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Manage All Your Digital Currencies with OWNR WALLET


Based out of Estonia OWNR Wallet is a private limited company that has a team of dedicated IT professionals that consists of specialists with background in fintech, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies and marketing. The fintech company has created a secure product that covers most of cryptocurrencies and fiat operations for all the users in the crypto industry: beginners, traders, businesses.

Passionate about everything crypto, OWNR aspires to simply create an all-in-one tool which would come in handy to everyone: traders, businesses, developers, but first of all, non-technical people dreaded by the very ‘C’ word.

“We have registered companies in 7 countries; five of them have official licenses – to provide services with virtual assets for residents. OWNR covers 216 of 251 countries, thus, OWNR services are available to more than 90% of all cryptocurrency holders in the world,” explained Grygoriy Sytenko, OWNR Wallet CEO.

The OWNR Wallet is available on all mobile and PC platforms. Inside just a single convenient app, the company has managed to fit in tools for all types of operations with cryptocurrency including non-custodial HD cryptowallet, crypto exchange, built-in crypto purchase and prepaid Visa card for instant withdrawal of crypto into cash. OWNR Wallet offers its business customers a wide range of ready-made solutions for business that include different tools for process automation + API.

With existing crypto tools and services at the core, OWNR provides ready-made solutions for businesses as well, such as:

  • integrating payment gateway to buy or sell crypto using a bank card
  • connection to crypto-to-crypto exchange service via API
  • emission of Visa prepaid cards with a custom design and features
  • processing of crypto OTC deals, using SEPA and SWIFT payments

Uncompromising Security

OWNR manages to deliver a comprehensive set of services in a single app but still keeps the focus on the security for its users. “We are for prompt actions that do not compromise security of users. Any successful fintech project must be safe, but at the same time, it must be one step ahead! We are building a bridge between the modern economy and the future economy based on blockchain technology,” said Grygoriy Sytenko.

There are different layers of security in the OWNR Wallet ecosystem. Besides the fact that the mobile apps are audited by Apple and Google app stores with each new version release, OWNR users can easily secure the OWNR app on their gadgets with a PIN code, Face ID or Touch ID. For PC apps, users can find hash-sums for the latest app build, downloaded from official website or MacOS store. Users are simply not allowed to use a PC OWNR app without a password set.

“Our data management system complies with legal requirements all over the world since the question of security measures is one of the top priorities. OWNR follows all necessary GDPR requirements and keeps all the AML procedures up-to-date for all jurisdictions covered,” emphasized the OWNR Wallet CEO. “We are using a lot of in-house developed solutions since we do not trust our services and sensitive information to anyone else. All the privacy data is carefully stored and can only be shared with an authorized representative.”

For assets security, OWNR gives users an option to generate a seedphrase of 12 / 15 / 18 /21 / 24 words, and protects it with an additional Passphrase, which in essence becomes a part of a user’s seedphrase, but not generated from a vocabulary. For experienced users, OWNR supports BIP 39 standard, which allows the users to generate an absolutely random and unique seedphrase, known only by its author. And for Visa prepaid card account, OWNR users are obliged to set a PIN code and a unique 3D-Secure password to confirm online transactions.

“Our compliance team works according to the regulation rules. We have several financial licenses that require constant control and oversight of the compliance team. We always follow the updates of legislation of different jurisdictions with the help of lawyers,” added Grygoriy.

The Road Ahead

OWNR Wallet is soon launching gift cards that the users will be able to order from the app without any verification. These gift cards will have max worth of 150 EUR and will also be available for corporate clients as well.

OWNR Wallet is also about to launch a ‘sell crypto’ option with one of the largest P2P crypto platforms, and shortly the OWNR Wallet customers will be able to sell BTC, ETH and other coins and receive fiat assets on their card right in OWNR Wallet app.

The fintech company is constantly expanding the list of available coins on its platform and new ones are already in development. These coins are: Tron, Monero, Ripple. The crypto-ecosystem is also working on new collaborations and partnerships that will reduce the wait times and fees. The company is already discussing joint projects with several well-known cryptoindustry representatives.

“For business clients, we have developed a Partner Portal for the issuance and management of prepaid Visa cards. Our clients who work with contractors or pay salaries to employees worldwide can now quickly manage financial flows between employee or partner cards. This Portal’s options list is to be enhanced with various features, e.g. custom statistics, virtual and gift cards on the list, promo codes with variable value,” informed Grygoriy Sytenko, OWNR Wallet CEO.

OWNR Wallet truly strives to ensure that the app is legal and secure for the entire crypto community, so it continues its work on licensing OWNR Wallet in different countries of the world and adapting the app to users of different levels of tech awareness.

With an eye on market expansion, the Estonia-based company is also working to include new card payment schemes on the list, UnionPay and the whole Asian market are in top priority these days, along with automated SEPA payments to buy or sell crypto with OWNR.

Today, blockchain-based cryptocurrency transactions are actively used in more than 26 niches of the global economy. OWNR Wallet has a true potential to cover the need for crypto transactions in all niches. For example, the niche of accepting payments in cryptocurrencies is still lacking a universal solution with accurate statistics and accounting management. OWNR Wallet is looking to bridge this gap soon.

The Leader Upfront

Grygoriy Sytenko, CEO

In 2018, Grygoriy joined OWNR team as a Head of Compliance, having 9+ years of experience of legal compliance experience in the chemical industry. He was soon promoted to the position of CEO due to his management experience, and business acumen. He has remarkable experience with modern technologies like blockchain. Grygoriy oversees OWNR’s product development and general strategy.

“We are for prompt actions that do not compromise security of users. Any successful fintech project must be safe, but at the same time, it must be one step ahead! We are building a bridge between the modern economy and the future economy based on blockchain technology.” – Grygoriy Sytenko, CEO of OWNR Wallet

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