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August Edition 2020

Momentum Consulting – Bringing breakthrough solutions to organizations and building performance into the fabric of the enterprise


Management consultants help organizations improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and through the development of improvement plans. Many firms hire management consultants for several reasons, including gaining external advice and access to the consultant's specialized expertise. Consultancies may also provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. Management consultants generally bring their proprietary methodologies or frameworks to guide the identification of problems and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks. Today, large scale firms and small and medium-sized organizations hire the services of Management consulting firms.

Momentum Consulting is one such firm that provides one-on-one coaching, team consulting, conflict resolution, and meeting facilitation. The company helps organizations, teams, and individuals around the world achieve breakthrough performance. The firm will explore how you make a difference in the lives of people within an organization and the performance the companies have as a whole.

Reliable solutions offered by Momentum Consulting

One on One Coaching: Coaching is an outside set of eyes that help the participant stay focused on a particular outcome, change unproductive behaviors, and discover "blind spots" that drive unintended impact and results. This especially applies to key individuals, but it can be useful for anyone in the organization. Momentum Consulting's coaching is organized around the distinction. Everything gets done in a network of people, and the way they operate in that network impacts others and the enterprise as a whole. The coaching is designed to have people significantly raise the bar on their effectiveness in the network. The duration and frequency of coaching are structured to your needs.

Strategic Planning and Alignment: This represents a specialized form of facilitation, although the company follows a similar approach. Most Strategic Planning Sessions have the brainpower in the room to solve any strategic concern. Experience has taught them that whereas these sessions produce good thinking, the breakdown is typically executed. The company's approach is to help frame the Strategic Planning into a concise executable structure that the leader can easily manage to success.

Meeting Facilitation: Outside facilitation serves to keep meetings on purpose, on track, and in focus. Momentum starts with participant interviews to understand and appreciate the "thinking and agendas" walking into the meeting. Then they guide the conversation to fulfill the outcomes and success criteria of the leader. The firm follows with a leader debrief that includes feedback on the groups' dynamics.

New Team Integration: When a new team is forming, or an existing team is getting a new team leader, it is usually the most critical time to shape how the team performs. The company's thinking develops behavior and behavior shapes performance. As the team settles into its new structure and working style, those perception driven behaviors will set the boundaries for its performance. It just makes sense to orchestrate upfront on how those performance boundaries get established. This process does that.

The mastermind behind the masterstroke

Craig Clark is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Momentum Consulting. Mr. Craig specializes in people. He has spent the past 30 years becoming a foremost expert on the science of human dynamics in the business world. But he is not a theorist; he is a practical change agent who goes inside organizations to drive and positively affect performance by developing and helping to implement successful strategies. He is focused on growing Momentum's corporate discipline and leading teams in multi-day breakthrough programs that generate long-term, measurable results.

Mr. Craig believes that dignity and respect are the birthrights of every individual. His work with people and organizations is designed to honor that conviction. He also believes that every client is entitled to a measurable return on the resources they expend with business consultants. Those two ideas work in partnership and are the foundation for the past and future success of Momentum. After years as an individual consultant, he turned to corporate consulting, recognizing that any significant world change could occur only at an organizational level. He has since spent years developing a transformational approach to solving organizational problems with successful strategies in various cultures, countries, and languages.

"If you're looking for a committed partnership to achieve real and measurable returns, we can get you there. You want more than just improvements. We create breakthroughs."