives by these values so that it can make business travelers happy while giving companies visibility and control.

A 7-Star Experience

5-stars is your best, 7-stars is above and beyond. It continuously asks itself whether the experience they are managing or providing for customers, partners, or team members is going beyond what is expected and whether it is surprisingly good.

Impact over Effort

Sometimes, focus means saying no. There are so many things to do in order to get where we want to go, but we can’t do them all at once. To do the most important things well, we have to say no to the less important things. Therefore, TravelPerk, in order to decide anything, thinks if what they are going to do will ever make an impact.

Be a Good Person

Being humble and acting ethically goes a long way and TravelPerk completely believes in that. There’s no rule that says you can’t be a good person and be successful. So the company acts in a way where others enjoy working with them. Humility and good ethics are two qualities that help the company answer these questions positively.

We Are a Team

Teams don’t succeed by fighting, playing games, or plotting political moves. At the end of the day, a win for one department is a win for all departments. TravelPerk has deep focus on that.

Automated Business Travel Management

The ultimate tool to book all your trips, empower your employees, ensure visibility and save time managing business travel.

Book All Your Business Travel In One Place

TravelPerk offers the world's largest travel inventory, so you can confidently search, book and manage everything in one place. It is intuitive, simple, beautifully designed and doesn’t need any contracts or setups. You can simply book your trip, and TravelPerk will handle the rest. With TravelPerk you can also either book for yourself or book for others. It allows the option to securely store everyone’s personal data, preferences and loyalty programs while consolidating payment, reporting and invoicing to just one account.

Built For Admins & Travelers Alike

More visibility, less busy work - View, track and manage all your company’s travel data in real-time. No more email back and forth or uncertainty for travelers during the booking process.

Automated Policies & Approvals - Define your travel policy & approval settings once and automate the rest. Customize spending limits and workflows to empower your team to book directly with transparent and predefined booking preferences.

Easy Tracking, Easier Accounting

Stop chasing invoices - No more tracking down receipts. Get instant invoices after each booking or receive customized reports with all traveler expenses anytime you wish.

Real-time reports - Track your travel spend with real-time data broken down by team, date, location and more. Continuously optimize your budgets and improve your travel policy.

Better together - Integrate with your favorite tools and apps like Expensify and Google Calendar.

Your 24/7 Personal Travel Assistant

TravelPerk is obsessed with customer service and goes to exceptional lengths to take care of everyone involved in the travel process:

Safety first: 24/7 emergency response via phone, email or live chat.

Worry-free: Always here to fix any cancellations or changes to your itinerary.

Personal concierge:  TravelPerk takes care of any last-minute change or Late checkout.

Meet the Leader

Avi Meir, CEO and Co-founder

“Our mission is to make business travelers happy. Not just because that will save your company money and free up administrative time, but because your business travelers really deserve it.”