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Master the art of Forex trading with LTG GoldRock’s well-crafted resources and training programs


The concept of trading is easy to understand, but there are certain intricacies that are involved in making successful trades. For a newcomer, the best way to approach trading is by absorbing knowledge. The learning process is not limited only for newbies; it can also be used by expert traders to hone their skills. Trading skills cannot be acquired overnight. You need to dedicate time and motivate yourself to learn. Forex trading is rapidly evolving alongside with the internet, which is a popular natural habitat for traders. Platforms that help make investments are also improving the investment opportunities for many traders.

There are few high-quality avenues to learn to trade, and LTG GoldRock is one such firm that has the resources and knowledge you need to guide you through your trading journey successfully. The company specializes in Forex Education. While stocks have taken a hit over the past months, LTG GoldRock’s clients have had the opportunity to retain a safe level of cash and take opportunities throughout COVID with the same level of risk as any other general market condition. The services provided are designed to make it easier for people to adhere to strict and professional risk management procedures. The program also contains core fundamental and technical education alongside strategies to deliver a complete package when it comes to Forex trading. Foreign Currency Trading Education is offering traders the chance to learn from their team of Professional Forex Traders. LTG GoldRock offers award-winning FX education, helping everyday investors learn how to invest in Forex with the support of a Professional Trading Team, Daily GoldRock Insider Market Updates, Daily Training Sessions and the tools and resources you need to be a successful trader.

LTG GoldRock was founded in 2009, and it is based in Maroochydore, Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.

In conversation with Alex Kozulin, CEO of LTG GoldRock   

Q. Many people become involved in trading with a view to getting rich quick. They believe all the hype without knowledge of the reality. What do you have to say to such investors?

Knowledge and discipline are critical elements of trading. Buying into the hype is likely to also transfer into the market, which will inevitably end in failure. While trading is physically easy and can provide for you into retirement, it will remain difficult all round without education and training.

Q. New investors may not know about the hidden risks in many seemingly simple investment strategies. This can cause their portfolios to take large hits early on in the process. How do you make sure that your client is familiar with the risks involved in the investment?

Educating our clients is our specialty and we show them how to mitigate risks and understand the long & short term expectations of trading foreign exchange.

Q. What is the effect of COVID-19 outbreak on investment/ trading sector? Is it possible to lessen/resist the damage caused?

While COVID-19 has affected most of the world in some way, foreign trading exchange remains the same. Managing risk for the volatility being experienced and holding mostly cash allows our traders to move nimbly and act on an opportunity.

Q. Many people say no to investment due to trust and transparency issues. Is trading really a game of chance or a strategic business move?

This is due to many people not taking the correct precautions before investing in the market. Trading requires a number of principles to be followed in order to be successful over time. Without knowing what they are, how to put them in place, or the tools used to make it easier to adhere to, and then it would be down to chance. With the strategic placement of orders and the right risk management procedures, trading is a valid investment opportunity for those ready for the challenge alongside growing knowledge and experience.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are currently undergoing a revamp of our online education center to ensure we have the latest and greatest in the field.

Q. How do you market your services?

Our services are mainly marketed on Australian television, Google and Facebook.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

LTG GoldRock is always improving its offerings, and its educational resources are continuously enhanced to suit the progression of clients better as well as utilizing the latest technologies. Having established a strong brand attested by thousands of clients’ success stories, the company is looking forward to providing exceptional services to its clients in the years to come. “The focus of LTG GoldRock has always been on the client and will continue that way as the company expands and provides new and exciting benefits to our members along the way.”

Meet the leader behind the success of LTG GoldRock

Alex spent almost 20 years working in various countries around the world in senior management and executive positions with various multi-nationals. His exposure and experience in the international markets during this time lead him to become part of the LTG Team in 2016. In 2018 Alex become a Director of LTG GoldRock and now takes on the role of CEO in 2020. He is also an authorized representative registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). His passion for investing in the financial markets developed whilst being abroad. He now leads a dedicated team at LTG GoldRock which is committed to delivering the highest of quality of education and service to the LTG GoldRock clients.

“Whether you are a first-timer or experienced investor, LTG GoldRock has the resources and knowledge you need to guide you through your trading journey.”