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October Edition 2021

Mobilise – Helping Organizations to Build Digital Telcos with Its Cutting-Edge Platform, M-Connect


Services of all kinds are largely getting digital and customers expect it, and businesses have benefited from it, saving time and money and agilely expanding services. “As a service” is the new watchword for IT, security and web services, and telecom needs to adopt “as a service” as well. Customers have become accustomed to the convenience, choice and low cost of SaaS, PaaS and the other as-a-service offerings available — and traditional CSPs need to develop those kinds of flexible, on-demand services for their customers if they expect to compete with newcomers, who are leveraging the cloud to provide telecom SaaS.

Mobilise is one such leading provider of SaaS solutions to the telecommunications industry. It is a dynamic and experienced company focused on delivering highly engaging digital-first service propositions with excellent customer experiences. Its fully customizable BSS platform, M-Connect, allows operators the flexibility to construct highly customizable service propositions and tailored user experiences. With a strong track record, deep industry knowledge and a team of specialists, Mobilise supports clients in building and executing transformational strategies. Its clients range from large corporate organizations with over 100,000 employees to small enterprises with under 20 employees. Mobilise in particular has deep knowledge of the telecoms business model and its experience includes working with 40 + service providers across 8 markets for brands including Virgin, Dixon's Carphone, Red Bull Mobile, Manx Telecom, and Freenet.

Best-in-Class SaaS Services Offered for the Telecom Sector

M-Connect: The marketing landscape has dramatically changed for Service Providers. Customers are no longer won through technology, pricing, or advertising but through personalized experiences. Mobilise’s fully-customizable M-connect platform will help your brand implement digital-first service propositions, reducing the cost to serve your customers and delivering excellent customer experiences. Enrich the user behavior and how they interact with the service. Unlock more advances insights and analytics by utilizing its digital analytics in addition to the typical telecom call records. Improve customer satisfaction by creating engaging and personalized user experiences. Optimize customer retention through predictive churn, ML, and AI technologies. M-Connect’s modular design powered by its Orchestration Layer subdivided the system into smaller parts called modules. You can choose the modules your business needs, giving you more flexibility and agility for the future.

eSIM as a Service: eSIM is set to completely disrupt the telecommunications market. Only in the last 12 months, the penetration rate of eSIM capable devices changed from 5 to 36 percent. This provides CSPs with an opportunity to create fully digital customer journeys and future-proof their brands. The M-Connect’s eSIM module accelerates access to eSIM capabilities while minimizing costs, timelines, and project risks. Provide your customers with a simple and straightforward onboarding process and instant in-app eSIM installation that doesn’t require troublesome QR codes. Eliminate logistics cost and overhead for delivering physical SIM cards, decrease customer acquisition and customer service costs all while increasing your conversion rate. Gain a competitive edge over your competitors and enable new business models that will not only transform your brand now but also equip it with powerful tools for the years to come.

Mobilise Hotspots: Mobilise Hotspots is a white-labeled WiFi solution that offers end-users unlimited global WiFi access to 40+ million hotspots across 180 countries. The company’s solution includes network integration, branding, mobile app and web portal development, and proposition consulting. Mobilise Hotspots provides a Data Offloading solution for telecoms networks looking for ways to deal with high and increasing levels of data usage on 3G and 4G networks. Mobilise can offer access to a software development kit (SDK) which allows clients to integrate the Mobilise Hotspots’ connectivity into their own platforms and applications. This can be re-branded to have the look and feel of the client’s own service. Mobilise Hotspots is truly unlimited. This means no limits, no caps and no throttling – a true all-you-can-eat model.

Mobile Strategy: The mobile market is always changing, with new releases, products, trends and services, as well as growing more competitive. They help their clients meet today’s business challenges and explore new opportunities with effective, focused and customizable innovations in mobile technology. An effective mobile strategy can revolutionize a business. Through an MVNO, app or OTT strategy, Mobilise supports businesses towards new and empowering outcomes, to achieve corporate objectives, increase efficiency and meet the demands of the industry. Mobilise is not just developers; they are also consultants. This means that as well as understanding technology, they understand business, you will have an experienced partner that has a comprehensive understanding of what makes a good strategy, and who is actively involved in the industry, learning every day.

The Leader Upfront

Hamish White is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobilise. He has day-to-day operational responsibility of Mobilise but also participates in Product Development and Sales. Hamish is a hands-on telecoms entrepreneur with 19 years’ experience supporting Tier 1 & Tier 2 International Telecommunications Operators. Before founding Mobilise, he worked as a consultant launching and growing start-up telecoms companies primarily in the MVNO domain. This included the launch of eight MVNOs across five countries. His background is in technology; however his management experience spans the end to end telecoms value chain, including in-depth knowledge of sales & marketing, commercial, finance, operations, and technology functions. Hamish specializes in helping companies with digital transformation and establishing mobile app strategies.

“Mobilise is a market leader that helps organizations from every industry harness the power of mobile technology, to deliver effective global solutions at scale.”