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Manage your Compliance & Sustainability from Anywhere, Anytime: Locus Technologies

thesiliconreview-neno-duplan-ceo-locus-technologies-cover-18We believe that every company that wants to be credible with their environmental reporting must own their data and organize it in a centralized database on the web.

Founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley, Locus Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise Software-as-a-Service solutions, with a focus on EHS compliance, water quality management, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS+S) compliance. Locus pioneered the first true multi-tenant SaaS platform for EHS industry since its inception.

The company develops comprehensive EHS software for businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies of all sizes and industries worldwide. Locus is known for its environmental information management (EIM) system— its industry-leading software for the entire environmental sampling and analysis workflow. The firm’s Locus Platform software provides fully configurable, next-generation multi-tenant SaaS platform, applications, and services to help its customers to better manage their EHS+S operations.

On-Demand Access to All Your Environmental Data

Locus was born out of a vision for its first product, Locus EIM (Environmental Information Management). The firm knew that developing the solution for delivery via the Internet was the best and smartest technical approach. Since then, it has maintained its pioneering attitude, even as Locushas become a leading provider of enterprise cloud computing software (SaaS) for environmental, air, water, energy, and sustainability information management.

And as the only major EHS compliance and sustainability management software provider headquartered in Silicon Valley, Locus is constantly learning from its peers in technology and software development to stay on the cutting edge in cloud software.

Environmental Software: Gain control and insights into your emissions to water, air, and soil, and automate analytical laboratory and field data collection. Pair with Locus Mobile for a complete environmental software solution.

EHS Compliance Software: Automate your compliance, health & safety, and environmental reporting activities at the facility, division, and enterprise level with EHS software that will grow alongside your evolving needs.

Sustainability Software: Manage emerging sustainability reporting requirements with robust sustainability software for tracking, reviewing, and reporting on GHGs or sustainability metrics, across your entire facility or enterprise.

Locus: “Our Customers Have The Best Ideas.”

One of the major ways that the company stays up-to-date with the changing landscape of environmental management is by building personal relationships with its customers— Directors of EHS, Data Managers, Sustainability Programs Officers, and CEOs— who face the responsibility of organizing and analyzing environmental data for all sorts of industries.

From local water utilities to multinational manufacturing corporations to federal government research agencies, Locus knows about the environmental data and compliance management challenges that are shared across most organizations, as well as what tends to be unique for every company or agency. The ideas, feedback, and inspiration Locus receive from its customers have made its EHS software great.

Standing Tall Among Competition

Multi-tenancy & Configurability:

When it comes to choosing an environmental management system, the infrastructure of the software has an enormous impact on its value and effectiveness. The multi-tenant architecture allows for quick deployment, lower cost, and faster innovation. This is especially important for EHS software, as the environmental regulatory landscape is changing constantly and rapidly. The hallmark of multi-tenancy is that all customers share a single code base and infrastructure, so everyone is always up to date. That’s the real cloud—anything else is an impostor.

By having every customer on the same line of code and the same version of the software, Locus’ SaaS platform for EHS compliance and environmental data management provides real business value: lower cost, better service, and greater customer intimacy.

It also means that no customer is left behind when the software is updated. And when everyone is on the same version, the result is a community with unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration possibilities.

Multi-tiered security:

Locus uses the latest technologies and best practices to protect your identity and your compliance, sustainability, and other environmental information:

  • 256-bit SSL encryption: Locus maintains the GoDaddy Web Server security seal, confirming that all transactions within its applications are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.
  • Built-in administrative auditing: Full audit trails are available for data and role modifications, so you can monitor any or all changes made to the system.
  • Robust data backup: Locus offers third-party, real-time offsite backup and storage at multiple locations.
  • State-of-the-art physical security: Physical access to Locus’ production servers is limited to maintenance and security staff who have undergone full background checks. Access is controlled and monitored 24/7 by biometrics, locks, cameras, and security guards.
  • Multi-tiered protection: Its entire system is secured at an infrastructure, application and network level— including firewall and intrusion detection, virus protection, and encrypted storage.
  • Administrative controls: Set up role-based permissions to assign view-only or full editing privileges to specific users or user groups; manage password complexity requirements; and apply expiration dates for file and folder access.

Mobile Everything:

Locus’ comprehensive, highly-configurable mobile application is designed for easy and accurate environmental data collection on the go. The app eliminates the need for manual data entry and is built with configurable data collection types and offline data capture capability.

Locus Mobile works both online and offline and takes advantage of the most advanced technology for ad-hoc sampling, additional field data checks, dynamic forms, and powerful mapping tools. Easily configure business-specific data collection needs, access sampling forms and enter data offline, and synchronize data to the cloud on-demand for final review, storing, managing, and reporting.

24/7 Access to Your Compliance Software in the Cloud:

One platform for your EHS compliance and sustainability information— and always up to date. Track, manage, and report your environmental data from the office, from the facility, or while you’re on the go. Whether you need to access real-time or historical data, you can set up one-click dashboards to for immediate, actionable insight.

