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November Special Edition 2021 (Vol- I)

One place to manage all your employee data and operations—onboarding, off-boarding, and everything in between: Rippling


A company is made up of people of different ages, with various profiles and customs. Some work well in teams, others are motivated by challenging goals, others are more analytical. To effectively run a business it is necessary to establish proper management of all branches including people. To manage these differences and to align with the entire team, undoubtedly it becomes a big challenge – and that’s where the importance of managing people in the company comes into play. It aims to manage the behavior of professionals and create teams that are more satisfied, motivated, qualified and engaged with organizational goals, generating better results for the business. Undoubtedly, every entrepreneur’s dream, isn’t it? Rippling is the first platform that allows you to effortlessly manage all of your people operations in one place—from onboarding to off-boarding and everything in between. Rippling is the only platform that brings all of your employee data—not just pieces of it—into one unified record. That way, you don’t have to reconcile and enter data in 100 different systems. Rippling gives you one place to manage, update, and report on everything. Rippling houses all your data and business context—from your org structure to third-party app data—so you can trigger actions off of any attribute, like an employee’s role, PTO balance, device OS, or spend limit. Because Rippling integrates with nearly every system, you can trigger actions across all of your internal and third-party systems from one place—from payroll to Slack and Zendesk. With new hiring classes starting every week, onboarding is a daily task for fast growing tech companies.

The Workforce Platform

Rippling makes it incredibly easy for new employees to hit the ground running on day one. Just press “Hire” and Rippling will automatically add new team members to payroll, enroll them in benefits, set them up in the right systems like GSuite or Slack, send them company swag, and ship employees their laptops with everything properly pre-configured. Rippling levels the playing field by making it easy and affordable to offer your team a competitive benefits package, whether you work with your own broker or leverage the Rippling PEO. Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering attractive ancillary benefits like 401(k), student loan debt repayment, meal perks, or access to OneMedical through Rippling’s App Shop. Rippling is the only workforce platform to integrate job codes throughout the entire system, making it easy to know where employees’ time goes and whether it's profitable. Employees can track hours across different clients or projects when they clock in or fill out a timesheet using Rippling Time & Attendance. You can create custom approvals and alerts for different job codes to ensure you’re maintaining profitability or to adjust project scope as needed. Employee payroll costs can flow directly into your accounting software, like Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, or NetSuite. No manual updates or data entry required, which means job costing is incredibly easy. Use Rippling’s rich analytics to make strategic decisions about your firm’s future. Track headcount changes, retention, diversity efforts, and payroll and benefit costs by client or department—and much more.

Simplify Your HR & IT

Access world-class employee health benefits through Rippling, with your trusted broker, or by leveraging Rippling’s PEO offering. Differentiate your firm in this competitive hiring market by offering attractive benefits like 401(k), access to OneMedical, and DoorDash meal perks right through the Rippling App Shop. Rippling lets you set up employees in every system from one place in seconds—from your payroll and benefits to devices and apps. No more having to manually update 15 different systems or manually coordinate across HR, IT, and Finance. Tired of paper pushing? Rippling lets you instantly generate any document—offer letter, employee handbook, I-9, W-4, severance, and more—and collect electronic signatures from the employee’s and multiple signatories, like your CEO, CFO, and VP of HR. Create and assign tasks to anyone in your company, whether they need to take a new hire to lunch or drop off their computer to IT on their last day. Simply set up tasks once, and Rippling handles everything from there. Rippling provides hundreds of out-of-the-box workflow automation, reporting, and formula recipes. Use them to speed up and automate onboarding tasks, compliance reporting, and much more.

Parker Conrad, Co-Founder and CEO

We’re on a mission to eliminate the administrative work of running a company. We believe that people should focus on the hard stuff—the things that only people can do—and that software should manage the rest.