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Meet all your IT needs with a forerunner in this segment Innova Solutions


“At Innova, we believe your business deserves better services and solutions, applications that are ready to go, easy to setup/use, and require minimal customization.”

No matter how big or small a business is, there is always a need for IT services or support for it. Larger companies are known for having their own IT department to deal with most IT related tasks but lack specialized skills such cloud, digital, or analytics. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, may not be able to have the privilege of having an IT department but may have unique skills. Wherever there is a need for additional skills or outsourced IT services, a solution is not quite far behind, since there are IT services firms readily available providing such solutions.

Innova Solutions is a California-based company that focuses on fulfilling the IT needs of its clients. The company was founded in 2014 and they offer services in Cloud, Data Engineering, Intelligent Automation, payment platform and much more. Their main motto is to provide customized services that will cater to the needs of businesses. They will help businesses reduce the complexity of adopting next-generation cloud and data analytics services without making expensive investments.

In conversation with Rajkumar Velagapudi, Founder and President of Innova Solutions

Can you tell us about your new offerings and update in services since 2015?

Since 2015, we realized that there are many enterprises that are constantly looking for transformation and modernization of their legacy applications to drive growth. They want to take advantage of the technologies that are evolving such as cloud services, more secure database services, analytics, and so forth. This puts pressure on IT vendors such as Innova Solutions to offer comprehensive competencies. Such vendors even acquired small companies to get deeper competencies such as big data and so forth, which is significant. We at Innova, evolved a comprehensive set of offerings for mid to large enterprises organically, and that gave us the growth in the last three years.

Automation is the new buzzword. Do you feel that automation is important for businesses to improve their operational efficiency?

I don’t think automation is a new buzzword, but it has started gaining traction. Automation will decide how tools will be used in operations and how it can be integrated into methodologies that will enhance efficiencies. But right now, we are integrating automation of processes in building the next generation applications and so forth in modernization. There is a need for new technologies and how we incorporate automation into them will play a major role in influencing the factors that will affect the decision making.

A tech company must be very agile with its products and services to withstand competition. What is your approach towards innovation?

Two aspects that I believe will play an important role in keeping you ahead of the curve are the leadership in the organization and the integration of the employee into the organization. We stepped away from a flat organization setup for our company to a more mid-level leadership. Most of the mid-level leadership in the company has equity and the employees recognize defined levels of leadership within the organization; authority and levels of responsibility are obvious. Such a structure encourages more empowered participation from the team. An empowered team that makes unique suggestions is an integral part of the organization. Such an approach is adopted across Innova. We have spent a good five million dollars in building some unique solutions that came out of our internal innovation program that runs across the organization. Sometimes we don’t spend too much on partnerships and implementation programs, but we do spend a lot of money on creating innovation hubs.

How do you market your services? How do you overcome the marketing hurdles?

We haven’t yet faced any marketing hurdles, and that’s because we are structured in our marketing. We just brought in a couple of seniors who can help us market our services by taking the messages and passing it on to potential customers in a more structured manner.

How do you deal with security concerns surrounding the IT services?

Security is an on-going and continuous effort that we focus on. This requires us to obtain certifications for our internal and external deliverables to ensure everything is secure. We have the right technology partnerships and we go through our security measures and audits both internally and externally to address cyber risks consistently

What are the anticipated trends in the IT segment?

As the sector continues to grow, vendors such as Innova will enable all organizations to launch new products more quickly. If any technology that is less prevalent in any organization then vendors such as Innova can help the enterprises to come up with new solutions. I don’t think it’s the size that will play a role in competence. If you can help an enterprise release new products and new services to their customers quickly, then I think it is going to be successful.

Leader behind the success of Innova Solutions

Mr. Rajkumar Velagapudi, also known as Raj, is the Founder & President of Innova Solutions, an ACS Group company. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Raj presides over the day to day activities of Innova Solutions and is responsible for the direction of the company. Prior to this, Raj held leadership positions at Mphasis Limited, Fortify, and Ness Technologies. He served as Head of Infrastructure Services and Executive Vice President of Mphasis. He was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Fortify Infrastructure Services which he founded in the year 2008. Prior to Fortify, Mr. Velagapudi was Executive Vice President, Business Development of Ness Technologies Inc., and he also served as a Member of Executive Management Team at Ness IBS, a subsidiary of Ness Technologies Inc. He founded Innovative Business Services a.k.aOlas Software Solutions Inc. in 1996 and served as its President until its acquisition by Ness Technologies in the year 2006.

“Today, many leading enterprises partner with us to solve their real-world problems and we consistently deliver business value to our customers through technology transformation.”