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In Conversation with Elie Habib, MotivaimCoach LLC dba MotivaimLeaders LLC Founder and CEO: ‘We’re Committed to Delivering Transformational Changes to the Organizations of Tomorrow while Integrating New Technologies’


“We now believe that the virtual platforms have evolved tremendously since the outbreak of the pandemic, and virtual organizations are a reality that is here to stay.”

Oftentimes, the biggest hurdle to success is that you don't know what you don't know. You can't Google your way out of a problem that you aren't sure how to articulate—or worse, how to anticipate. That said, a business coach can serve as your compass to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Over the course of years, even small changes in your direction can lead to dramatically better results.

Most successful companies rely on business coaching services to mitigate the gaps in their required skill-sets. Catering to these needs, the connoisseurs at MotivaimCoach LLC have a solution for it all.

Recently, MotivaimCoach LLC was rebranded as MotivaimLeaders LLC.

MotivaimCoach, now MotivaimLeaders, was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

Elie Habib, MotivaimCoach dba MotivaimLeaders Founder and CEO,

spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Explain your services in brief.

MotivaimLeaders is driven by the firm belief that executives and other professionals regularly come across dynamic and interdependent factors, both internal and external, that constantly test their leadership styles and prowess. In order to keep up with these ever-changing factors, today’s leaders must constantly develop their leadership acumen, acquire new skills, and apply those skills to implement change in the organization. And this constant personal transformation is always done with the end goal in mind – to overcome the inherent challenges of business and deliver positive outcomes to the stakeholders.

This philosophy inspired our composition of intertwined leadership and organizational development services that bring new skills to current and future leaders, create alignment and best practices for organizations, and develop high-performance team capacity and culture.

Specifically, our services are categorized as follows:

  • Executive Coaching services for professionals at various stages of their careers
  • Leadership Development Training curriculums
  • Organizational Development programs that include workshops, retreats, off-sites, etc.
  • Personal and team assessments including emotional intelligence, 360 and strengths surveys

For more information, please visit us at and on all social media channels, including

Q. You need experts in the house to provide exceptional business coaching services. How did you manage to form your dream team?

Coming from the world of corporate strategy and entrepreneurship, we have always emphasized the importance of identifying unmet customer needs and taking inventory of our capabilities and competitive advantages in satisfying them. We are constantly assessing our clients’ needs and then evaluating our team and curriculum to identify gaps in our skill sets, capabilities, and service offerings. Our team and network of highly-qualified subject matter experts all over the U.S. has been built over the years by speaking directly with clients and working together to see what additions to the team would deliver new value to our clients. And while our consultants are certified coaches, credentialed facilitators, and accomplished trainers, the common denominator among almost all of them is the operating experience that unites us. We can attract top talent because these individuals who join us have worked within actual corporations and startups and can see that our teachings and approach are valid within the real-world application.

Q. Developing behavioral skills requires understanding themselves, seeing the need for change. How do you make an individual develop a new skill that solidifies the change?

We believe fully in an old yet true adage: change is constant. Times change, problems change, technologies change, and, consequently, people must change accordingly. Change is at the heart of a leader. Leaders' work is to inspire people to do things differently, learn new skills, open their minds to new perspectives, and seek support from others. A key step in convincing a leader to inspire change is by first helping them understand that they must lead by example and first foster positive change in them before they can inspire change in others.

Showing leaders how to take charge of their change guarantees the transformation of themselves, other individuals, and teams into agents of change. So, we work with them to foster understanding of both what they need to stop doing and what they must learn to do better. We then work with those leaders to address the identified blind spots based on individual assessment and others' solicited perspectives.

At MotivaimLeaders, our philosophy, core values, and ultimately our delivery via customized leadership training curriculums allow us to solidify change within leaders and organizations better than other options out there.

Q. How do you help businesses stay ahead of the curve?

The greatest competitive advantage that any business can develop is its people. Any consultant can work with the c-suite to create a strategic plan, but none of that plan will be brought to life without the company's actual people executing it. And at MotivaimLeaders, our focus is on transforming our clients into leaders and their businesses into nimble, high-performing operations so that they ultimately stay ahead of the curve by executing on their strategic plans as intended.

We approach every engagement by first aligning closely with their long-term strategic vision and objectives, allowing us to custom create and deliver leadership and organizational solutions that will accelerate outcomes beyond competition headed in the same direction. This close strategic partnership with our clients, large and small, is built on trust, track record, and willingness to exceed their needs every step of the way.

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

We are constantly listening to our clients, assessing new market trends, studying the labor market skills requirements, and paying close attention to the white space created by each of these converging forces to design and promote new solutions. Most recently, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were among the first leadership and organizational development firms to design and deliver solutions geared towards leading teams in today’s paradigm with its new set of challenges. Our innovative courses touch on leading virtual teams in times of crisis, keeping employees motivated while promoting positive work-life balance, and change management in a virtual world.

We now believe that the virtual platforms have evolved tremendously since the outbreak of the pandemic, and virtual organizations are a reality that is here to stay.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next five years?

We have continued on a strong growth trajectory over the past few years, and we forecast double-digit growth for 2021 and beyond. Much of our growth comes from the strategic relationships we’ve developed with corporates and local government on both coasts because not only do we offer them tangible benefits to their professionals, but they also provide us opportunities to hone our craft and learn about market demands. We are committed to delivering transformational changes to the organizations of tomorrow, innovating new delivery methods, integrating new technologies into our solutions, evolving our business models to include on-demand and as-needed programs, and attracting the best consultants and executive coaches in the industry.

The Leader at the Helm of MotivaimLeaders LLC

Elie Habib is the Founder and CEO of MotivaimCoach ( dba MotivaimLeaders (, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elie is a certified professional coach and has been coaching and mentoring successful entrepreneurs, founders, and executives for many years. Having been a corporate executive for a Fortune 500 company, a venture-backed startup founder, and an investor for private equity and venture capital funds both domestically and abroad, Elie has experienced first-hand challenges, pressures, and rewards of leadership that come from being responsible for transformational change and value creation.

“At MotivaimLeaders, our philosophy, core values, and ultimately our delivery via customized leadership training curriculums allow us to solidify change within leaders and organizations better than other options out there.”