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August Edition 2022

Monarch Tractor – Leading the Digital Transformation of Farming


The majority of small family farms in underdeveloped regions lack appropriate motorized agricultural machinery that enables efficient farming and good productivity. This lack is because there is no equipment, in these regions, developed for specific small farming conditions. In general, family farms’ adoption of new technologies occurs only by technical criteria, without economic, social, or environmental considerations. This context intends to present a small-size electric farming tractor's feasibility for family farming to do energy transition between fossil energy for electrical energy. This power source was developed through a frugal innovation method. A farmer always finds a way to make farming easier or less expensive. And technology is the solution to this problem, it makes farming easier or less expensive. Due to the reduction of fuel consumption, electric tractors are important for farming. It operates by batteries, making farming easy and economical. Even as farmland income is being boost by the use of technology, more can be done to solve the burden on the farmers. They are quieter and increase production at a low cost.

Monarch Tractor believes in putting farmers first. Their smart electric tractor enhances existing farm ecosystems. Monarch helps farmers by addressing labor availability, meeting consumer demands for sustainability, and providing actionable data-driven farming insights. Monarch enables economically competitive organic and beyond farming through intelligent electro-mechanical solutions that replace harmful chemicals. While driven by bleeding-edge technology, the Monarch Tractor still plows, tills, and hauls better than any other tractor in its class. The Monarch Tractor will both spur and enable future generations of farming technologies. They have the technology and the teams to develop, build, and scale the Monarch to digitally transform farming around the world.

Working Toward a Future with Clean Farming

Labor shortages, climate change, and food safety concerns create a multitude of challenges for farmers. Monarch Tractor provides a farmer-first approach to innovation, making each decision with their end user and their biggest challenges in mind. Their dedication to solutions for the farmer also means healthier solutions for the planet, for the consumer, and for the global food ecosystem. As they seek to revolutionize the farming industry and accelerate the future of clean farming, they approach every problem with a farmer-first mentality to create electric, autonomous, and intelligent solutions. Their team is made up of engineers, farmers, and industry experts who have committed themselves to building the future of agriculture. They believe the best solutions always come from collaboration amongst diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

The MK-V Tractor

It has an industry-leading battery runtime of 10+ hours. And for those days that require operations to extend into the night, their simple to use battery swap cart makes 24-hour operation a reality. Twice the torque in half the size, MK-V can get the most demanding jobs done. And with exportable power, the MK-V becomes a portable generator— providing you with power in every block on your farm. In addition to being a Cat I/II three-point hitch, the MK-V comes standard with hydraulic top and side links, so hooking up to any one of your current implements is painless. The MK-V controls were designed with the driver in mind. Ergonomic and easy to use features such as the implement joystick, hand throttle, foot pedals, and adjustable seat make Monarch accessible to any driver. MK-V unlocks a new world of possibilities for farmers facing massive labor shortages and elevates tractor drivers to fleet operators.

Tractor operators can easily go from operating one tractor to managing a fleet of eight tractors on the field. Remote fleet management is possible using the simple to use Monarch interface where operators can access 360° live video feeds, detailed weather information, and real-time operation reports at the touch of a button. The MK-V is designed to enhance farming operations by keeping the farmer in control, even while operating autonomously. Make precise implement adjustments, start and pause operations, and adjust PTO and tractor speed from anywhere to ensure your operations are done efficiently. MK-V sets a new standard in precision farming. Utilizing RTK GPS and computer vision, you can farm with up to 2cm of accuracy. Leveraging the hyperlocalization and computer vision technologies onboard, Monarch AI optimizes every operation to help you make every input count.

Praveen Penmetsa | CEO

Praveen has nearly two decades of hands-on experience in translating creative visions into products for startups to Fortune 50 companies alike. He co-currently serves as founder and CEO of Motivo Engineering, a product-engineering firm with clients in the Mobility, Energy, AgTech, and Aerospace sectors. Praveen holds an MSME in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

"Monarch is committed to elevating farming practices to enable clean, efficient, and economically viable solutions for today's farmers and the generations of farmers to come."