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August Edition 2022

Monday Motorbikes – Defining the Future of Urban Transportation

In today’s growing urban environment, we are seeing the growth of megacities around the world where population densities and pollution are becoming problematic. With population densities increasing, traffic becomes worse making driving a car, or even taking a public bus, inconvenient. Not only is the gridlock time-consuming, but it also becomes mentally frustrating with the stress of stop-and-go traffic and wondering if you are going to make it on time. On top of that, the gridlock causes more pollution as cars idle, running their engine while waiting to move. Everyone is aware of scenarios such as traffic jams, environmental pollution and increasing rates of fuels. Many of the experts are working to solve the problems that the world may face in the coming future to mitigate these problems with better skills. Among all the initiatives towards the solution of such problems, electric batteries containing vehicles and especially electric bikes are the first step.

 E-bikes helps people in urban areas to solve their problem when using them for their rides to small distances or within the cities. Electric bikes are friendly to the Environment, because you do not any kind of fuel to ride them, fuel which exposes smoke to the environment like motorbikes and other vehicles do. It not just saves your surroundings from pollution but also makes you healthy while you take proper riding on the e-bikes in routine. It’s not strange to think that in the future electric bikes will be the preference for people in urban areas, over other vehicles, for local rides. Electric bikes are better solution for most of the daily problems in urban areas, such as busy roads traffic jam issues and environmental issues.

Monday Motorbikes, the California-based electric motorbike company focused on revolutionizing urban transportation. Monday Motorbikes has been a pioneer in the electric mobility industry, developing innovative, approachable electric motorbikes inspired by the mopeds and cafe racers of the 1960s and 1970s. With over five years in the market developing innovative electric motorbikes, Monday Motorbikes has been advancing the electric mobility space, launching the first electric motorbike with a café racer design that does not require a license or registration. The award-winning flagship product the Gen-7 was an instant game-changer in the high-tech transportation sector, providing a fun, easy-to-use product referred to as the "Tesla of electric motorbikes" by TechCrunch. The Gen-7 provides a stylish transportation solution and point of entry to the aspiring motorcycle rider without requiring a license or registration. In November, Monday introduced its Gateway line of lightweight electric mopeds to support the booming popularity of moped-style e-bikes.


Innovation: Drive innovation with everything the company does.

Reliability: Build strong products and processes to offer the best customer experiences.

Ingenuity: Advance the sustainable micro mobility technology with unique, helpful, and easy-to-use solutions.

Rider Focused: As two-wheeled enthusiasts, ranging from motorcycles to scooters, the firm strives to create bikes that they would love to ride as well.

Product Philosophy

Vehicle Grade: Utilize best-in-class components and materials to provide you with the best electric bike that withstands the rigors of daily use.

Lightweight: All electric bikes they create take the environmental advantage and weight reduction properties of aluminum alloys. 

Connected: Not only are their new bikes connected to you through an app. They also connect the community with each other.

High Quality Standard: Anyone who can ride a bicycle can ride their bikes.

The Gen-7 Motorbike

Purpose-built from the ground-up, the new fully electric cafe racer provides riders a comfortable, efficient, premium electric bike with the attractive design of the flagship Gen-7. Starting at an impressive $1,499 price point, the Phoenix combines performance, utility and comfort, creating the ultimate affordable, lightweight, urban commuter. Built with advanced materials, including high-grade, lightweight aluminum for the body frame and lightweight, aluminum-forged mag wheels, the Phoenix is flexible, yet durable, creating a safe and dependable, sustainable, lightweight commuting option. Powering the Phoenix will be a 48V long-range, in-frame, removable battery that can power up to 50 miles per charge. The 500-watt Hub motor provides the power to support riders up to 250 lb, while the high-performance dual front and rear disk brakes allow for an efficient and effective stop.

The Dynamic Leader Upfront

Bruce Riggs serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Monday Motorbikes.

"Our company was born from a passion of riding and the love of the outdoors. We are advancing the electric mobility community to be fun, fast, connected, and simple for everyone."