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Manage all your contracts seamlessly with CobbleStone Software’s outstanding contract management software and procurement solutions.


Founded in 1995, CobbleStone Software was born from a critical need. The need for its contract management software solution arose from a situation whereby a leading organization violated an agreement and had to settle the dispute for over two million dollars. As such, the original foundation of CobbleStone’s mission was to help organizations avoid a violation or breach of contract while providing a better solution to manage contracts & obligations. CobbleStone® was among the first and most experienced organizations to offer a contract management software product, and it continues to be a leader with comprehensive contract lifecycle management and eProcurement software. As needs have evolved, so has CobbleStone accordingly. This consistent innovation goes hand-in-hand with the company’s “client first” approach.

CobbleStone provides the award-winning contract lifecycle management software platform – CobbleStone Contract Insight®. The CLM platform has been acclaimed by users and third-party analysts alike for its flexibility, scalability, rapid user adoption time, and the CobbleStone team’s stupendous customer service. In addition to providing contract management oversight, CobbleStone serves as a one-stop shop for contract lifecycle management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing! CobbleStone’s software is used by hundreds of organizations spanning the globe. Thousands of legal, sales, and procurement professionals use and trust CobbleStone for their contract and procurement needs.

In conversation with Mark Nastasi, President and Founder of CobbleStone Software

Q. How robust and flexible is your contract management system?

CobbleStone Contract Insight is robust because of the CobbleStone team’s consistent effort to make the product ever-increasingly user-friendly and configurable. With consistent innovation, updates and refreshments, CobbleStone keeps an ear to the street of the contracting demands of various industries in the public and private sectors. User-friendly application integrations and connectors help streamline and centralize contracting and related processes.

The platform is highly flexible and scalable; it can be easily configured according to organizations’ unique, evolving needs. There is no need for third-party configuration and implementation – as organizations can straightforwardly configure the system. Additionally, organizations can start their experiences with only the features they needs and evolve to leverage more features per their requirements.

Explain about your security strategy to prevent issues like loss of documents and data leaks.

CobbleStone Software – as a provider – is SOC 1, SOC 2, and Privacy Shield compliant. Additionally, organizations can rest assured that hosting CobbleStone’s applications in the cloud is safe and secure. CobbleStone takes all available measures to secure customers' data and CobbleStone’s data alike. The systems are hosted on Microsoft Internet Technologies utilizing Windows Servers, .NET technologies, MS SQL Servers, dedicated firewalls, monitored ports, monitored logs, backups, failover facilities, private webs, private databases, and server scans; all with username and password authentication. CobbleStone also provides dedicated Windows or third-party digital certificates such as VeriSign, DigiCert, and Thawte as an option.

Q. How do you gather insights to update your systems?

CobbleStone gathers insights about how to improve CobbleStone Contract Insight from client feedback, industry trends, and staying in front of technological advancements that can enhance our solution.

Q. How does your company preserve a customer relationship?

With a client retention rate of over 90 percent, our product speaks for itself. CobbleStone has maintained its’ long-standing success by remaining consistent and offering high-quality tools and services to go above and beyond industry demands. CobbleStone employees are a driving force and make it all possible. The collective team works with our clients top of mind to continue to provide them the best contract management solution possible paired with resources in various areas such as training, support, customer service, and more.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

CobbleStone recently introduced CobbleStone Auto-Redline. These prescient features can automate the inclusion of clauses from users’ approved clauses libraries. This functionality can help users virtually ensure that favorable clause language is included in contracts for smooth negotiations and favorable outcomes.

Users have the ability to both auto-redline documents ad-hoc or configure to auto-redline documents each time they are uploaded. Redlines can be quickly seen and managed as automated redlines and comments with comprehensive version tracking and audit trails. The process of auto-redlining is diversified thanks to compatibility with both MS Word and CobbleStone’s own native online document editor.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

First and foremost, CobbleStone will continue to do what has benefited customers. These aspects include those mentioned above along with our free contract management master class series, our user conference, our ever-expanding list of partners, and fostering continued observance of our mission and our corporate social responsibility initiatives. Additionally, we plan on expanding our redlining and negotiation functionality to further benefit the contract creation, contract drafting, and contract negotiation processes of our users. We also plan on expanding our clause functionality for greater clause recognition and application for our users’ clause libraries.

Meet the leader behind the success of CobbleStone Software

Mark Nastasi is the President and Founder of CobbleStone Software with over 20 years of professional experience in the industry. He launched the first commercial contract software in 1995 named CMTS (Contract Management Tracking System). He has worked extensively with general counsel, paralegals, lawyers, and legal professionals to help manage contracts better. You can reach Mark by email at

“Never miss a deadline again! Manage, track, and draft contracts faster. Automate and streamline the entire contract lifecycle with flexible features, unlimited storage, and version tracking.”