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November Edition 2020

Navigate your complex medical situation with personalized, cutting-edge, health information from Medivizor’s patented, multi-award-winning platform


These days, we hear a lot about personalized or precision medicine and healthcare. And while it’s important to realize this is a long-term vision – of providing each person the best treatments personalized for him or her, we are hardly there yet. Personalized or precision medicine and healthcare is a broader approach comprising genetics and genomics and other biological information that will help predict the risk of disease and how a patient will respond to the treatments and guide individual management of health. The hypothesis is that we can improve the quality of care and significantly reduce the cost with personalized healthcare. However, even before personalized or precision medicine become widely available in the coming decades, today it’s already possible to personalize the health information patients and clinicians receive. Upon learning of any diagnosis, people do not get a lot of information to go with that diagnosis from their healthcare provider. What they do get is generic (not personalized), hardly up to date, and very incomplete. Therefore, patients and caregivers invariably resort to “Dr. Google” their situation, but that overwhelms them with irrelevant, outdated, unreliable, inconsistent, and incomprehensible information – they struggle to understand it and make sense of it all. Medivizor acts like a virtual trusted advisor – as if it were a close friend or relative that just happens to be the world expert in the condition that matters to them. Medivizor mines medical literature, clinical trials, guidelines, and more. It then provides each patient/caregiver only that information that matters to them and brings it to them in lay-language interpreted summaries they can understand and act upon. This information includes cutting-edge information, such as personally-matching clinical trials and new treatment options; even their most well-intentioned doctors don’t have the time, tools, or even the motivation to seek out for their patients.

Medivizor is a one-of-a-kind, patented, a multi-award-winning platform that is offered at no cost (totally free and private) for patients and caregivers. The company makes money by allowing industry (e.g., pharmaceutical companies) to reach, engage, and support patients on the platform, in an extremely targeted and privacy-preserving manner – all while not biasing the information it provides patients. Medivizor was founded in 2012, and it has offices in Ramat Gan, Israel / Road Town, BVI / New York, NY, USA.

In conversation with Tal Givoly, Co-founder and CEO of Medivizor

Q. How do your solutions affect the healthcare costs?

Our primary objective isn’t cost of care – it is patient empowerment. Patients everywhere want to know what’s the best information about how to help in their specific circumstances. That said, medical care for educated, engaged and empowered patients actually costs less than for less educated, engaged, and empowered patients. Consequently, Medivizor steers patients (and their healthcare providers) towards the best care options that ultimately improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

Q. What are the challenges addressed by Medivizor?

There’s just too much information out there for doctors, let alone patients, to navigate to identify the best approach to health. Sorting through this immense and growing knowledge of medical science and contextualizing each individual is required. And that is exactly what Medivizor does – finds what matters to each individual and might help them. Then, once the information is made available, it’s up to patients and doctors to consider the options and make well-informed decisions.

Q. Tell us about your data privacy and compliance system.

Medivizor takes privacy very seriously and is HIPAA compliant when working with healthcare providers and other partners. None of the personally identifiable information available to Medivizor is provided to any third party without a patient’s specific and explicit consent on a case-by-case basis.

Q. How does your solution align with the existing medical practice?

Medivizor can seamlessly integrate into medical practice with zero effort by the provider’s clinical or administrative staff. In the best deployments, Medivizor is offered to patients via electronic check-in so that patients can opt-in to the service themselves and use it on their own device and in the comfort of their home in between office visits. Meanwhile, the doctor and healthcare provider gets reports as well as weekly updates about what patients are learning about – so they too can stay abreast of the latest developments that concern their specific patients.

Q. There are other players in this vertical. How do you distinguish yourself from the rest?

Astonishingly, to the best of our knowledge, no other platform provides the value Medivizor provides patients today. It’s true that there is plenty of health information out there today – but this information is generic and not personalized to each individual, nor is it cutting-edge and includes all the latest publications and scientific medical updates. Also, there are many online patient communities, but these tend to provide people the anecdotal experiences of other patients rather than authoritative and personally-relevant treatment approaches. Finally, there are various services that try to help patients find clinical trials, but that’s all they do, and even that is not as personalized as what is available on Medivizor. Thus, fundamentally, Medivizor is a much-needed, unique, and invaluable service unparalleled to this day.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Medivizor is a live service available to patients. The service currently covers 23 therapeutic areas, including most cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chief urology complaints, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and more. And, the services to help biopharmaceutical companies are also live and ready to be used – they allow biopharma to accelerate recruitment for their clinical trials or reach, engage, and support patients in other ways. We hope to expand the list of medical conditions and therapeutic areas we cover as well as our geographic reach over the next few years.

Meet the leader behind the success of Medivizor

Tal Givoly is the Co-founder and CEO of Medivizor.  He has a long and successful history of innovation and product development across industries spanning from telecom, Internet, medical devices, and healthcare information technologies and has held leadership positions in both startups and multinational corporations. Tal is also a serial inventor and industry thought leader in the area of digital health.

“We review thousands of research papers, clinical trials, guidelines, and warnings and deliver only those that are relevant to your specific situation.”