  • Consolidate and centralize your EHS compliance: Spreadsheets have their place. But when it comes to managing your organization’s EHS compliance and sustainability initiatives, adopting a proven cloud software solution is the only approach that guarantees more collaboration, better data quality, and full confidence in maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Total control over all your environmental data: Complete data editing and auditing features make it easy to track down issues and discrepancies as soon as they occur. And our automation module provides dashboards to remotely operate treatment systems, or to connect to wireless sensor networks for real-time access to your systems information.
  • Check your EHS compliance initiatives from anywhere: Your analytical or compliance data is always accessible in the cloud— from any location and with most devices. Use configurable environmental dashboards for immediate, real-time insight into every aspect of your environmental and H&S operations— compliance, sustainability, energy, water, air, GHG, H&S metrics and many more KPI indicators— so you can immediately see what’s working and what’s not.

Centralized Database for Multiple Sites:

Get instant access to relevant data in real time. Locus EHS software consolidates all your environmental, compliance, and sustainability information and provides flexible data export, reporting, and visualization options— so you can make immediate, informed decisions.

  • Powerful reports and analytics: Access real-time analytics and easily configurable reports, and easily drill down to the raw data details. See data and trends for a single site or across multiple sites to identify root causes, detect patterns or trends, & predict outcomes.
  • Instant information with one click: Organize all your environmental compliance data within a single, powerful application, then monitor and report from a comprehensive and readily accessible dashboard. This gives you the power to quickly build and drill down into analytical reports to get actionable insights across your organization.
  • Visualize for insight: Its cutting-edge GIS technology is designed to make it easier to monitor and manage environmental data for multiple sites. Configurable location cluster markers make it easy to organize multiple nearby locations, and zoom in closer to see the individual markers— keeping your data meaningful at any scale.
  • Reduce your environmental impact: Its cloud software helps you manage your organization’s environmental footprint. But the environmental benefits of Locus software go even further. Cloud architecture is inherently green— promoting energy consumption reduction and the efficient use of computing resources.

Improve Your Environmental Data Quality:

thesiliconreview-30-fastest-growing-private-companies-to-watch-us-cover-18Without a centralized environmental and EHS compliance software system, end users often turn to using scattered spreadsheets, in-house databases, or disjointed silo systems. This makes critical environmental information difficult to access, and input multiple times— resulting in questionable data quality and increased costs.

Locus’ centralized cloud software solutions for EHS compliance and sustainability information management will make your environmental data bulletproof and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

  • Avoid costly mistakes: Comprehensive and fully configurable reporting and task tracking capabilities will help your team reduce operational risk, and maintain full confidence that you’ll always meet EHS compliance requirements on schedule.
  • Save time and resources: By streamlining your data collection and monitoring activities with mobile field data collection, automated reporting, and notifications, you’ll reduce your team’s workload for compliance-related activities, and empower them to deliver better data, faster.
  • Clean EHS compliance data = better decisions: Prevent duplicate data entry with itsintegrated mobile and automation solutions, and set up validation checks to make sure data fits your requirements and constraints as soon as it is entered into the system. You can prevent bad data from being entered, or just receive notifications to decide how to handle it before it enters the final tables for storage and reporting.

Customer Testimonials

“We chose Locus software for the reliability and data security that enables our technology platform to operate with robust, data-driven communication for all Aquam customers around the world to utilize. With the integration of rapidly scalable Locus software, we are at the forefront of IoT and well-positioned to offer asset ‘active management’—a core value to our customers and value proposition.”

- Danny Krywyj, President, Orbis Intelligent Systems

“Managing water quality data is critical to our clients’ projects. Water ARC is a new service provided by Carollo that integrates and enhances our capabilities to collect this data through field analytical, pilot testing, and laboratory-based treatability testing services. Key parts of this new service are our improved management of field analytical and pilot testing equipment, nationwide, with Locus Platform and streamlined collection and analysis of various data sources with Locus EIM. Incorporating these innovative tools in our project work helps us achieve a higher level of efficiency in managing quality data for our clients.”

- Justin Sutherland, Manager of Water ARC, Carollo

“We achieved ‘a sea change in terms of data quality, environmental risk reduction, and overall process cost reduction of over 50%’ by implementing EIM.”

- Remediation Manager, Honeywell

Meet the Thought Leader

Neno Duplan, Founder, and CEO: As Founder and CEO of Locus Technologies, Dr. Duplan spent his career combining his understanding of environmental science with a vision of how to gather, aggregate, organize, and analyze environmental data to help organizations better manage and report their environmental and sustainability footprints. During the 1980s, while conducting research as a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, Dr. Duplan developed the first prototype system for an environmental information management database. This discover eventually lead to the formation of Locus Technologies in 1997.

As technology evolved and new guidelines for environmental stewardship expanded, so has the vision Dr. Duplan has held for Locus. With the company’s deployment of the world’s first commercial Software-as-Service (SaaS) product for environmental information management in 1999 to the Locus Mobile solution in 2014, today Dr. Duplan continues to lead and challenge his team to be the leading provider of cloud-based EH&S and sustainability software.

Dr. Duplan holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, an M.S. in Civil Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Split, Croatia. He also attended advanced Management Training at Stanford University.

“At Locus, we believe the key to an organization's environmental stewardship strategy lies in its approach to EHS compliance management— we design our software with this vision in mind.”