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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021

Money Concepts – Revolutionizing Financial Planning Through Committed Benevolent Interest


“Our professionals build their business on relationships, values, and quality. Because of our values, we attract like-minded professionals that want to belong rather than fit in.”

In 1979, founder, Jack P. Walsh, had a unique motivation for addressing the growing gaps in the financial services industry. His vision was to create a network of like-minded professionals and unveil a new way of thinking… a new way of delivering the best of the best. Jack had experienced industry leading success in personal production, field management, and executive levels throughout his career. While he was successful, he was not shortsighted in identifying a much-needed industry transformation. He recognized limitations that challenged producers and was very concerned about the client experience.

With his passion for development and change, Money Concepts was formed. This new approach delivered much more than the typical broker dealer services. His idea dismissed the traditional models of financial services at the time. With Money Concepts, financial professionals, for the first time, were able to thrive with an open architecture of products and services, free from proprietary constraints, biased research, and the opportunity to independently own their own business.

This vision is alive and well today under the leadership of current President & CEO, Denis Walsh. The success of the early years has served to be the foundation of moving beyond a broker dealer. Denis sees that resources alone do not determine success.

For us, it begins with having a Committed Benevolent Interest (CBI). This mindset is the heart of Money Concepts and can be seen in all members. In an industry that truly impacts lives and communities, Denis Walsh recognized that many “typical” firms have focused so much on the numbers, the bottom-line, that they have lost touch with the human aspect which is financial professionals as people. Under his leadership, Money Concepts takes pride in being a community of like-minded professionals and fostering a strong culture of sharing. It takes both humility and courage to share lessons learned, ideas and best practices, but it is how we lift each other and grow together. This mindset has resulted in some of the highest retention rates among corporate employees and independent financial professionals in the industry.

Money Concepts embodies entrepreneurship. The financial services industry is complex with many options for independent professionals, but many firms build their model and force professionals to adapt. While that can appeal to some advisors, Money Concepts has built a platform that provides an optional structure to those seeking direction, while allowing and fostering the flexibility for professionals to make their own decisions regarding their practice, markets, and products. This approach places Money Concepts as a Strategic Partner with advisors. As a thought leader, the firm is continuously adding resources, expanding services with the advisor in mind and constantly adapting with their feedback. Every new project at Money Concepts has “fingerprints from the field”.  Denis describes, “This is not a one-size-fits all business. It is not for our financial professionals so how can it be for us? We serve a diverse network. Not to try and be all things to all people, but to meet individuals where they are and deliver the right resources they need for a clear path to grow.”

Since its inception, Money Concepts has recognized the challenges and opportunities in financial services and how they must be handled differently depending on the sector. As an early innovator and adaptor, Money Concepts began paving the way for Tax Professionals, Community Banks & Credit Unions, and Insurance Professionals to expand their services. These unique markets provided a great complement to the holistic planning mindset being generated by Money Concepts in the early ‘80’s. This new paradigm brought about Money Concepts Advisory Services in 1983. Advisory continues to be growing exponentially and like so many other programs at Money Concepts, the platform offers a full array of options for the advisors and their clients. Turn-key marketing resources are available to support the advisor in their prospecting for new clients, providing an exceptional experience for existing clients, and allowing the advisor to be fairly compensated for their efforts.

The education and training commitment at Money Concepts stems from connection. In addition to industry leading experts and product sponsors at major conferences, the firm chooses to have their own award-winning professionals lead much of the conference agenda. Attendees are able to learn first-hand from the experiences of their peers. Denis Walsh believes “Nothing is more powerful and rewarding than having top professionals sharing with each other and having a true interest in one another’s success and happiness.” Throughout the year, the firm hosts many workshops both live and virtually to fuel the unique synergy of their professionals.


As a privately-owned business, Money Concepts has quietly built a competitive platform that exceeds expectations for the advisor seeking to get beyond the masses. According to Denis Walsh, it all starts with knowing who you are and knowing the clients you serve. “We have never sought to be the biggest firm. Instead, we focus daily on being the Best Niche firm. Our professionals build their business on relationships, values, and quality. Because of our values, we attract like-minded professionals that want to belong rather than fit in.” Many firms are growing strictly by M&A ventures and decisions being without regard to the advisors. This can create a direct conflict and impact the culture of the firm. Money Concepts has their eyes on growth, however, it is strategic growth.

The committed benevolent interest principles at Money Concepts goes beyond the bottom line mindset prevalent in the industry today. Some of our most recent initiatives include:

Certified net zero carbon footprint in 2021

To achieve carbon neutrality, we will be contributing to the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve REDD+ Project through Natural Capital Partners supporting their efforts to plant mangrove trees, preserve habitat via peat swamp preservation, uplift the locals by providing employment, medical care, education, access to solar power and water filters, while returning orangutans back into the jungle.

Women in Business: A Community of Supportive Growth Through Sharing

This platform is for women in business of all different job descriptions at Money Concepts. Meetings, discussions, speakers, and events are centered around growth and development. This community of leaders is committed to fostering growth personally and professionally inside and outside of this forum.

Money Concepts Charities

The network of financial professionals at Money Concepts is deeply rooted in their respective communities. Their active involvement plays a vital role in the growth and impact that goes far beyond the typical charitable donations. Denis Walsh established ‘Money Concepts Charities’ in 2015 to support advisors who are committed to investing in the local charities that are making a difference. Each year the firm takes all net profits during May and June to be used at the request of advisors within their respective marketplace. Advisors submit proposal directly to Denis Walsh and he takes an active interest in their commitment.

With a rich history and leadership that focuses on the growth of others, Money Concepts has defied the norms of broker dealers since the beginning and positioned themselves and their national network of financial professionals to embrace a Committed Benevolent Interest in the ever-changing landscape and challenges for the future.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Denis Walsh is President and CEO of Money Concepts International, Inc. and Money Concepts Capital Corp. He joined Money Concepts in 1981, after graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Risk Management. Denis was elected to President in 1997, and in 2006 he became CEO. Denis Walsh is a Certified Financial Planner™, Certified Fund Specialist Registered Financial Consultant, and a Certified Estate Planner. He also holds nine (9) FINRA Securities licenses.

“For us, it begins with having a Committed Benevolent Interest (CBI). This mindset is the heart of Money Concepts and can be seen in all members.”