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October Edition 2020

MarginPoint – A leading provider of field service management software with powerful inventory control


At its core, field service management is a system that keeps track of all components in a company's field operations. The use of technological resources at or en route to a client’s property, such systems facilitates inventory management, customer portals, vehicle tracking, customer information, and scheduling. Depending on the industry, field service management may include other important components. The goal of field service management is to effectively integrate field activity with the office duties of billing, accounting, and other systems. Up until now, your business may have gotten by with manual processes, paperwork, and calling every guy in the field when you needed a job done same-day. But today, customers expect more they want their work done faster and with less hassle. A field service management tool can help modernize your business for better results.

MarginPoint is a leading provider of mobile-enabled, collaborative inventory management and field service solutions for organizations. More than 1,000 companies rely on MarginPoint solutions every day to manage their inventory replenishment, optimize business processes, and drive revenue. The company's cloud-based delivery model enables customers to rapidly deploy the solution without any significant upfront investment, connect to their suppliers, and begin reducing the cumbersome processes and expenses associated with optimizing their material inventory.

Creative products offered by MarginPoint

Marginpoint Fieldplus: FieldPlus from MarginPoint helps service contractors manage customer data, work orders, and inventory control with one integrated solution. This enterprise-level mobile application eliminates paper processes that impede accuracy, production, and profitability. Technicians can access dispatched customer data for improved job completion rates and customer satisfaction. Besides, FieldPlus offers secure payment processing and complete inventory management from any job site, anywhere. Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC contractors, Facility Managers, Property Managers, and Commercial Service Contractors can improve field service operations and complete more jobs, more accurately in less time with FieldPlus. Using its web-based user interface, your office staff can engage customers, use advanced search capabilities to locate existing customer records quickly, and create work orders.

Marginpoint Mobile Inventory: Real-time inventory visibility means you can see exactly what you have on hand across your entire organization, including all warehouses, storage areas, and trucks. Reduce carrying costs, avoid excess purchases, and achieve material savings. It is one platform to manage your entire inventory in conjunction with your field service tool or separately. With MarginPoint Mobile Inventory tracking each inventory transaction, demand signals can be generated automatically based on each stocking location's desired replenishment method. The MarginPoint Mobile Inventory app provides the ability to manage inventory via an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Eliminate paper-based processes and enable your workforce to update the inventory as they perform transactions instantly.

Marginpoint Advanced Insights (Ai): Quantifying your business allows you to see patterns, set targets, and measure progress. Effective management requires good metrics. With Marginpoint Advanced Insights (Ai), you get the answers you need to drive your business. It provides easy to use software that delivers a return on investment (ROI) quickly. Advanced Insights is designed with the customer in mind, delivering visualizations, KPI's, and dashboards that present real-time transactional data in a meaningful way. MarginPoint Advanced Insights provides actionable information for users to make data-driven decisions while quickly viewing trends, exceptions, and outlier data points.

Marginpoint Academy: MarginPoint offers a comprehensive program of knowledge base articles and web-based training called MarginPoint Academy. The training materials are specially designed in-house by experts who precisely understand the challenges you face in day-to-day business. The courses are designed to equip you and your staff with a range of skills and knowledge to make the best use of MarginPoint applications. Its training materials are designed both for new and seasoned users interested in enhancing their skills to take advantage of all the benefits the solutions that the firm has to offer.

The pre-eminent leader behind the success of MagicPoint

Vince Sheeran serves as the Chief Executive Officer of MarginPoint. He is a senior executive with over thirty years of experience in the software and business services industries. He has built global organizations through both acquisition and organic growth. He has held various sales and sales management positions within the software industry, including Epicor Software, where he was VP & GM of Clientele, VP of Marketing, and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Operations. Before MarginPoint, Mr. Vince served as the President and CEO of UltraLink, a well-respected Benefits and HR services provider for customers such as American Airlines, AT&T, Dow Chemical, and IBM. He was also the CEO of Wherify Wireless, an open Location Based Services (LBS) software platform.

Vince holds a B.S in Management and Management Information Sciences from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.

"Marginpoint has the expertise, insight, and experience to successfully implement and optimize any type or size of the customer."