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Experienced CMO Meagen Eisenberg, is helping TripActions to achieve traveler satisfaction levels like never before


Due to globalization of businesses, and international evolution travelling has been one of the major expenses of any business. As a result, the major challenge for businesses is managing travel and expenses successfully. The goal here is not just to cut down the manual processes, save money, and reduce employee time spent on travel and expense management. But to become more agile as business travel expense management is getting more and more complicated.

Fast becoming the default for corporate travel, TripActions is the modern business travel platform that combines the latest AI-driven technologies with unrivaled flight, lodging and rental car inventory and global 24/7 365 proactive live travel agents to delight employees, finance leaders and travel managers alike—all while empowering organizations to seize travel as a strategic lever for growth.

In 2015, after years of experiencing firsthand the pitfalls of business travel, Ariel Cohen and Ilan Twig created TripActions, a technology-enabled corporate travel management platform that combines data science, modern user-friendly design, and world-class service, to bring businesses and their employees the best experience in business travel. 

Business travel management made easy

Quick, easy implementation and onboarding make getting started with TripActions a breeze. Your dedicated customer success manager is with you every step of the way, to help jump start your program and ensure long-term success as you define policy and integrate with other systems in your stack.

Onboarding made fast and easy for everyone: The company knows that change management can be tough, so it makes the experience great for you and your travelers from day one. We’re by your side throughout setup and launch, helping you quickly deploy to start seeing the value of TripActions immediately, from your very first booking.

Hassle-free implementation: TripActions is easy to use yet sophisticated enough to support your most advanced requirements. Policy definition is simplified when you use smart features like dynamic policy to ensure compliance while remaining flexible enough to accommodate fluctuations in the market.

Integration with your other systems: To make it as easy as possible for you to collaborate effortlessly with cross-functional stakeholders, it integrates with many of the other tools you and your organization use every day. From SSO and HRIS systems to expense management and productivity tools, it has got you covered.

Why TripActions

Program setup that’s fast and easy: Build and manage a high-performance travel program that will scale limitlessly with your growing business. Setup of even the most sophisticated requirements is made easy with TripActions – from its hands-on approach to implementation and onboarding to advanced dynamic policy configuration and robust reporting with custom dashboards.

Delighting travelers to drive 90%+ adoption: Travelers have an unrivaled choice of air, lodging, car, and rail inventory with AI-driven personalization based on preferences, past bookings and policy, making it fast and easy to book the best option in minutes. With trip itineraries, users can easily find and manage every step of the journey on web or mobile from one single app.

Visibility to optimize travel spend: Enjoy complete visibility into spend, better control and increased savings through exclusive rates, clearly visible policy for travelers and its rewards program. With advanced features like dynamic policy, you can rest assured that your travelers will be able to responsibly book what they need even as market conditions shift.

24/7 365 live travel agents travelers love: Its travelers never feel stranded. Global 24x7 365 proactive live travel agents are constantly monitoring itineraries and providing a heads up before any complications arise. And instant access to its dedicated team of travel experts is just a tap, click or call away.

Premium Travel Services: Your top executives need VIP care when traveling. Its TripActions Luxe program covers every travel detail, including 24/7 dedicated support, itinerary monitoring, and concierge offerings. And for corporate event travel needs, its full-service Groups & Meetings team is your go-to resource.

Trust and Transparency

The company believes that its customers deserve a voice when it is about travel experience. And it works to earn your trust by being transparent about its service level agreements performance. Read on for the facts about its ongoing efforts to ensure Privacy, Security, and Compliance.

Information Security: From login to logout, it employs leading security practices and tools to secure your information. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest, and protected by multi-layered security in the AWS cloud. It believes in Security by Design, and we’ve architected its app to the specs of the AWS standardized architecture for PCI-DSS.

Compliance: It is frequently evaluated by independent experts for compliance with leading data protection regulations and standards. The company is certified compliant with PCI-DSS and the Privacy Shield Framework, it is underway with its SOC 2 attestation, and ISO 27001 is next. Its policies and procedures put compliance with GDPR and data protection regulations around the world as a top priority.

Business Continuity: Every day, companies face a number of threats that could affect their operations. Examples range from natural disasters to cyber-attacks. TripActions is well-positioned to respond to such threats with proactive plans in place to avoid and mitigate risks associated with any potential disruption of operations and any potential interruption in service to customers, partners and/or suppliers.

Meet the Expert

Meagen Eisenberg is the CMO of TripActions, the leading cloud-based corporate travel and expense management platform. Prior to TripActions, she spent more than 20 years in high-tech and previously served as CMO of MongoDB (NASDAQ: MDB) and VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign (NASDAQ: DOCU). She serves on the boards of G2, TinyPulse and Reactful, and has advised more than 25 tech companies, including ten which were acquired over the last three years. Meagen has an MBA from Yale School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in MIS and a minor in CSC from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.

“TripActions leadership team represents a mission-driven team of deep tech, travel and software expertise focused on delivering the best experience in business travel.”