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October Edition 2021

South Florida's Premier Luxury Contractor, MK2 Design + Build: Creating Better Spaces for Living, Customized for Your Personal Style


Design-Build (D-B) is a project delivery system that includes planning, design and construction under one contract. D-B is the idea of partnering the right team, from the start, to help get to a completed project successfully and provide the highest satisfaction to the Client/Owner. Basically it’s like putting together any sports team. You pick teammates you know you can collaborate with, trust, lean on for support and ultimately win the game with. Design-Build has many advantages to ensuring a successful completed project when working together as a team.   

MK2 Design + Build is a single point design build company. It personally handles every aspect not just the design, but the entire construction process. With more than 35 years of combined experience, its team of professional, energetic, and highly creative designers and managers have provided unrivaled, unique interior design, project management, customer service and construction services to clients all across South Florida, Miami, West Palm Beach, the US, and international markets. Unlike other firms who spread their attention thin by taking on numerous jobs at a time, MK2 works on a limited number of projects per year so that they can give their clients the personal attention they deserve.

Best-in-Class Construction Solutions and Services Offered

Pre-Construction Services: When it comes to pre-construction services MK2 goes above and beyond to assess each and every project accordingly. They achieve this by spending time with the client, their design team and team of vendors to discuss the details of the project and any potential issues. The company’s goal is to make you feel confident about the road ahead, which is why they are open and honest about planning, budgets, and materials from the very first conversation.

MK2 are strategic thinkers that define the narrative by planning accordingly to ensure your project is a success. They will handle and coordinate the design phase, material procurement, estimating, cost analysis, scheduling, permitting, and all other preliminary logistics, always with your ultimate needs in mind. Overall they believe by letting them be involved at the very inception of your project’s formation, as they can bring an immense amount of value to the table.

General Construction: A general contractor is the thread that ties together all the different parts of your project. You want someone who is approachable, communicative, and knowledgeable about every stage of the work. For the past 15-plus years, MK2 has secured a reputation as contractors who go above and beyond thanks to its hard-earned expertise and absolute dedication to its clients. The ethical business practices govern all their interactions. They stake their reputation on integrity and doing the right thing and bring the best ideas and design solutions to the table and solve issues with a sense of urgency across all levels.

Construction Management: After the pre-construction phase, MK2 jumps into action to supervise all project-related activities. It’s a responsibility they take very seriously, and are personally involved with every project. There is no outsourcing: the company sees their construction through from beginning to end. They commit to hiring, nurturing and working with the best to enhance the client experience and it is a level headed and humble firm that understands that client as partners are the stars. As such they take their work seriously and specialize in luxury whole-home renovations, custom builds, and commercial renovations with a modern, contemporary design. MK2 creates awe inspiring spaces where the clients can relax, entertain, and show off their unique personal style.

Leadership | MK2 Design + Build

Sivan Kathein is the co-founder of MK2 Design + Build.

Maor Kainan is the co-founder of MK2 Design + Build.

They both come from a long tradition of home building and design. Born in Israel, Sivan and Maor grew up around designers, carpenters, and general contractors—construction is in their blood. After nearly a decade of experience as project managers in the United States, the duo launched a luxury general contracting firm in 2006. They have since expanded their business to incorporate a holistic design-build approach with MK2 Design + Build.  The foundation of MK2 Design + Build is Sivan and Maor’s shared core values: putting the customer first and delivering work of only the highest quality.

“We pride ourselves on making our clients’ ideas a reality and transforming and creating beautiful spaces that will stand the test of time. And although we focus on luxury projects, we maintain a down-to-earth, approachable attitude.”