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November Edition 2023

Medical Veda – Redefining patient journey by utilizing the power of blockchain, DeFi, AI and Smart Contracts


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Medical Veda is setting a high standard in terms of innovation, reshaping the patient experience through groundbreaking technology. Positioned at the intersection of blockchain, DeFi, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Contracts, Medical Veda aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by decentralizing patient data ownership. By leveraging the power of open-source technology, this visionary platform empowers patients, granting them unprecedented control over their clinical records.

Medical Veda envisions a future where patients are the true custodians of their health information. Gone are the days of bureaucratic hurdles; instead, a seamless, secure, and instant access to medical records becomes the norm. Through a decentralized blockchain ecosystem, Medical Veda ensures patients can access their records anytime, anywhere, freeing them from the constraints of traditional healthcare processes.

Beyond patient empowerment, Medical Veda acts as a bridge, connecting healthcare industry stakeholders. It provides authorized access to patient data, fostering collaboration and innovation among medical practitioners, researchers, and industry players. Moreover, Medical Veda introduces a transformative DeFi protocol, enabling patients to secure essential funding for their medical needs, ensuring healthcare is accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Innovative Solutions

In the realm of healthcare, where innovation meets necessity, Medical Veda stands as a pioneering force, reshaping the landscape with cutting-edge products designed to empower individuals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes. With a commitment to decentralization and patient empowerment, Medical Veda introduces a range of groundbreaking solutions:

Veda Health Portal: Decentralized Health Data Access

At the heart of Medical Veda's offerings lies the Veda Health Portal, a blockchain-based health platform granting individuals unprecedented control over their health data. This decentralized database is accessible to individuals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies, ensuring that users are the sole owners of their information. Moreover, users have the unique ability to incentivize themselves by exchanging their data securely and transparently.

Mveda Token: Efficient and Secure Transactions

Facilitating seamless transactions within the Medical Veda Ecosystem is the Mveda Token, an ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network. This token enables peer-to-peer payments, secure storage, and efficient exchange of value. Specifically designed for high volumes of transactions, Mveda Token offers rapid, secure, and efficient transfers, with confirmation speeds up to ten times faster than Bitcoin.

Data Marketplace: Empowering Patients, Empowering Research

Medical Veda's Data Marketplace provides a dedicated platform where patients can exchange their data with pharmaceutical companies, clinical research institutes, or marketing entities. In return for sharing their data, patients are rewarded with Veda tokens, creating a symbiotic relationship between individuals and researchers. This platform grants researchers direct access to patients, saving them valuable time and effort while ensuring cost-effective data acquisition.

MedFin Veda: Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Lending for Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare financing, MedFin Veda emerges as a modern-age decentralized finance (Defi) protocol. This innovative solution facilitates peer-to-peer lending within the healthcare industry, addressing the financial needs of patients and medical practitioners alike. Whether a patient requires funds for a medical procedure or a medical practitioner seeks capital for business expansion, MedFin Veda provides immediate access to funds, revolutionizing the way healthcare financing operates.

With these transformative products, Medical Veda pioneers a new era in healthcare, where patients have control over their data, researchers gain efficient access to valuable information, and financial barriers are dismantled through decentralized lending solutions. As healthcare evolves, Medical Veda leads the way, empowering individuals and institutions to shape a healthier, more accessible future for all.

Navigating the Future: Medical Veda's Vision and Roadmap

In the dynamic realm of healthcare innovation, Medical Veda emerges as a beacon of progress, driven by a dedicated team committed to transforming the industry. Founded in 2019, the visionary minds behind Medical Veda recognized the pressing need for innovative solutions in the face of modern healthcare challenges. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic underscored the urgency for efficient data utilization, illuminating the vital role that platforms like Medical Veda could play in expediting crucial research and potentially saving lives.

Medical Veda's journey began with a clear vision; to create a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem that empowers individuals and researchers alike. The team embarked on this mission, leveraging their collective expertise and passion to address the complexities of the healthcare landscape.

Strategic Planning and Milestones: Paving the Way for Progress

At the helm of Medical Veda's evolution is a leadership team with a strategic vision. They meticulously devised a concrete plan, outlining both the milestones already achieved and the ambitious goals slated for accomplishment in the months and years ahead. This roadmap serves as a guiding beacon, shaping the trajectory of Medical Veda's development.

A Response to Global Challenges: Empowering Research and Innovation

The Covid-19 pandemic underscored the critical need for efficient data sharing among researchers and developers. Medical Veda's visionary approach addresses this need by providing a streamlined platform where data can be harnessed effectively, accelerating research initiatives and bolstering the development of essential solutions.

Community Engagement: Transparency and Collaboration

Crucially, Medical Veda's roadmap is not just a strategic document; it is a testament to the platform's transparency and commitment to the community. By sharing their development plans and milestones, Medical Veda invites the community to be part of their journey. This open communication fosters collaboration, instills confidence, and creates a sense of shared purpose among stakeholders.

Amir H Neghabian | Founder & CEO

Amir H Neghabian, the driving force behind groundbreaking initiatives in the IT and telecommunications sector, stands as a testament to visionary leadership and entrepreneurial expertise. With a rich professional background spanning over 22 years, Amir has consistently demonstrated exceptional proficiency in various domains, making him a stalwart in the industry.

Amir holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree in E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce and a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree in Management Information Systems, both from the prestigious University of Western Sydney.

 “We envision contributing to the world’s health and medical industry by creating an ecosystem that would make the patient’s health data record process distributed through a decentralized blockchain.”