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Meet all your testing needs with a cloud-based Innovative test management tool from the leader in the field of Application Lifecycle Management: PractiTest


In our digital world, quality is now considered the new currency. We must maintain our focus on the reliability, robustness, and safety of our software products. By ensuring compliance with high-quality standards, we can undoubtedly deliver the best in class products. Reliable test management tools will help you to manage project tasks, automated tests, and defects. Few applications have better dashboards, to track key metrics, bugs, and progress. Solutions are becoming feature-rich, so it is important to stay updated to ensure that the complex processes are completed. In order to simplify software testing, more vendors are turning to multifunctional test management tools.

To maintain the various phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), PractiTest provides a leading Application Lifecycle Management and a Cloud-based Innovative Test Management tool. The company specializes in delivering an end-to-end Test Management solution that offers a testing orchestration platform for all stakeholders in an organization. It also enables full visibility into the testing process and a deeper broader understanding of testing results. PractiTest provides a fully customizable solution that can be adapted to the ever-changing needs of Quality Assurance (QA) teams. This includes a vast array of third-party integration with common bug trackers such as Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Youtrack and many more and automation tools such as eggplant, and robust API for the rest. Fast professional and methodological support ensures clients avail maximum efficiency so that companies can release great products according to their user’s needs.

PractiTest was founded in 2008 and it is based in Israel.


In conversation with Yaniv Iny, Co-Founder, and CEO of PractiTest

Q. Every now and then, you need more hardware resources than accessible to you for a specific task and sometimes you need only a few. Tell us about the flexibility of your testing tools to access resources exactly as per needs.

We live in an ever-changing world, where the unexpected is the only thing you can expect, and COVID-19 is the grand example of this. PractiTest is a dynamic cloud solution that allows its customers to scale their usage up and down based on their current needs, without having to commit upfront for hardware. Nonetheless, we are an AWS technology partner and have been audited by leading management consulting as compliant with the SOC-2 regulations, to ensure our solution is secure and reliable.

Q. An automated check only checks what is been programmed to check. How can the testing coverage be more versatile?

From PractiTest’s experience, working with 100s of our clients, testing is best when combining various testing types, based on the relevant project’s needs: automation tests when applicable, exploratory testing for newly developed features, and manual testing. Automation is not an end goal on its own, but releasing quality products is. Automation is a great enabler, but shouldn’t be mixed as the goal.

Q. Tell us in brief about your All-in-One Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution.

PractiTest has a unique approach to data organization based on a hierarchical filter tree structure that allows users to slice and dice their data to extract real actionable items. We also provide our clients with a unified display of all testing information in multiple ways at once. This way, QA teams can easily provide relevant information to each stakeholder and duplicate data or generate complex database queries. Our robust integration capabilities can work with external tools such as Bug Trackers, Automated Testing Tools, CI, and many more, which is often crucial for the agile workflow. We view our clients as partners and help them achieve their goals, including methodological help and the best responsive support.

Q. How do you market your services?

Most of our customers reach our website when they are looking for a test management solution. We make sure to be active members of the testing community, with many “for-the -community” activities such as The State of TestingTM an annual survey that we have been running and publishing for the past seven years, and the Online Test Conference (OTC) as well. We provide top-notch service for our existing customers, which in turn, brings us with them, whenever they switch workplaces. In addition, we partner with local distributors to provide support to customers in their local language.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes. We will soon launch our test automation management capabilities, which will enable us to provide visibility for every aspect of the testing that is performed in an organization. In this new module, users will be able to execute automated tests directly from PractiTest and receive CI/CD results easily and, as a result, make decisions based on the overall testing activities in a holistic manner instead of the existing silos.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

Testing and test management are here to stay. Automation prominence is growing, but still, manual testing will not be going anywhere, and nor is exploratory testing. The digital transformation that the retail, financial, telecom, and other industries are going through will continue to increase the need to ensure unprecedented, unified quality across multiple devices and endpoints. Remote work, or at least a combination of office and remote, will become a common phenomenon. As such, software solutions will need to enable their users, anywhere, anytime access, and collaborative features, the way PractiTest currently does.

Meet the leader behind the success of PractiTest

Yaniv Iny is the CEO of PractiTest. Prior to founding PractiTest, Yaniv was the VP of R&D and co-founder of Cahoot, which was acquired, and a management consultant in one of Israel’s leading firms.  In his roles, he gained experience in vast areas of business. He holds a BSc in computer science and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

“A technology and methodology leader in the field of Application Life Management (ALM), PractiTest provides its customers with the best in class End-to-End system to meet their Testing and QA needs.”