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Mark L Meyer, MLinc Solutions Founder and CEO: “Our independent contractors are literally our company and our team. I focus on serving and supporting the needs of our people so they can effectively serve the needs of our clients”


During the Pandemic, many companies were forced to change the way they engaged with their employees, contractors and customers. While adapting to a more virtual environment, down-sizing to an appropriate staffing level and changing the way services are delivered can be challenging under any circumstances, the business community had to quickly convert to a more nimble and agile structure. In the residential settlement services industry, there are many consulting companies offering excellent B2B solutions. However, MLinc stands out in a crowd, as it was structured to provide expert services in a virtual, primarily variable cost based, highly responsive environment from its inception over 20 years ago. After more than two decades of information consulting experience from a career as a business consultant, CEO, COO, and CIO, and a business degree from Southern Methodist University, Mark L Meyer established MLinc Solutions in 1999 to fill a void in the residential home purchase market. He saw the need for a consulting firm that could help facilitate win-win business arrangements between builders, real estate firms, mortgage banks, title companies, insurance providers, and others across the settlement services arena.

MLinc’s offerings help bring companies together with compliant, complementary, win-win business arrangements. Importantly, these relationships can be a catalyst for collaboration in creating a smoother and all-around better homebuying process as well. In fact, properly structured relationships between complementary providers to a home purchase are one of the most important contributors to a buyer’s positive experience. Opportunities for compliant collaboration continue to evolve as technology, buying behavior and regulatory interpretations change over time. MLinc helps clients stay on top of Regulatory interpretations, and continues to innovate to help clients implement strategic arrangements that result in a more predictable, convenient, efficient and cost-effective purchase transaction for all. With over 650 clients nationwide, MLinc’s Affiliated Business Arrangement (“AfBA”) and Services Agreements Solutions and related transformative offerings have helped the industry form thousands of mutually beneficial business associations in compliance with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”). Specifically, MLinc’s tools, templates, and information consulting help clients assess, design, value, set up and verify strategic relationships and agreements. And MLinc’s valuation services (i.e., ComplyMSATM, ComplyWSATM, ComplyEventsTM and ComplyOfficeTM) have become the industry standard in helping MLinc’s clients value and verify services provided by business associates, including marketing activities, web advertising, sponsored events, and office leases, to help assure RESPA compliance.

The Design of MLinc Solutions

In the creation of MLinc, Mark wanted a company that was very specialized in its offerings, staffed with a highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals, simple in its structure and approach, cost-effective and reasonably priced in its service delivery, nimble in its ability to change and grow, and very responsive to its clients. As a result, MLinc is a virtual company with minimal fixed cost, using independent contractors and primarily revenue-based compensation. MLinc’s services are prepaid and delivered quickly. Its valuation work is complementary to what attorneys and other providers need and require for their clients to comply with Federal Law. As a result, the majority of MLinc’s clients are referred by other B2B attorneys and consultants, as well as satisfied clients.

In conversation with Mark L Meyer Founder and CEO of MLinc Solutions

Q. Expertise is the first and biggest advantage of a right consultant. How do you source the right talents to maintain the quality of your expertise?

I have had the benefit of knowing those professionals that have become Partners at MLinc for many years in a number of professional positions and with various companies. Consequently, I know the skill sets, level of experience, work ethic and passion of each. In fact, our entire MLinc Team was known by my Partners or me in advance of their working with MLinc. Many are now stay at home parents or semi-retired individuals, but all with the background and desire required to perform the work of MLinc. For these reasons, we are confident in our Team’s ability to be excellent in response to our clients’ needs.

Q. How would you describe your leadership style?

I would describe my management style as “servant leadership” with an obsession for helping our Team and clients form complementary relationships, both personally and professionally, that promote productivity and fulfillment.

Q. How do you market your services?

Most of our clients are referred to us from compliance attorneys and other providers with whom we have complementary service relationships. For example, an attorney, creating an agreement for a mortgage company intending to purchase marketing services from a real estate broker, needs an independent valuation of the services so the mortgage company can negotiate a fee with the broker that is not in excess of fair market value and so is compliant with RESPA. The rest of our clients come from Inquiries resulting from Keyword Searches on the Internet.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

MLinc is always looking for new ways to serve clients, and currently has an offering in the wings to help clients measure the success of their service relationships in terms of ultimate homebuyer satisfaction.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We believe the future is bright for MLinc and our clients who, together, strive to create better service relationships and positive experiences for all involved in a residential real estate transaction.

Meet the leader behind the success of MLinc Solutions

Mark L Meyer is the Founder and CEO of MLinc Solutions. At the core of MLinc’s approach is Mark’s mission to support its clients’ business objectives and goals. He also believes that industry challenges and obstacles can lead to creative solutions and opportunities. “I’m a firm believer that by working together, companies can overcome difficulties and create better, long-term solutions,” he says. Before forming MLinc, Mark gained valuable business modeling and systems implementation experience with a global management consulting firm across a broad spectrum of industries. He then added C-level experience with Centex Corporation. During his tenure at Centex, Mark ran a leading quality control audit company for the mortgage industry, helped operate the second largest non-bank-owned mortgage originator in the U.S with affiliations and service arrangements involving dozens of key industry players across the country, and directed information systems for one of the largest public home building and construction companies in the Country. Since that time, Mark has developed a proprietary productivity improvement methodology for assessing and implementing business practices that positively influence revenue, expense, throughput, quality, and risk. As a creative voice in the residential settlement services industry, Mark has been a guest editorial contributor in a number of publications, including Mortgage Banking Magazine, Real Estate Magazine, RESPRO Magazine, RESPA News, RISMedia Real Estate and The MReport, among others, and he’s a sought-after lecturer and panel participant in mortgage banking, real estate industry and other forums. In addition, National Mortgage Professionals Magazine named MLinc a Visionary Organization in the mortgage banking industry. And Mark was recently featured in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine. Still, what drives him is the accomplishments of the people he serves.

“The biggest reward I receive from my work is seeing people and companies improve, become more productive and win. If I play even a small role in helping others thrive, it gives me great joy.”