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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2021

Take to the Skies with Mira Vista Aviation, the Company Rejuvenating Private Air Travel

“Mira Vista is only one of 11 operators in California to have the IS-BAO Stage III rating.”

Established in 2016, Mira Vista Aviation is a boutique jet management and charter operation with locations in Van Nuys and Santa Ana servicing passengers with both mid-and large-cabin aircraft. The company helps manage aircrafts sensibly and offers a premier charter experience that transports private fliers to the destination of their choice and to the days where flying high was an adventurous luxury.

The California-based aviation company is truly revitalizing aircraft management through new ideas and old values. Mira Vista Aviation was recently recognized by the NBAA, National Business Aviation Association, as one of the safest companies to take to the skies bestowing the 2020 Flying Safety Award upon the company.

So many people today are switching to Mira Vista Aviation and it’s because it is a small, nimble company that has removed the multitude of layers that other operations host. “You are able to easily speak to pilots, skip brokers, and fly for less. In addition, we are transparent with our owners, so they know the cost and income for each flight in their aircraft,” explained Patrick Lindsey, President of Mira Vista Aviation.

Mira Vista’s key operations include the company’s President, Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance and Vice President of Aircraft Management Director of Training and Acquisitions as well as many other positions (all being pilots). Part of the company’s convenience is that it is a small but innovative company. This is achieved is due to the hard work of many of its personnel behind the scenes and the boots on the ground that meet and serve customers.

The company’s key goals are safety and service, which it achieves through having the aforementioned positions overlap in office work and flying. “Our key to standing out is our impeccable safety standards which are awarded through third-party auditors that review our operation practices,” stated the President of Mira Vista. In fact, Mira Vista is only one of 11 operators in California to have the IS-BAO Stage III rating. This seal is matched to a code of best practices that serve as the highest standard for business aviation worldwide.

In addition, Mira Vista’s success comes from its five-star sales team. They operate to find their clients the best deals by meticulously organizing trips that keep Mira Vista’s aircraft in the air and near where the clients are traveling. This gives clients better pricing, fast service, and zero headaches. The sales workforce of the company also doubles up as concierge, helping clients find the best destinations to stay and or visit when traveling. They help Mira Vista act as a full-service travel agency.

But where does the aviation pioneer source such a talented team from? “Mainly, we source talent through current employees. Skill level is certainly important to us, but personality matters as well. This allows us a great team atmosphere rather than a toxic, competitive work environment. We are always hiring, though, so we encourage those who are unknown to us to reach out for interviews,” affirmed Patrick Lindsey.

The most apparent downside of air charter is typically the cost. While this challenge cannot be ignored entirely, is there a way to help mitigate the relatively enormous price tag? “The way we help clients reach more attainable prices is by moving aircraft effectively on our side and affording clients flexible departure dates through the transparency of sharing where our aircrafts are moving. For example, if we need to fly a client from Florida to LA but they are focused on cost and not timing, we will find a trip going to Florida. This way the client is not eating the cost of repositioning and is essentially buying a one way, though we do not sell those,” answered the Mira Vista leader.

A Bright Future

Mira Vista is undoubtedly rejuvenating aviation management through its new ideas and old values. Most recently, the company added a mid-size aircraft to its fleet. Previously, Mira Vista Aviation only offered large-cabin jets. But now, with a mid-size aircraft in its portfolio, it can carry passengers that look to have a smaller carbon footprint or are shuttling shorter distances. “We’ve also expanded our long-range jet options. Now, more customers can fly non-stop to Europe,” added the President.

The future is bright for Mira Vista. In the first quarter of 2021, the company grew by an impressive 30 percent. Even with new hurdles in place in the U.S., the company isn’t seeing any slowdown. The company is currently hiring and is now finally capable of taking on more clients as we slowly move past the pandemic.

The Leader Upfront


Patrick Lindsey, President: A jack of all trades, 24-Hours of Le Mans and Petit Le Mans champion, he is mostly known for his racecraft but now he is taking the role of Captain as his day job. Lindsey sets the score for the Mira Vista team by being a team-player. He is at the helm of the company as the President but he is also in the left seat as Captain of the company’s various Gulfstream IV and V aircraft. He is level-headed and believes his employees are the missing pieces to the puzzle of success. He knows he cannot do it all, and so, he entrusts the best in the business to shine in their respective roles.

“Mira Vista is undoubtedly rejuvenating aviation management through its new ideas and old values.”